"The Airplane Safety Song" is a song from "First Flight". Unikitty and Puppycorn sing it to Richard to try and help him overcome his fear of flying.


Unikitty: There's no need you to worry, there's no need for you to cry / 'Cause you always super safe when you're traveling in the sky!
Puppycorn: So sit back, relax, and shout HOO-RAY! / This plane's full of stuff to keep you out of harm's way!

Unikitty: There's pamphlets! And peanuts! And all kinds of swag!
Puppycorn: If cabin pressure drops, here's some air in a bag!
Unikitty: Seat belts!
Puppycorn: Life vests!
Unikitty & Puppycorn: Cushions that float!
Puppycorn: If you feeling nervous, pet this trained service goat!

Service Goat: (Screams)

Unikitty: In emergencies there's really no need to fear / Cuz there's exits here!
Puppycorn: ...And here!
Unikitty: ...And here!
Puppycorn: ...And here!
Richard: That's too many openings.

Unikitty: Don't worry Rick! Everything's super safe / You can only bring approved items onto the plane!
Kickflip: Like a morning star?
Unikitty: Yeah!
Nun: A trident?
Unikitty: Sure!
Q.T.: A flamethrower?
Unikitty: Of course!
Really Old Edith: A cotton swab?
Unikitty: NO! You're under arrest!
Puppycorn: Put her in plane jail!!
(Unikitty puts Edith in the overhead bin)
Unikitty: UNH!

Puppycorn: Bathroom breaks are easy, follow lights along the the floor!
Unikitty: Just make sure to watch out for the-
Unikitty & Puppycorn: -TOILET DINOSAUR!
Toilet Dinosaur: (Roars!)
Richard: (Shrieks)

Unikitty: Who loves airplanes?
Citizens: We do! We do!
Puppycorn: Who loves safety?
Citizens: We do! We do!

(Conga music plays)


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