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Announcer: You're watching Uni-TV, Unikingdom's favourite and only television network.

(Unikitty and Puppycorn are shown fiddling with their papers while the camera's rolling.)

Unikitty: I'm gonna make you a beautiful paper bird. Uh-huh.

Puppycorn: I'm gonna draw a rocket ship. [Makes rocket noises]

Dr. Fox: Unikitty! You guys are live!

(Both gasp then sort out their papers)

Unikitty: Oh hi! Good morniiiiing~♥, Unikingdom! I'm your news anchor, Unikitty!

Puppycorn: And I'm the other one: Puppycorn!

Unikitty: We've put together the best news to help you start you're day, and girrrl do we have a bunch of great news stories to start you're day! [While saying this she holds up a paper that says "Everything is on fire!"]

Puppycorn: [Outside on a rainy day.] Plus Weather!

Unikitty: [On a sporty background.] Sports!

Puppycorn: [On a Sciencey background inside a beaker.] Science Stuff!

Unikitty [Back to the studio] And a story so nuts, it'll change your life forever. [Puppycorn then appears gasping, then stays there as Unikitty keeps talking.] That's all coming up on Unikingdom News Super Good Morning Time Action Program Information Show Now!

Announcer: It's the Unikingdom News Super Good Morning Time Action Program Information Show Now! With your anchor: Unikitty, Puppycorn, Cooking and Chemistry Expert Dr. Fox, Hawkodile with the weather.

Hawkodile: Yeah! Sport- Wait, what? I thought I was doing sports! Oh no!

Announcer: And Richard!

Richard: (Confused) Huh?

Announcer: It's Unikingdom News Now! Dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun!

(Richard then floats away.)

(Unikitty and Puppycorn are seen having a conversation as they then end.)

Unikitty: Welcome viewers. Let's get to today's stories. [A block saying "Chili Thief" appears next to Unikitty.] There was a Chili Thief at yesterdays big Chili Festival. Authorities provided [a sketch of Puppycorn eating chili appears on the screen] this copyist sketch based on witness's account of the scene.

Dino Dude: It was like a blue blur! Then all the food was gone like a chili tornado! Pretty sure it was Puppyc-

(Cut to static.)

Unikitty: Terrible. The over-excited chili lover reportedly ate 10 whole buckets of it. Then ran away into the bushes. Talk about "a hot pursuit", eh Puppycorn?

Puppycorn: [sloppily eating chili out of a water bucket] That's impressive. [Then realizes he's on air] Uh, I mean, it said all you can eat!"

Richard: Princess, you said you just wanted to do some morning announcements. Why did you even build this set?

Unikitty: Don't worry bout it Richard, we're professional news people! OUR TOP STORY OF THE HOUR!

Richard: *sighs in resignation*

(A block saying "Top Story" On it appears Next to Unikitty)

Unikitty: The most unbelievable thing to ever happen! [A block saying "Kids!" appears Next to Unikitty] KIDS are talking about it! [A block saying "The Popo!" appears next to Unikitty] POLICE are talking about it! [A block saying "Nuns!" appears Next to Unikitty] NUNS are talking about it! When you learn what it is, IT'LL TOTALLY BLOW YOUR SOCKS RIGHT OFF! [A "Scientists' Approximation" logo on the screen with Puppycorn getting his socks blown off. Literally.] And we're gonna tell you all about it, [A block saying "A new Segment!" appears next to her.] but first, this next segment!

(A black appears behind Unikitty with "A new segment!" written on it, follow by a screen with "Unikitty on the Street!" written on it)

Unikitty: News on the Stree-heet! With your newsfield reporter: Me! C'mon - we gotta talk to the people!

(Unikitty zips away)

Unikitty: What do you think what's going on here?

Stocko: Um, everything's okay, I guess. I was thinking of buying a new couch.

Unikitty: Daah! No, we need a just-see story! Thank you though!

(Unikitty zips away)

Unikitty: What about you sir?