The Airplane Safety Song is a song from "First Flight". Unikitty and Puppycorn sing it to Richard to try and help him overcome his fear of flying.


Unikitty: ♪There's no need you to worry, there's no need you to cry♪
♪Cuz you all super safe when you need travel in the sky♪

Puppycorn: ♪Let's sit back relax and shout HOORAY!♪
♪This plane's full of stuff to keep out harm's way♪

Unikitty: ♪There's caplets and peanuts, and all kinds of stuff♪
Puppycorn: ♪If camped pressure drops here's air in the bag♪

Unikitty: ♪Seat belts♪
Puppycorn: ♪Life vest♪
Unikitty & Puppycorn: ♪Cushions and float♪

Puppycorn: ♪If you feel nervous about this train, serve this goat♪
(goat screams)

Unikitty:♪In the emergency, there's really no need to fear♪
♪Cuz there's exit's here!♪

Puppycorn: ♪And here!♪
Unikitty: ♪And here!♪
Puppycorn: ♪And here!♪
Richard: That's too many openings

Unikitty: ♪Don't worry Rick! Everything's super safe♪
♪You can only bring a crew's items on the plane♪
Kickflip: ♪Like a morning star?♪
Unikitty: ♪Yeah!♪
Nun: ♪A trident?♪
Unikitty: ♪Yeah!♪
Q.T.: ♪A flamethrower?♪
Unikitty: ♪Of course!♪
Really Old Edith: ♪A cotton swab?♪
Unikitty: NO! You're under arrest!
Puppycorn: Put her in plane jail!
(puts Really Old Edith at drawer)

Puppycorn: ♪That was accessory we follow lights on the floor♪
Unikitty: ♪Just make sure to watch out the (with Puppycorn) TOILET DINOSAUR♪


Unikitty: ♪Who loves airplanes♪
Citizens: ♪We do! We do!♪

Puppycorn: ♪Who loves safety
Citizens: ♪We do! We do!



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