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"Too Many Unikitties" is the nineteenth episode in the first season of Unikitty!.

It first aired on March 12, 2018.


The Futon Critic

Unikitty comes to the conclusion that everyone would be a lot happier if they would just think the way she does, and with Dr. Fox's help, maybe they can![1]


Unikitty is flying around, greeting all of her friends. It isn't long before she noticed that everybody at the castle is is really stressed out. Richard is obsessed with getting his chores done, Hawkodile is keeping a tight vigilance for troublemakers, and Puppycorn got himself stuck in an old boot and is unable to get free. Even the normally cool/calm under pressure Dr. Fox is panicking about a reactor leak in her lab. Unikitty then wishes there was a way to make everyone as positive and carefree as herself so they wouldn't be so stressed out anymore.

Dr. Fox tells her that she actually invented something for that called the Happy Horn, an invention that looks exactly like Unikitty's horn and is meant to replace the brainwaves of whoever's wearing it with Unikitty's. Curious, Unikitty puts the Happy Horn on Dr. Fox, hoping it'll get her to be less stressed. Dr. Fox collapses to the floor as her brainwaves start to change. Scared, Unikitty tries to shake the scientist in order to wake her up. Once Dr. Fox is up, she is suddenly acting exactly like Unikitty. Thrilled by this, Unikitty convinces Dr. Fox to help her make more Happy Horns to spread their joy and positivity to the rest of their friends.

Hawkodile is still looking for intruders outside one of the castle's windows--and it isn't long before he spots one. Master Frown is vandalizing the front door of the castle by writing on it in spray paint, and Brock is standing close behind him. Hawkodile threatens them, and is about to go deal with the situation himself, when he is stopped by Unikitty and Dr. Fox. They quickly put one of their Happy Horns on him, which also causes him to pass out. When he wakes up, he starts acting like Unikitty as well, stating that enemies are just friends that he hasn't hugged yet. The princess and scientist leave to go find the rest of their friends, while Hawkodile decides to go talk to Master Frown and Brock.

The two are still writing on the front door, when the bodyguard suddenly bursts through. He tells them to surrender, but quickly shows them two trays of cookies and finishes with "your appetites". Master Frown is shocked by Hawkodile's reaction, but Brock decides to eat the cookies anyways. He then asks Hawk what the cookies are made with, and he simply responds love. He then tells Brock and Master Frown that they can have as much cookies as they wanted. Master Frown, still a bit confused, tells Brock to steal the whole tray. The two quickly dart away with both trays of cookies. Hawkodile then tells them that he'll see his new buddies later.

Back in the castle, Richard, who is now holding a long list of things he has to tend to, is still panicking about his chores. Unikitty and Dr. Fox both quickly spot him and tells him that he shouldn't worry about his responsibilities. They put a Happy Horn on his head, which causes him to start acting like Unikitty. He then says that chores are boring, and that they should make art projects instead. He floats away, ripping his list of chores in the proccess.

Dr. Fox and Unikitty soon find Puppycorn, who still can't get out of the old boot he's stuck in. Unikitty is about to put a Happy Horn on her little brother, but stops herself before noticing that the pup already has a horn on his head. Unsure of what to do, Unikitty shoves his original horn out of the way and puts the Happy Horn next to it. Puppycorn immediately starts acting like his sister, and says that he feels great because he can fly.

After the five sing a song about how happy they are, Unikitty is quick to notice that her friends are acting a bit too positive. She wonders to herself if that's how she acts when she's around them. Her four friends walk off, all screaming "positive and carefree!". Unikitty quickly shrugs their strange behavior off and flies away.

Later that day, Unikitty notices that the castle is an absolute mess. She wonders where Richard is, but quickly finds her blocky friend down the hallway. He has made yet another art project. Rick tells her that he's creative, just like Unikitty is. A bit disturbed by her friend's behavior, she walks off, staring at his art project as she does so. She is suddenly hit in the face with a banana peel. Shocked, she notices that Master Frown has been trashing the hallway of the castle. She asks Hawkodile what Frown was doing inside. Hawk immediately says that Frown and Brock (who is still eating cookies) are his new buddies. Upset, Unikitty states that his "buddies" were trashing the castle. Hawkodile didn't care, though, and hugs Brock uncomfortably tight, excited that he's made some new friends. Soon afterward, Puppycorn comes flying by his sister, yelling that he is so happy. He quickly hits the wall, his horn digging into it. Unikitty comes to a conclusion that the Happy Horns weren't working as intended, so she flies down into the lab to see if Dr. Fox can help.

In the lab, Dr. Fox is throwing a dance party with her robots. Unikitty floats into the room, trying to get Dr. Fox's attention. The scientist then throws a handful of glowsticks in the air, the chemicals inside causing some of her robots to melt. The rest of the gang quickly bursts into the room and begins dancing to Dr. Fox's extremely-loud music. Unikitty finally decides that the Happy Horns were a bad idea after all and decides to try to take the horns off of her friends, who won't let her. After a few tries, she starts to get a bit upset with her friends. But, since they are all acting like her, the five all go into Rage Kitty mode and begin yelling at each other. It quickly results into everybody (except Unikitty) forming a giant tornado created from their rage. Before the tornado dies out, it hits the broken reactor from the beginning, which triggered the reactor to explode after its two minute countdown.

Unikitty, realizing this is a disaster, consults Dr. Fox's database of probable disasters. The database informs Unikitty that the only way to get the Happy Horns off is to get the wearer to think like themselves again. Unsure on how to do this, Unikitty just tells her friends to be themselves, but it doesn't work. She realizes that, in order to get the Happy Horns off, she needed to convince her friends harder.

She flies up to Dr. Fox, asking the scientist how the broken reactor will be fixed. Dr. Fox simply responds "with a hug", but Unikitty says otherwise. The princess then begins to explain on how the reactor should be fixed with science, not a hug. This causes the horn on Dr. Fox's head to explode, making the wearer back to herself. Happy that Unikitty has helped her, Dr. Fox quickly reminds her friend that everybody else needed help. Unikitty then flies up to Richard, who is dancing to himself. She tells him that she wants to make an art project, but all the materials she was planning on using needed to be organized. She states that somebody needed to clean them up, almost as if it was a chore. After the mention of the word "chore", the horn on Richard's head explodes as well and he is back to normal.

Master Frown and Brock, who still have free reign to go wherever they want in the castle, walk into the lab. Now standing next to Hawkodile, Unikitty gasps, pointing at them. Hawk is immediately joyed that his friends have made it down into the lab. Unikitty explains that the two aren't really his friends, but intruders, and needed to be taken care of by a bodyguard. After hearing his job being said aloud, the horn on Hawkodile's head disappears. He walks up to Master Frown and Brock, who are a bit surprised that Hawk's acting like himself again. Hawkodile punches Master Frown in the face, which sends the Doom Lord flying back. Scared that the same thing might happen to him, Brock leaves the lab on his own.

And, lastly, Unikitty flies up to her younger brother, reminding Puppycorn that he is a dog. The horn on his head immediately disappears, and he immediately hops out of the boot he was still stuck in, saying that dogs didn't wear shoes. The gang then engages in a group hug, happy that everybody was back to their normal selves.

Unikitty apologizes for trying to get everyone to think like her. She admits that it's important to be positive, but it's also important to be yourself, because then there's no disaster you can't face. The mention of a "disaster", however, reminds Dr. Fox of the reactor she was trying to fix at the beginning. The reactor then explodes, radioactive goo splashing all over the friends.


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Broadcast Information

This episode aired on March 12, 2018 on Cartoon Network in the United States.


  • This is the first episode to have separate teleplay and story writers.
  • This is the first episode to have an insulting ending


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