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You say you’re the wishes everyone’s made over the years?! And you’ve been trapped in the bottom of this well?! And that’s why our well wishes haven’t been coming true?! This is so sad! So many wishes left ungranted! And you poor things, stuck here!
Unikitty, Wishing Well

The Wish Coins, or Well Wishes, are antagonistic entities in Unikitty!. They debuted in "Wishing Well", and their leader is voiced by Eric Bauza.

Personality and Traits

The wish coins are simply gold coins. They have small dots for eyes and blank expressions on their face. Their leader, however, is separate in design from them thanks to a bushy white beard.

The wish coins hold a facade of kindness to them. However, in reality, they are revenge seekers. As they never asked to be thrown down a well, they grant the wishes they are given in the most literal ways possible, often with cruel, and sometimes deadly, options.


The wish coins were made use of by the Unikingdom citizens for their wishes, not being thought of as living creatures. As such, they were tossed down a wishing well in hopes of wishes being granted. The leader of the coins was the first one to be tossed down, and grew both in spite, and in facial hair, in the time spent down there.

First adventures

Wishing Well

Wishing Well (31).png

When Unikitty and Puppycorn realized the well wishes were not being granted, the two of them traveled into the well. Shining a light on the walls revealed the wish coins, who nervously hid. After finding the two royal siblings safe, the coins went towards Unikitty, as they "explained" how they had been trapped in the well for ages, thus being unable to grant wishes.

Wishing Well (54).png

Moved by their plight, Unikitty and Puppycorn brought all the wishes to the Unikingdom, sending them out to be fulfilled. Unknown to the citizens, the leader sent out a plan to his subjects, as they started to send out wishes like they were meant to. However, through the day, their wishes started to become more literal, damaging, and nearly killing, some of the citizens.

The lead coin explains their desires.

While Unikitty called out their attitude, the coin leader fought back, commenting that they never wanted to be thrown down the well in the first place, and are enacting revenge on everyone who wronged them.

Wishing Well (73).png

Later, Unikitty sent out the newly-created Extra Wishes to stop the coins. However, these new wishes decided to do it with physical force. Beating the coins in submission, this scared the leader enough to hastily apologize, as he lead the coins back to the well.

Shutting off the well, he vowed that he and the other coins would stay in it. A wrongly-timed wish from Unikitty summoned the Extra Wishes back, as they went back into the well to subject the coins to even further beatings.


  • Hawkodile's wish coin is notable compared to the others as being slightly crushed, thanks to a young Hawkodile squeezing him when making his wish.

Memorable Quotes

  • "We’re just granting your every wish!" -Leader Coin, Wishing Well
  • "Well maybe this is what you all deserve! We never asked to be thrown down a well! Nothing but darkness and waiting! For years!" -Leader Coin, Wishing Well
  • "Yeah, we had to eat each other to survive!" -Coin, Wishing Well
  • "It’s about time everyone who banished us to that moldy prison gets their just desserts!" -Leader Coin, Wishing Well
  • "Somebody had a wish for pirate treasure! Well, you’ll get it! At the bottom of the sea!" -Leader Coin, Wishing Well
  • "Back off! This is our turf!" -Leader Coin, Wishing Well
  • "Those guys are maniacs! Let’s get out of here! Back to the well!" -Leader Coin, Wishing Well
  • "We’re sorry! We’ll stay in the well, the darkness is fine, just leave us alone!" -Leader Coin, Wishing Well



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