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Puppycorn: Oh yeah! Give me that coldness, ice pop. Huh? Oh, man!

Richard: Everybody stay hydrated. Darn it.

*cut to egg frying on the sidewalk*

Dr. Fox: Breakfast is ready.

Richard: Gross.

Hawkodile:  Chill me down, Fan Dude.

Fan Dude: No way, man. I'm going inside.

Unikitty*groans* This must be the hottest day of the whole summer!

Dr. Fox: No, I think this is the hottest day of all time.

Richard: Is there no escape from this heat?

Unikitty*groans* Oh, guys. We're being silly. There's obviously only one way to keep cool on a hot day.

*Funky instrumental music playing*

Unikitty:  By looking cool. Nothing beats the heat like a cool outfit.

Hawkodile: You got that right, sister. Cold, sweet, wet and tight, baby!

Dr. Fox: This isn't how thermodynamics work. But who care? We look slick.

Unikitty: Yeah, we do.

Richard: I have ice packs in my waist bag if anyone needs them.

Unikitty: No need to bust out that old-man bag, Rick. We're looking cool and feeling cooler.

Puppycorn: Sup, my dudes? Pretty cool right?

Unikitty: *mumbles* Eh, I don't know.

Hawkodile: Yeah, not really.

Puppycorn: What, really? But you guys are cool! I gotta be cool too! I gotta! *Gasping*

Richard: Come, Puppycorn. I'm sure you've heard the saying. "The clothes don't make the man, the coolness comes from within."

Hawkodile: Man, that's what uncool people say to make themselves feel cool.

Dr. Fox: Richard, you have what we in the scientific community refer to as "dad style."

Richard: Ooh, I like that.

Puppycorn: I don't! Guys, guys, guys. Please, You gotta help me be cool. It's all I've ever wanted in my entire life since like an hour ago.

Unikitty: Of course, we'll help lil bro. Watch and learn from the masters.

Puppycorn: Yeah.

Funky instrumental music playing

Hawkodile: There's nothing cooler on this planet than rad sunglasses. Ching! Peep these peepers, PC! Give'em a whirl. On your face!

Puppycorn: Oh, Yeah! So cool, So Dark, I can't see anything. Yes! I feel so cool it hurts.

Captain Tall: Oh, no!

Puppycorn: Oh, Yeah!

Unikitty Maybe that wasn't the right kind of cool.

Dr.Fox: But this is. Using the quantum-pressure of 19 black holes, I synthesized diamonds from the atomized bones of resurrected dinosaurs!

Unikitty, Puppycorn, Hawkodile and Richard: Cool!

Dr. Fox: Exactly. I call them "Sick Wicked Awesome Gems." Also know as "Swag."

Puppycorn: Ooh, shiny. *straining* Feels like a thousand pounds. Of coolness!

Unikitty: Puppycorn!

Puppycorn: straining I'm fine. It's just my bones. And everything else. *yelling*

Unikitty: Hmm. still not right. What you really need is a sweet ride. Sparkles, check. Boostie jets, double check. Safety helm? Checkedy check, check, check, check, check! Now, take these kicks for a sick spin!

Puppycorn: All right! Coolness, here I come!

Captain Tall: Oh, no! Not again!

Puppycorn: *Crying* Oh, it's hopeless. I've tried almost nothing and everything isn't working.

Richard: The solution to your coolness problem is actually quite simple. To be cool, all you really need is a sensible hat.

Unikitty, Hawkodile and Dr. Fox: *groaning*

Richard: Wait for it. There. How cool is that?

Unikitty: It's almost cool. Just gotta...

Hawkodile: Chop away the lame here and there and... Almost everywhere.

Dr. Fox: Maybe throw in a little chrome lining for structral integrity. And 'cause it looks baller!

Unikitty: Plus, you gotta have an eye-catching logo.

Puppycorn: PC. pizza cakes? Punch crabs. Pocket change?

Richard: Puppycorn.

Puppycorn: Yes?

Hawkodile: And finally flop that top.

Unikitty, Richard, Hawkodile and Dr. Fox: all exclaiming

Dr. Fox: That is the coolest hat I have ever seen!

Richard: A little flashy for my taste.

Unikitty: Puppycorn, You're now officially, stylishly, totally cool!

Puppycorn: Yes! I can feel the cool coursing through my hat veins!

Dr. Fox: Good timing. Because it's getting even hotter!

Hawkodile: The sunlight is really beating down.

Sun: yelling

Hawkodile: Ow! My bottom!

Unikitty: Gang, we're the only ones cool enough to cool down this town. Cha!

Puppycorn: Does looking cool actually make things colder?

Unikitty: Yes! Check out what happens when I strike some cool poses. Zig-Zag. Puzzle piece. Bathroom sink!

Puppycorn: Ooh.

Unikitty: See? Poses are the physical expression of the coolness lurking inside you. Now you try.

Puppycorn: Puppycorn. Puppycorn. Puppycorn! Cha!

Unikitty: Whoa, Puppycorn. You and that hat can probably chill out the entire kingdom!

Hawkodile: Keep it going, little man. Mix up those poses. Night steam! Funky cowboy! Jazz Panther! Resplendence! Work it out. Really put some face into it. Head rotation. Squinty eyes! Duck lips!

Unikitty, Hawkodile and Dr. Fox: all exclaiming

Hawkodile: The infinity gaze!

Dr. Fox: The coolest of cool poses.

Unikitty: Amazing, Puppycorn! You and your hat are the absolute chillest! Come on, lil bro. Let's go paint this town cool.

Puppycorn: Cha! Choo!

Captain Tall: You've got to be kidding me!

Puppycorn: Puppy! Corn! That's me! *laughing* *whooping triumphantly*

Unikitty: *shivering* Is it just me, or is it getting a little too chilly?

Puppycorn: *whooping triumphantly*

Richard: *shivering* Oh, no. I packed everything in my belt bag except a scarf. Foolish, Richard. Foolish.

Unikitty: Uh-oh. Puppycorn. Your hat is too cool.

Puppycorn: Thank you!

Unikitty: No, no, no. I mean, it's so cool it's freezing the whole kingdom. You gotta take it off.

Puppycorn: No way! I'm finally cool. If I take it off, I'll just be a mega dork again.

Unikitty: But if you don't the whole world will become one big snow globe.

Puppycorn: I have tasted the sweet sweet magic of coolness, sis. I can't go back! Oh, yeah!

Hawkodile: All right, Princess. Looks like we've got to do this the hard way.

Unikitty: No, there's only one solution to this problem.

Dr.Fox: Flame throwers?

Unikitty: Not this time. The hat is the coolest thing in the kingdom. So, we just need to out-cool the hat, and then it won't be cool anymore. Come on, guys. It's time to fight cool with cool.

Hawkodile: I gotcha. Hawk's going in.

*Upbeat music playing*

Hawkodile: All right, slick. You've had your time in the sun. Now, let's see if that hat can outshine these shades!

Puppycorn: *scoffs* You think that's shiny? Check out chrome dome!

Hawkodile: Take this. And that. Shade upgrade.

Puppycorn: Ha! You can't outshine the hat!

Hawkodile: *Yelling*

Dr. Fox: My turn, cool guy.

Puppycorn: *laughing*

Dr. Fox: I'm gonna bling you down!

Puppycorn: Oh, yeah? Why don't you chill out?

Dr. Fox: *Screaming*

Unikitty: *growling*

Puppycorn: What you got, sis?

Unikitty: Oh, nothing. Only... ...this. *exclaiming* Ha!

Puppycorn: What? *yelling* Ha, I can't even help being cool.

Dr. Fox: Unikitty, what do we do?

Richard: Hello.

Unikitty: Richard, stay back! We love you! But you're just not cool enough to take down that hat!

Richard: You right Princess, I'm not cool, And that's just what this situation requires I'm bringing the heat, dad style! *Instrumental beats playing*

Puppycorn: Huh?

Richard: ♪My Name Is Richard, And I'm Here To Say, I Know What Is Cool In A Major Way. Is Honestly, Respect, Bring On Time. And Gettin' Real Low To Clean Toilet Grime, On My Waist I Got This Real Nice Pack, Full Of Trail Mix In Case You Need A Snack. I'm Early To Bed And Same To Rise, A Well-Rested Body's Life's Greatest Prize.♪

Dr. Fox: It's working! It's so lame It's melting all the cool!

Puppycorn: *groans* So Not Cool!

Richard: ♪You Ask, "MC Ricky Can I Be Like You? Of Course." I Respond It's Easy To Do, One: Up You Pants Up High, Two: Bake Your Friends A Apple Pie, Three: Read A Book About Trains, Four: Nap Whatever It Rains, Who Cares If They Laugh At Your Scarf Argyle? Wear It Loud And Proud Cause That's The Dad Style.♪ *Rap Music Stops* End of rap, By the way I found my scarf, Word!

Puppycorn: *yelling*

Unikitty, Hawkodile and Dr. Fox: all exclaiming

Puppycorn: *gasping* Cool hat! No! You were too cool for this world.

Unikitty: You okay, lil bro?

Puppycorn: Yeah. Sorry, sis. I guess I let that hat get the better of me.

Unikitty: Well, you'll always be cool to me. Hat or no hat.

Puppycorn: Awww, thanks, sis.

Unikitty: And Rick, I'm so proud of you! That was the lamest thing I've ever seen.

Richard: Oh, uh, thanks?

Hawkodile: Yeah, like ever! That was so dorky.

Dr. Fox: You, my friend, are a scientific marvel of non-coolness.

Puppycorn: Big time!

Unikitty: Ugh. It's hot again. Hey, you guys want to go over to the pool?

Dr. Fox: Oh, Yeah!

Hawkodile: Yeah, I do.

Puppycorn: We should have done that in the first place. *giggles*

[End Of Episode]

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