Unikitty: What do you think, Master Frown?
Master Frown: You smell so bad I wanna barf!
Unikitty: Hey! I told you, if you’re not nice, I’m not taking ya!
Master Frown: You…uh…you smell so good that I…don’t wanna barf?
Really Old Edith: Oh, bless you! I remember the first time I crossed the road!
Unikitty: Oh, my gosh! Tell me everything!
Master Frown: Are you kidding me?!
Unikitty: So I don’t understand. What is this big meeting?
Master Frown: I’m meeting my boss, Master Doom. Because I’m one of the Doom Lords! And we’re responsible for all the mayhem, pain, and despair in the whole world!
Unikitty: Wait, that’s your job? I always thought you were a jerk just ‘cause you liked it.
Master Frown: Look, we talked about this, man! You can’t offer cookies to my arch nemesis!
Brock: Dude, I just wanna share the bounty! They’re my world-famous gooey chocolate chip. The ones you love so much?
Master Frown: I do love them, and you’re gonna give them all away!
Brock: Oh yeah, by the way. You got a phone call while you were out.
Master Frown: Really? Who? What’d they say?
Brock: Uh, something like “hey, it’s me, your boss. I’m really mad at you…’cause you never do the dishes”! I’m just kidding, I made up that last part.
Master Frown: Brock, is that a juice box?
Brock: Yeah, these meetings always take forever, so gotta pack some snacks! You want one?
Master Doom: You…are late! Hmm, what’s going on with you? You look frumpier than usual.
Unikitty: Rude.
Master Hazard: Probably just stubbed someone’s toe!
Master Frown: Hey, I stubbed five toes, thank you! What did you do today?
Master Hazard: I burned down Candy Corn Kingdom!
Master Frown: Well, I knocked some ice cream to the ground!
Master Fear: Oh, good job! You’re a top-notch Doom Lord!
Master Pain: More like Dumb Lord! Yeah!
Unikitty: They’re so mean!
Brock: Yeah, I don’t think we look frumpy!
Unikitty: To Master Frown!
Brock: Oh, yeah, totally.
Master Frown: As I was saying. I was super busy today spreading torment and despair across the lands!
Master Doom: Torment? All you’re in charge of is frowns! Even Master Papercuts spreads more misery than you!
Master Doom: Master Frown, do you have a cat stuck to your butt?!
Unikitty: Oh, he’s stuck to my butt, thank you!
Master Doom: Losing your body to trick this crazy psycho beast—
Unikitty: Hey!
Master Doom: Into the meeting to cause that much mayhem and destruction? Really thinking outside the box! You can keep your job after all!
Master Doom: All right, who wants to split a cab with me?
Master Pain: Oh, I got the last one!
Unikitty: I’m glad we got to help each other out today! Yay!
Master Frown: Yeah, right, I planned the whole thing! Totally didn’t need your help at all! Nailed it!
Unikitty: Yeah, you did.
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