Princess Unikitty is the main protagonist of the series.

She originally appeared as a main character in the The LEGO Movie franchise.

The royal ruler of a fantastical kingdom, Unikitty lives in a castle and goes on adventures with younger brother Puppycorn, bodyguard Hawkodile, scientist Dr. Fox, and royal advisor Richard.

She is voiced by Tara Strong.

Personality and Traits

Unikitty is a pink unicorn-cat hybrid. She has a light pink muzzle with red blush spots on her cheeks that can change depending on her emotions. She has large blue eyes with an eyelash coming out of the sides of each of them. She has hot pink triangular ears with a blue unicorn horn nestled into a white casing. She has a light green neck. Her front paws are blue with white tops, while her back paws are yellow with white tops. She has a bushy blue tail with a white underside. When she opens her mouth, there is a small fang in the top of it.

Other looks

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While Unikitty can be very sweet with her friends and very protective of her younger brother, Puppycorn, she will lose it with those who do not remain positive or creative. However, sometimes she can get too immersed in the fun and ignore her circumstances, which can result in tremendous trouble for her and the others. Overall, though, Unikitty will do anything to protect her kingdom and make sure every day goes perfectly and is, most importantly, fun.


Unikitty as Angry Kitty in the main title sequence.
When her friends or loved ones are in danger, a fire literally ignites in Unikitty and she becomes Angry Kitty. She displays these tendencies with enemies such as Master Frown. Additionally, Unikitty has the ability to fly and hold objects in a sort of ‘levitation’.

LEGO.com Description

Unikitty is the energetic, bubbly, and bright princess of Unikingdom. She’s a creative thinker and leads the charge when there’s a problem in need of a solution. This half-cat-half-unicorn has emotions so strong that they can change her color or physical form, but one thing that will never change about Unikitty is her sweet personality and goofy sense of humor.


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  • Unikitty first appeared in The LEGO Movie, which was released in 2014. However, this appears to be in a separate timeline, or canon, as the kingdom is not Cloud Cuckoo Land.[1] Other elements also differ from her first appearance from the said film.
    • Batman is also the only other character from the movie to appear in the series, and him and Unikitty both seem to not know each other very well.
  • She has the ability to change her cheeks to different shapes depending on her emotion. These include:
    • Hearts
    • Question marks
    • Exclamation points
    • Skulls
    • Number ones
    • Broken hearts
    • Stars
    • Fire
    • Sad faces
    • Planet sign
    • Music notes
    • Teardrops
    • Snowflakes
    • Swirlies
    • Happy faces
    • Scissors
    • Sleeping Z's
    • Checkmarks
    • The letter U (Float On)
    • Teeth (Tooth Trouble)
    • Moustaches (P.L.O.T Device)
    • Clocks (Time Capsule)
  • Unikitty is the only character who has appeared in every episode of the show.
  • Unikitty used to wear a yellow bow, braces and purple glasses when she was younger. ("Kitty & Hawk")
  • Unikitty is roughly 11 years old[2], and two years older than Puppycorn[3].

In Other Languages

  • Arabic: يونيكيتي / "Yunikiti"
  • Spanish: Unikitty
  • German: Einhorn-Kitty
  • Swedish: Unikitty
  • French: Unikitty
  • Russian: Юникитти / "Yunikitti"
  • Portuguese (Brazil): Unigata
  • Portuguese (Portugal): Unikitty
  • Japanese: ユニキティ / "Yunikiti"
  • Danish: Dansekat
  • Chinese: 獨角貓 / "Dú jiǎo māo"
  • Korean: 유니 키티 / "Yuni kiti"
  • Finnish: Unikitty
  • Italian: Unikitty
  • Polish: Kicia Rożek 
  • Hungarian: Csoda Kitty
  • Norwegian: Partykitty
  • Amharic: ዩኒቲነት / "Yunītīneti"


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Unikitty in LEGO form


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