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[The episode starts with Richard cleaning the windows of the castle from the outside, holding a chores list and having a bucket and sponge on top of him, clearly stressed. Unikitty floats next to him.]

Unikitty: What's up, Richard?

Richard: Oh, hello, Princess. There are so many chores to do today.

Unikitty: [Emitting positive sparkle matter] Oh, don't sweat it, Rick. Just stay positive! (Flies off as Richard sighs)

Unikitty: [Hovers in front of a pair of binoculars] Hi, Hawkodile! [Kisses his binoculars, leaving a heart imprint]

Hawkodile: [Pulls them off] Princess, please. I need a clear view to scan for intruders. The danger is out there. [Puts them back on]

Unikitty: Aw, don't work so much, big guy. Try being carefree like me, and you'll feel great! [Flies off. Hawkodile rubs the heart implant off the binoculars.]

Unikitty: [Lands next to Puppycorn, who is stuck between heaps of trash. He groans] Hi, Puppycorn!

Puppycorn: Oh, hey, Sis. I was having a good time jumping through this trash pile till I got stuck in this old boot! [There is a close-up of the disgusting boot] Can't get out!

Unikitty: Well, I think that boot looks great on you. Just look on the bright side, and everything will work out fine.

Puppycorn: Uh, OK.

Unikitty: That's the spirit, little bro! [Flies off again and groans] Everybody seems so stressed out today. Hey, I should see what Dr. Fox is up to. She's always so cool/calm under pressure. [Taps a flower with an outline of Dr. Fox's head, causing the ground beneath her to initiate a flip. Dr. Fox is in her lab panicking as a reactor is in a meltdown as an alarms blares.]

Dr. Fox: Oh, no! Oh, no! What do I do?! What do I do?!

Unikitty: Hey, Dr. Fox. What's the problemo?

Dr. Fox: The problemo is the castle's yellowcake fuel reactor sprang a leak! And my robots can't clean up the radioactive fuel rods! [One robot picks up a rod. It drops it and grazes another robot's eye. They both yell in panic.]

Dr. Fox: This is a total disaster!! [Pulls her hair out as the robots explode in the background]

Unikitty: You really gotta relax, Doc.

Dr. Fox: "Relax!?" You think I need to relax right now!?

Unikitty: Uh, yeah.

Dr. Fox: [Panting] Oh, yeah! The database of probable disasters!

Unikitty: Huh?

Dr. Fox: [Scrolls to the yellowcake reactor leak] There! [Clicks on it, revealing a recorded video of Dr. Fox explaining what to do if the disaster happens]

Video version: So, the yellowcake fuel reactor has sprung a leak. The first thing to do is...panic! [Both the video version and the real version scream]

Unikitty: I'm sure it'll all work out just fine!

Dr. Fox: I wish I had your optimism, Unikitty, but my science-y brain is just wired to worry.

Unikitty: Everybody seems worried today. I wish there was a way to get all of my happy thoughts out of my brain [pulls her brain out] and into all of yours. Then everyone would feel positive and carefree all the time! [Her brain cheers]

Dr. Fox: I actually invented something for that called the Happy Horn. It replaces the brainwaves of whoever's wearing it with your brainwaves. [Pans on a shiny horn in the same shape and color as Unikitty's] But it's still untested.

Unikitty: Untested, huh?

Dr. Fox: [Sweating] Ugh, what am I doing? I gotta stop this meltdown!

Unikitty: Happy Horn time! [Places it on top of Dr. Fox's head. A purple cloud explodes around her. Her brainwaves are replaced with Unikitty's. Dr. Fox falls flat]

Unikitty: [Gasps] Dr. Fox?

Dr. Fox: [Laughs gaining a new color scheme; A yellow lab coat and different shades of orange with a tail the same as Unikitty's but deep pink] Yeah! [Uses Unikitty's ability of flight] Is this really what it's like being you? I'M SO HAPPY!

Unikitty: So you're not worried about meltdowns anymore?

Dr. Fox: Who cares about that? It'll be fine. What's more important is sparkles for no reason! [Mixes two serums, causing an eruption of sparkles and coating them in the sparkles]

Unikitty: Yay!

Dr. Fox: I wish everybody could feel this way all the time forever!

Unikitty: I was just thinking the same thing!

Dr. Fox: Me too!

Unikitty: Me ME too! Let's make more Happy Horns and spread the joy to the rest of the gang!

Both: Yeah! [They fly off.] [Cut to Hawkodile]

Hawkodile: I can't let my guard down for a second. [Notices someone] Hey, I see you!

[Master Frown and Brock are vandalizing the castle doors]

Master Frown: Whoa!

Hawkodile: You're gonna get it now! [Unikitty rests his arm] Huh?

Unikitty: Whoa, Hawkodile, relax.

Dr. Fox: Don't stress, Hawk. It's gonna be fine.

Unikitty: [Pulls out a Happy Horn] We got just the thing to make you feel better. [Places it on his head. A purple cloud explodes around him. Half of his body slumps over the window. He gains a much brighter color scheme and a tail identical to Unikitty's.]

Hawkodile: [Laughs] I've been such a silly-billy. Enemies are just friends I haven't hugged yet! [Laughs gleefully]

Unikitty: Yay! Glad we could help. [Master Frown laughs but the door opens and sends him offscreen]

Hawkodile: Prepare to surrender...[holds out two plates of cookies] your appetites!

Master Frown: [Confused] Oh?

Brock: These are great, dude. What are they made with.

Hawkodile: Love! Have as many as you want.

Master Frown: [Nervously] OK... [whispering] Brock! Grab the whole tray! [They both do so and speed off]

[Cut to Hawkodile who blushes with rainbows in his eyes and the background starts to sparkle with glitter.]

Hawkodile: See you soon, buddies.

[Cuts to Richard]

Richard: So much to do. So much to...Oh!

Unikitty: [Pulls out a Happy Horn] The only thing you need to do is have a great time! [Places it on his head. An purple cloud explodes around him as Richard gains a light purple tint.]

Richard: [Chuckles] Chores are a snore. Let's stand on our heads [does so] and make arts and crafts instead.

[Cuts to Puppycorn]

Puppycorn: [Groaning] I can't get out of this boot! [Falls flat on his face with his speech muffled] This stinks!

Unikitty: [With another Happy Horn] We can fix that, little bro! [Waves him above his head, unsure of where to put it due to him already having a horn.] Uh...mmm. [Shes pushes his yellow horn to the side and puts the Happy Horn next to it. A purple cloud explodes around him as he gains a much brighter color scheme and the boot becomes clean.]

Puppycorn: [Gains a brighter color scheme with the boot] Whoa! I feel so great that I can fly! [begins using Unikitty's ability of flight.] Wheeee!

Unikitty: We did it! Everybody's so happy now which makes me so happy! [The 5 group hug]

Everyone: Yaay!

(A song begins)

Oh, I'm Unkitty and she is me.

We're intertwined so seamlessly.

Five of a kind, we live cheerfully!

The Happy Horn fills us up with glee.

We're not stressed, we're satisfied.

We're havin' a blast, and we're smilin' wide.

Be positive, and you'll be carefree. Then you'll be happy just like me!

And me!

And me!

And me!

And me!

If you want to be happy just act like me!

[Throughout the song, Richard paints a mural of Unikitty, Dr. Fox rides Unikitty, Puppycorn flips into a wall, Hawkodile cartwheels and hangs pink and purple balloons, the 5 hold hands and run around, and it closes up on them.]

Unikitty: Wow, guys! This has been the best day ever!

Everyone: Yeah! This really has been the best day ever!

Unikitty: I'm so glad you're all feeling so positive and carefree!

Everyone: Yeah! We feel so positive and carefree!

Unikitty: [Chuckles a bit nervously] Yay!

Everyone: Yay! [They all laugh]

Unikitty: Wow. Am I like this all the time?

Puppycorn and Richard: Positive!

Dr. Fox and Hawkodile: And carefree!

Puppycorn and Richard: Positive!

Dr. Fox and Hawkodile: And carefree!

Puppycorn and Richard: Positive!

Dr. Fox and Hawkodile: And carefree!

[Unikitty chuckles nervously. Cuts to evening]

Unikitty: [Grossed out by the castle's unsanitary condition] What the...yeesh. This place got a little messy. Wonder where Rick is...[Yells as she slides on a scrap of paper and crashes into a statue replica of her] What did I...whoa!

Richard: [Emerges form the replica's head and giggles] Do you like my art project, Princess? I'm creative just like you. [Begins rotating around]

Unikitty: [Uneasy] Well, yeah, that's really cool, Rick. [Unikitty yelps as she is hit in the face with a banana peel and then she ducks under another piece of garbage. Master Frown is holding a golf club and hits a can through the window and shatters it. Master Frown laughs] Hawkodile, what are they doing here?

Hawkodile: Oh, do you mean my new buddies?

Brock: These are really good, bro.

Unikitty: Your "buddies" are trashing the castle! I thought you were supposed to be guarding against intruders!

Hawkodile: [Laughs] Oh, princess. Intruders are just guest who don't have invitations. All new friends are welcome here. [Brock groans as Hawkodile hugs him tightly]

Unikitty: But, bu--[Puppycorn sails right above her]

Puppycorn: Wheeee! I'm so happy! [His horns lodge him in a wall, and laughs as all of his teeth fall out.]

Unikitty: I don't think the Happy Horns are working right! I should go see Dr. Fox. She'll know what to do. [Cuts to Dr. Fox's lab where she is posing as the DJ of a disco party. Electronic music is blaring as robots are yelling.] Dr. Fox, I need to ask you something!

Dr. Fox: Huh? Want some glow sticks? [Throws radioactive fuel rods everywhere as Unikitty screams. It hits a robot in the eye.]

Robot: I'm melting! [Explodes]

Dr. Fox: Whoa! This dance party is the bomb!

[The 3 others crash in] Hawkodile, Puppycorn, and Richard: Totally, it is!

Hawkodile: I'm gonna dance forever!

Dr. Fox: And ever!

Puppycorn: [Tracing a rainbow with his boot] Stay positive! [Richard laughs]

Unikitty: Wait, you guys! Maybe the Happy Horns were a bad idea after all. You're all acting weird!

Everyone: What do you mean? We're all acting like you.

Unikitty: Exactly! You're not yourselves! I think it's time to take these off! [Swipes near Hawkodile, but misses]

Hawkodile: [Slightly annoyed] Whoa, party foul.

Unikitty: [Dives for Puppycorn, but he jumps over her] Guys, please! This has to stop!

Richard: [Rotating as Unikitty tries to clap the Horn off of him, but fails twice.] Stop ruining our dance party.

Unikitty: Those horns are ruining your brains! [Dives next to Puppycorn]

Puppycorn: Sis, you're not being very [assumes his own rage form derived from the Happy Horn] FUN!!!

Unikitty: [Turning into Angry Kitty] JUST TAKE THOSE HORNS OFF!!!

Hawkodile: [In his own rage form] HEY!!! STOP YELLING!!!


Dr. Fox: [In her own rage form. She smashes the turntables with her fists] EVERYONE BE CHEERY!!!

Richard: [In his own rage form] I HAVE A LOT OF EMOTIONS RIGHT NOW!!!

Puppycorn: SCREAMING FOR NO REASON!!! [They all scream in anger]

Unikitty: What's wrong with you guys!? I thought the Happy Horns were cheering you up!


Unikitty: [Normal] I guess I do have a bit of a temper. [Back to Angry Kitty] BUT THAT'S WHY YOU NEED TO TAKE THOSE HORNS OFF!!!

Everyone: NEVER!!! [As they scream in anger, a fire tornado spawns. It shoots lightning and has Unikitty turn completely white from shock.]

Computer: Warning! Reactor meltdown inminent! Lab will explode in 2 minutes!

Unikitty: This is a disaster! [it gets her.] Wait, the database of probable disasters!

Dr. Fox: [Unkitty normal feeling] Boy, did we get cranky!

Hawkodile: [Unkitty normal feeling] We sure did! Okay, back to dancing! [Everyone dances]

Unkitty: [frantically searches for happy horns] Come on, come on, happy horns, happy horns! There!

Video Dr. Fox: So, you tried on the happy horns and it’s taken over the mind of a loved one and you’re completely overwhelmed with guilt and shame.

Unkitty: [frantic] Yeah, yeah! What do we do?!

Video Dr. Fox: I'm assuming you’re wondering what to do.

Unkitty: [frantic] Yes!

Video Dr. Fox: Okay, well, I hope you’re ready for the answer.

Unkitty: [her mouth frantically jumps 7 times and frantically screams] YES, YES, YES, YES, YES, YES, YES!!!

Video Dr. Fox: Got some pen and paper? [Unkitty hands Video Dr. Fox the pen and paper] Good job, high five! Whoop, too slow! Ha ha! Anyway... here we go. [inhales and exhales] Get them to think like themselves again.

Unikitty: [confused] What?

Video Dr. Fox: The only way to get the Happy Horns off is to get the person wearing it to think like themselves again.

Unikitty: [still confused] But how?!

Video Dr. Fox: Well, good luck.

Unikitty: [still isn't sure] Wait-! [Video Dr. Fox's head gets big then loudly illiterates]

Video Dr. Fox: [Done] I SAID GOOD LUCK! [It finishes]

Unikitty: Oh, well that should be easy. [not confident] Ok guys, be yourselves?

Everyone: We are being ourselves!

Unikitty: No! You guys have to remember who you really are! Dr Fox, how will you repair the broken reactor?

Dr Fox. With a Hug.

Unikitty: Wrong! It hast to be fixed with something special, [the background is space with sciency stuff.] the most amazing wonderful something in the world! Something filled with discovery, and data, and equations, [Dr. Fox is inspired] and big-fat books!

Dr. Fox: Hmm...

Unikitty: Come on, Dr. Fox. What would you use to measure the manifold destiny of an anti-matter particle?

Dr. Fox: Oh. [her eyes are sciency] Science! [her happy horn breaks as she's back to her normal self] Science! You used Science! Also none of what you said is real! [Laughs. They hug]

Unikitty: Dr. Fox! You're Back!

Dr. Fox: Yes. Thanks Unikitty. I can finally think again! Quick! The others! [Unikitty flies over to Rick who's partying]

Unikitty: Richard, I was thinking of making an art project with all this junk.

Richard: [surprised] I love art projects.

Unikitty: But there's so many materials! I don't know what to start with! [bored voice] If only they were all neatly organised. [still happy] Someone would have to clean them up. Almost like, [turns into Richard head from Kitchen Chaos.] A Chore.

Richard: A Ch-Chore? [his happy horn breaks as he's back to his normal self] Oh my Goodness. Sorry for the Outburst. I'm just exited to be back to normal. Thank you Princess. [she hugs him]

Unikitty: Yay!

[Master Frown and Brock come into the lab.]

Master Frown: Woah. Never been down here before.

Brock: I hope this place has more snacks.

Unikitty: [alerted] Hawkodile, look!

Hawkodile: [surprised] Friends?

Unikitty: [Strong self from Action Forest] No. Breached Perimeter. These intruders will have to be injected with force! By someone with strength [gets him ready] and honor and sick triceps.

Hawkodile: Oh Yeah. [his happy horn breaks as he's back to his normal self] Sounds like a job for a bodyguard.

Master Frown: I'm gonna remove all the labels from these! [gets shocked] Huh?

Hawkodile: And I'm gonna remove you from the premises! [Knocks him out]

Brock: Um... I'll see myself out. [walks out]

Unikitty: [Flies over to Puppycorn] And Puppycorn! Remember how you're a dog? [his happy horn breaks as he's back to his normal self]

Puppycorn: Huh. You're right Sis! What was I thinking?! Dogs don't wear boots! [he gets out of the boot for the first time in the episode. He laughs. Everyone then hugs her.]

Unikitty: Guys! You're back! I'm so happy! I shouldn't have made you try to think like me.

Dr. Fox: I guess you're the only one who can handle being so insanely positive all the time.

Unikitty: [Sighs] I'm so sorry. [she then talks to the viewers] I know when things are tough, it helps to stay positive, but positivity isn't enough. You also have to remember to be yourself! Then there's no disaster you can't fix!

Dr. Fox: [then realises something] Disaster? Oh my Gosh! I forgot! The Reactor! [it then explodes then everyone is covered in nuclear blast]

Unikitty: [Laughs] Stay positive!

[Episode Ends]

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