Chapter One: The History of the Paperclip. There’s no more thrilling story than the paperclip…
— Record, Kitchen Chaos

The History of the Paperclip is an audio book record that Richard listens to while in bed with a broken back in “Kitchen Chaos”.


The History of the Paperclip is a story about the history of the paperclip. Not much is known of the contents of the record, except that it contains multiple chapters, including a chapter about General Meredith von Paperclippington and her guerrilla forces.


Kitchen Chaos

Richard, bedridden from a work injury, decided to relax by listening to the record. Later in the listening, a piece of rubble, caused by Unikitty shifting into Angry Kitty mode, hit the record from the ceiling, causing it to skip and repeat at "farther and farther". When Richard tried to get up to fix the record, he only succeed in injuring his back further.

Later, having enough of listening to "farther and farther" on repeat, Richard used a thrown piece of rubble that had fallen on his bed as an attempt to stop the disc from skipping. This only caused the disc to skip worse, corrupting "farther and farther" into simply "fart". This irritated Richard enough to get up and stop the record, only to realize his back was feeling better.



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