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Part 1

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Unikitty and her friends Are at Doki Diamond Fun Land, to ride the infamous Sugar Crash rollercoaster. Unfortunately, the line is gigantic! Double unfortunately, Master Frown and Brock are also at the park and ruining everyone's fun, in an attempt to make people leave, and thus shorten the line for the Sugar Crash. Now Unikitty and friends must muster the strength to wait a really long time while dealing with Frown's evil deeds, and trying to have fun.


Part 2

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Unikitty and the gang along with Master Frown and Brock have finally managed to get on the Sugar Crash rollercoaster. They're all excited for this mythic rollercoaster to change their lives except for Hawkodile who has conquered every ride in the world and assumes this one will be a similar disappointment. Although the rollercoaster begins in a normal fashion, things soon turn surreal. The ride never seems to end, and even Unikitty is becoming concerned. Hawkodile vows to get his friends off the ride, but fails. He admits that this ride has in fact changed his life, as he has never been defeated before. The ride suddenly ends. Now Hawkodile must figure out what to do with the rest of his life, now that the ride is over.


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