Unikitty's Scooter is a vehicle formerly owned by Unikitty. It first appeared in "Wishing Well".



Unikitty's scooter is a purple kick scooter. It has a blue base on the handle with a blue handlebar holder with a pink heart on it. It has purple handles with darker purple handle guards, mint green tips, and purple, pink, and yellow ribbons sticking out the ends of it. One of the handlebars has a yellow and orange kitten bell, which meows as it rings. The bottom of the handle base has a yellowish purple smiley face on it. The shocks of the scooter are decorated in a magenta, orange, and yellow rainbow. The wheels have smiley suns on the hubcaps.


  • This scooter was a coin wish gift for Unikitty. Thanks to the coins having a vendetta against the people that threw them down the well and made the wishes, it quickly broke.
  • Unikitty claims the scooter is a "rose chrome" scooter, but this would require the scooter to be a rose gold color.

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