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"Wishing Well" is the tenth episode in the first season of Unikitty!.

It first aired on January 5, 2018.


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Unikitty discovers all the wishes are trapped at the bottom of the well. She frees them to bring joy to the town… only to discover that they’ve gone a little bad after years trapped in a dark hole.[1]

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When Puppycorn uses a wishing well and it doesn't come true, Unikitty is shocked to discover the reason: all the wishes made over the years can't be granted because they're trapped at the bottom of the well (it's a dumb system.) She frees them to bring joy to the town… only to discover that they've gone a little bad after years trapped in a dark hole. Soon, they wish it would end![2]


Wishing Well (12).png

One day, Puppycorn and Unikitty decide to have a "silly walk" contest. During her "Walk n' Roll" walk, Unikitty trips over a gold coin. Realizing it as a perfect wish coin, she and Puppycorn go to the wishing well to make a wish, one of "life’s most specialest joys". Puppycorn is skeptical, believing the wishing well to be broken, but Unikitty insists that all wishes, such as birthday and falling star ones, have to come true, if you just believe. Puppycorn relates that he did believe, and it still did not work for him, explaining that a while back, he had wished for a way to dig faster and better at the well, only to stay up for an entire day not getting his wish, and is still waiting to this day.

Wishing Well (28).png

Emotional from her brother's plight, Unikitty uses her coin to wish for a scooter to prove to her brother that wishes always come true. However, when she throws the coin in, nothing happens. Unikitty decides that something is wrong, so she and her brother head down inside the well, which has dried out in the years it has existed. Noticing an odd noice, Unikitty shines her light around the walls, revealing various wish coins. As Unikitty talks to the coins they reveal they have been trapped down in the well for years, which has caused no wishes to be able to come true. She and Puppycorn decided to bring the coins up from the well, loading them into the basket.

Wishing Well (39).png

As Unikitty sets the coins loose in the kingdom, the coins secretly mingle with their leader, a coin with a beard and thick eyebrows, as they plot something wordlessly. Unikitty, oblivious to what they are doing, simply sends the coins on their way to fulfill their jobs. A coin quickly interrupts Unikitty, revealing the scooter she had wished for, which excites Unikitty and gets Puppycorn excited for his chance at getting a wish.

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Wishing Well (45).png

Meanwhile, as other citizens get their wishes, three coins bump into Dr. Fox. She remembers from her childhood, where she had wished to explore space. The coins then lead her to a rocket ship to fulfill her childhood dream. Meanwhile, two coins, one crushed, get the attention of Hawkodile, who is in the middle of training. He remembers the coins from his own childhood, where he had wished for a sparring partner. Combining with other coins, the coins turn into the fighting partners Hawkodile had always wanted.

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As the other citizens happily enjoy their new wishes, Puppycorn is sad, as his wish still has not arrived. Unikitty gets the attention of her brother, where a coin reveals a shovel that Puppycorn had wished for. Multiple coins start to give him more shovels, as he had wished multiple times for them. Admitting that he was wrong about the well wishes, Puppycorn comments about how the coins were trapped down there. As he continues to talk about how much he is going to dig, Unikitty takes a look at one of the coins, who grows demonic and skitters away. She tries to get her brother's attention, but he is too distracted with his digging.

Wishing Well (56).png

Suddenly, the sound of another citizen getting her wishes alerts Unikitty, who rides up to see. At the bridge, Unikitty witnesses a large amount of coins throwing the citizen off of it. Unikitty quickly saves the citizen, who says that she wished she could fly. Unikitty realizes that this is not a nice thing to do, and quickly rushes back into town, where she sees other citizens overloaded with their wishes, as the coins attack them. She soon realizes her friends are in danger thanks to these wishes as well: Dr. Fox is about to be launched into space attached to the outside of her rocket, Hawkodile is attacked by multiple fighters at once, and Puppycorn is buried in the ground by all his shovels he wished for. Unikitty is angry at the wishes, but is still happy about her new scooter, which falls apart in her hands.

Enraged, Unikitty quickly rescues her friends. The leader of the coins rolls up to Unikitty, as he and his army of coins taunts her. While she complains they are taking the wishes very literally, the leader simply states they are giving the wishers what they deserve. As the coins had never asked to be thrown down the well, they waited for years to enact their revenge on everyone that had wished on them. Unikitty tries to reason with one of them, but it simply bites her and goes off with the others. Puppycorn wishes there was a way to stop them, which gives Unikitty an idea to fight wishes with wishes. Richard, randomly flying in, comments that this is a ridiculous idea. However, Unikitty decides to still believe wishes are magical, and can still help.

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They first attempt for a shooting star wish, but realize it is daytime. The next attempt is the "elusive 11:11 wish", but the digital clock merely changes to 11:12 from 11:10. They then attempt a birthday wish, only to realize no one has a birthday (even though Richard mentions his birthday was yesterday). Hawkodile then pulls out a wishbone from a turkey dinner, Dr. Fox sacrifices one of her eyelashes, and Puppycorn digs up a four-leaf clover.

Wishing Well (72).png

Using the extra wishes, Unikitty wishes for them to stop the coins, who still rampage across the town. The extra wishes comment that the coins have forgotten the true magic of wishes, and that they are there to remind them: with their fists. Brutally beating up the coins, much to the horror of Unikitty and the others, the extra wishes beat them into submission. The leader coin surrenders, sending him and the other coins back to the well.

Wishing Well (79).png

At the well, the coins go back inside, as the leader closes up the well with a giant rock. Puppycorn decides the lesson learned was to never make any wishes again. Unikitty shoots this idea down, simply commenting that some wishes are good, while some are bad, and it is all about the wording. As a parting wish, she jokingly wishes that this will never happen again, as her and the others laugh. The extra wishes then appear, granting the wish, as they go inside the well to pummel the coins some more - much to the discomfort of the others.


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Broadcast Information

This episode aired on January 5, 2018 on Cartoon Network in the United States, and received a total of 1,157,000 viewers.[3] It also premiered in the United Kingdom on May 2, 2018.


  • Richard is the only main character in this episode who doesn’t use the wishing well.
  • The music that played while the extra wishes were beating up the coins sounded similar to “I’m Shipping Up to Boston“ by the Dropkick Murphys.


  • Star Wars - Unikitty rolling around on a ball-like body appears to reference astromech droid BB-8’s way of movement in the Star Wars sequel trilogy.


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