aka Skylar

  • I live in Maryland, USA
  • I was born on September 21
  • I am Girl

Hey!!! I'm Skylar, and I love Unikitty! I first started watching the show when it first came out, around October-November 2017. I saw images advertising the show and the vibrant colours captured my interest. The fact that it was about a magical pink unicorn-cat hybrid also struck me, as pink, unicorns, and cats are all things I love!

My top 10 favourite Unikitty episodes

  • Fire & Nice
  • Rainbow Race
  • Roadtrip Ruckus
  • Kaiju Kitty
  • Growing Pains (There was such a sweet moment in this one omg)
  • Space Mission: Danger
  • Music Videos
  • Tasty Heist
  • Sparkle Matter Matters
  • Spoooooky Game

My top 10 least favourite Unikitty episodes

  • Kitty & Hawk
  • Kitty Court
  • Film Fest
  • Election Day
  • Camp Unikitty
  • Top of the Naughty List
  • Guardian of the Unikingdom
  • Late Night Talky Time
  • Wishing Well
  • Wiener Club (I'm sorry this episode was gross tbh)
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