Tooth-a-bunga, dudes!
— Bite Boi, "Tooth Trouble"
The Magical Molar Mates are a group of tooth-collecting vigilantes who (illegally) perform the Tooth Fairy's duties in her absence. They are the gang's dental-themed alter egos from the episode "Tooth Trouble".


  • The Tooth Fairy - The leader. Drives the Tooth Car. Proficient in dental magic.
  • Bite Boi - A cool kid with a backwards cap and a skateboard with teeth for wheels. The heart of the group.
  • Dr. Floss - Uses her science know-how to store the squad's collected teeth. Wields a minty floss lasso.
  • Chompodile- The muscle. Uses his powerful martial abilities to extract teeth.
  • Toothchard - The squad's financial expert. Utilizes his accounting expertise to help keep the Molar Mates out of jail.

Affiliated Songs


  • Not including Brock's 'Teef' jar, which he relinquishes voluntarily, the Magical Molar Mates collect approximately 83 teeth over the course of "Tooth Trouble". (84 if you count Puppycorn's lost tooth)
    Tumblr pqdnv2vw5i1qgv9m2o1 1280

    Early concept art of the Molar Mates

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