Tooth Trouble is the second episode in the second season of Unikitty!.

It first aired on October 20, 2018 in Australia and December 13, 2018 on the Cartoon Network app, website, and on Demand service through selected cable providers. It will air in the U.S on February 5, 2019 and United Kingdom at some point the same year.


Puppycorn loses his first tooth and Unikitty's excited for her little bro-- now he gets a visit from the legendary Tooth Fairy! But when the Tooth Fairy is a no-show, Unikitty and her friends take on the mantle and responsibilities. But will they play too fast and loose with loose teeth and hit a raw nerve?




Broadcast Information

This episode aired on February 12, 2019 on Cartoon Network in the United Kingdom.


  • Early in the episode, Richard says "if there's money involved, we're going to do this by the books. I'm not going to jail again", revealing that he has previously gone to jail, possibly for a money-related crime (or crimes).
  • Assuming all the teeth in Brock's 'Teef' jar came from his mouth, the sheer quantity indicates that he has possessed (and subsequently lost) hundreds or thousands of teeth.
  • Master Frown is seen wearing a towel hat, despite not having hair he would need to theoretically dry.
  • Because Unikitty is able to remove Master Frown's teeth with a magnet, one could infer that his teeth are composed of magnetic substances (such as iron or rare-earth metals).
  • However, all of these might have been gag.


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