Unikitty: Ooh, Puppycorn, look! Shiny coin! This one’s in mint condition, too!
Puppycorn: I don’t taste any mint. More like dirty metal!
Unikitty: No, Puppycorn! You don’t eat coins! You make wishes with them!
Puppycorn: And I’m still waiting to this day!
Unikitty: So tragic!
Puppycorn: Told you it was busted!
Unikitty: Something’s wrong! Where’s my scooter?
Puppycorn: Aww, man! No sweet ride and no tasty coin? Let’s go home, sis.
Unikitty: Go forth! You’re free at last to bring joy to one and all!
Unikitty: See, Puppycorn? Wishes do come true!
Puppycorn: Whoa! I can’t wait ‘til I get my wish!
Puppycorn: It’s so beautiful!
Unikitty: Uh, l’il bro? You wished for a…shovel?
Puppycorn: Yeah! So I can dig better!
Unikitty: Puppycorn, how many times did you wish for a shovel?
Puppycorn: A lot!
FeeBee: Too pretty!
Dino Dude: Too much pizza!
Toaster Citizen: Too toasty!
Dr. Fox: Phew! Thanks for saving me from the cold, dark vacuum of space!
Hawkodile: Man, that was the most intense training session of my life!
Puppycorn: I was getting tired of eating dirt. (Beat.) Aww, who am I kidding? I loved it!
Coin: Yeah, we had to eat each other to survive!
Second Coin: That’s not true.
Coin: Quiet! I’m being menacing!
Leader Coin: It’s about time everyone who banished us to that moldy prison gets their just desserts!
Puppycorn: Ooh, I love dessert!
Leader Coin: No, it’s a revenge thing!
Unikitty: Wishbone wish!
Wishbone: I came out of a bird.
Unikitty: Eyelash wish!
Eyelash: “Eye” won’t let you down!
Unikitty: And a four leaf clover wish!
Clover: I’m feelin’ lucky!
Puppycorn: Wow, we really learned our lesson! No more wishes forever, right, sis?
Unikitty: What?! Wishes are awesome! Some are good, some are bad. We just gotta be really careful with the wording! In fact, I wish this never happens again!
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