Unikitty's Cloud Car is a vehicle owned by Unikitty. It first appeared in "Stuck Together", to get Unikitty and a decapitated Master Frown to Frowntown.



Stuck Together (64)

Unikitty's cloud car is a flying vehicle made out of a cloud. It has a pink booster on the back, which shoots out rainbow speed lines. The wings are striped in aqua, pink, and purple. On the front of it is a smiling sun propeller.

In “Birthday Blowout”, it is revealed that it can transform into a mech, which Unikitty uses in combat against Master Frown's mech when Puppycorn's trike is destroyed by him.


  • The Security Robot is a remodel of the mech form of the cloud car.
  • In "Kitty Court", the Cloud Car is shown to be capable if answering questions on the witness stand by beeping, implying that it may be sentient.
Birthday Blowout (162)

Mech transformation


Cloud Car 41451

Cloud Car in LEGO form


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