The Unikingdom is the main location of Unikitty!. It is the kingdom that Princess Unikitty rules.


The Unikingdom is a bright and cheerful location, just like its ruler. It has lush green hills, various shops, and locations fitting the needs of its inhabitants. Unikitty's castle overlooks the kingdom. It neighbors Frowntown and Action Forest, and also seems to be at a travelable distance to the North Pole.



  • The name is a portmanteau of Unikitty and ‘kingdom’.
  • In some episodes Unikingdom and Frowntown appear to be on the opposite 'poles' of the same flat earth. In others, the two regions appear to be adjacent on the same plane.



Season 1

LEGO Unikitty!

Wave 1

Outer Space

Unikingdom: Castle (Dr. Fox's Lab) / Toy Zone / Flowery Park / Hawkodile's Treehouse
Frowntown: Master Frown and Brock's Apartment / Doom Lords' Lair
Other: Spoooooky Game / North Pole / Action Forest / Farthest Away Place in the World