Unikitty's Cloud Car is a vehicle owned by Unikitty. It first appeared in "Stuck Together", to get Unikitty and a decapitated Master Frown to Frowntown.



Stuck Together (64)

Unikitty's cloud car is a flying vehicle made out of a cloud. It has a pink booster on the back, which shoots out rainbow speed lines. The wings are striped in aqua, pink, and purple. On the front of it is a smiling sun propeller.

Birthday Blowout (162)

Mech transformation

In “Birthday Blowout”, it is revealed that it can transform into a mech, which Unikitty uses in combat against Master Frown's mech when Puppycorn's trike is destroyed by him.



Cloud Car 41451

Cloud Car in LEGO form


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