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I can’t believe I’m saying this…Unikitty, I need your help. You have to take me to Frowntown!
Master Frown

"Stuck Together" is the twelfth episode in the first season of Unikitty!.

It first aired on January 19, 2018.


The Fanboy Factor

When Master Frown’s head is stuck on Unikitty’s butt, she vows to help him get his own body back, but first, she has to attend to her nice princess duties![1]

Cartoon Network

When Master Frown's head is stuck on Unikitty's butt, she vows to help him get his own body back, but first, she has to attend to her nice princess duties! But sharing a body with Master Frown can get pretty complicated, especially when Master Frown has his own agenda.[2]


Stuck Together (9)

One day, in the Unikingdom, Master Frown is in a panic, telling himself that he still has time. He notices Batty with an ice cream cone, which he quickly knocks over from behind a bush. He then sees Diane reading a book, which he steals the bookmark from and shuts, making her lose her place. Climbing on top of the roof of the castle, he spots a red bird, which he throws a water balloon onto. Realizing he has a small amount of time, he decides to ruin the castle's flag. Climbing up on the spire to reach the flag, the clock on the spire strikes, while Master Frown panics about being late. This jostles him off of the castle, knocking him onto the roof and splitting his head from his body.

Stuck Together (28)

As Unikitty bursts out of the castle singing, she is shocked to find Master Frown in one of the flower beds. Noting him on his missing body, the two of them see the bird, who angrily swallows up Master Frown's body. Panicking, Master Frown realizes he will be late. As Unikitty questions what he is late for, Master Frown explains it is the gathering ceremony of the Doom Lords. In desperation, Master Frown asks Unikitty for help in taking him to Frowntown. Unikitty ponders on it for a while, but agrees. However, she will only help if Master Frown helps her with her own princess duties. In anger and exasperation, Master Frown agrees. Unikitty replaces her tail with Master Frown's head, and the two head off.

Stuck Together (54)

Unikitty's first duty is to complement the new flowers. When she goads Master Frown to do the same, he insults them instead. A warning from Unikitty forces him to twist his insult into something that is at least a start to a compliment. Seeing a robot kid with a hurt arm from skateboarding, Unikitty kisses her scrape, and then makes Master Frown do the same. He hesitantly does so, spitting in disgust all the way. Finally, Unikitty see Really Old Edith slowly walking across the street. Unikitty offers to help her, which she is thankful of, as she rattles off a long story. A glare from Unikitty forces an exasperated Master Frown to inquire on the story, much to his annoyance.

Stuck Together (67)

When the duties are done, Unikitty holds up her end of the bargain, using her cloud car, the two of them head to Frowntown. Master Frown explains what the meeting is about, how he and the other Doom Lords are responsible for all the misery in the world, much to Unikitty's surprise. Needing a disguise, however, Master Frown directs Unikitty to "his evil lair".

Stuck Together (83)

Calling for Brock, his roommate angrily answers him, but quickly calms down when he see Unikitty. Brock then shows off how he has been making cookies. He offers one to the princess, who declares them as amazing. Master Frown angrily confronts Brock over giving cookies to his arch-nemesis. Giving a cookie to Master Frown to pacify him, Brock mentions a message that his boss had sent, commenting on how Master Frown was late. Irritated, Master Frown gets Brock to come along, bringing his poncho.

Stuck Together (115)

At the Doom Lords’ lair, Master Frown instructs Unikitty to stay hidden. Much to his annoyance, he notices Brock has brought juice boxes to the meeting. Using the poncho to disguise the others, Master Frown walks into the building, where Master Doom scolds him for being late, only to comment on how "frumpy" he looks, much to Unikitty's offense. As Master Frown brags about how miserable he made people, Master Hazard taunts him about probably only stubbing someone's toe. Rebutting that he stubbed five toes that day, he tries to outwit Master Hazard, who had burned down Candy Corn Kingdom, something that Master Frown's brag of knocking ice cream over pales in comparison to.

Stuck Together (137)

As Master Fear and Master Pain mock Master Frown's work, Unikitty and Brock try to ask Master Frown what is going on, much to the confusion of the other Doom Lords. As Master Frown continues to brag about his work, Master Doom comments that Master Papercuts is a bigger threat than him. As Unikitty starts to grow angrier, Master Doom goes over the kind things that Master Frown had did that day. Master Doom then fires Master Frown, while the other Doom Lords jeer.

Stuck Together (166)

Brock's juice box drops on the ground, making it look like Master Frown soiled himself, causing the other Doom Lords to laugh at his misfortune. As Master Frown is driven to tears, Unikitty explodes, turning into Angry Kitty. Brock hastily leaves, as Unikitty angrily admonishes the other Doom Lords, spitting fire at them and destroying the lair. Before the princess can attack Master Doom, the Doom Lord leader gets Unikitty to calm down. As Unikitty and Master Frown apologize for their actions, Master Doom simply applauds. Impressed at what Master Frown supposedly did, she decides not to fire him. However, since he destroyed the building, she decides to downgrade Master Frown to the beginner cloak model, which resembles his standard one.

Stuck Together (189)

Demanding that this never happens again, the other Doom Lords leave, with Master Doom attempting to get another Doom Lord to split a cab with her. Unikitty places Master Frown's head onto his new body, as he celebrates. Master Frown tries to claim that he had planned the whole thing, which Unikitty lets him believe, as she plants a kiss on his cheek and leaves. As Master Frown continues to taunt, the red bird swoops in again, yanking Master Frown's head off of his body once more.


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Broadcast Information

This episode aired on January 19, 2018 on Cartoon Network in the United States, and received a total of 751,000 viewers.[3] It will also air in the United Kingdom on May 3, 2018.


  • This is the first episode where Puppycorn, Dr. Fox, Hawkodile and Richard do not appear at all. It is also the only episode so far where Puppycorn alone does not appear at all.


  • CatDog - The way Master Frown's head is attached to Unikitty's lower back is very similar to CatDog, a 90's cartoon (or Nicktoon) that features the main character as a creature with with a cat's head in the front and a dog's head in the back.


Memorable Quotes

Unikitty: What do you think, Master Frown?
Master Frown: You smell so bad I wanna barf!
Unikitty: Hey! I told you, if you’re not nice, I’m not taking ya!
Master Frown: You…uh…you smell so good that I…don’t wanna barf?
Really Old Edith: Oh, bless you! I remember the first time I crossed the road!
Unikitty: Oh, my gosh! Tell me everything!
Master Frown: Are you kidding me?!
Unikitty: So I don’t understand. What is this big meeting?
Master Frown: I’m meeting my boss, Master Doom. Because I’m one of the Doom Lords! And we’re responsible for all the mayhem, pain, and despair in the whole world!
Unikitty: Wait, that’s your job? I always thought you were a jerk just ‘cause you liked it.
Master Frown: Look, we talked about this, man! You can’t offer cookies to my arch nemesis!
Brock: Dude, I just wanna share the bounty! They’re my world-famous gooey chocolate chip. The ones you love so much?
Master Frown: I do love them, and you’re gonna give them all away!
Brock: Oh yeah, by the way. You got a phone call while you were out.
Master Frown: Really? Who? What’d they say?
Brock: Uh, something like “hey, it’s me, your boss. I’m really mad at you…’cause you never do the dishes”! I’m just kidding, I made up that last part.
Master Frown: Brock, is that a juice box?
Brock: Yeah, these meetings always take forever, so gotta pack some snacks! You want one?
Master Doom: You…are late! Hmm, what’s going on with you? You look frumpier than usual.
Unikitty: Rude.
Master Hazard: Probably just stubbed someone’s toe!
Master Frown: Hey, I stubbed five toes, thank you! What did you do today?
Master Hazard: I burned down Candy Corn Kingdom!
Master Frown: Well, I knocked some ice cream to the ground!
Master Fear: Oh, good job! You’re a top-notch Doom Lord!
Master Pain: More like Dumb Lord! Yeah!
Unikitty: They’re so mean!
Brock: Yeah, I don’t think we look frumpy!
Unikitty: To Master Frown!
Brock: Oh, yeah, totally.
Master Frown: As I was saying. I was super busy today spreading torment and despair across the lands!
Master Doom: Torment? All you’re in charge of is frowns! Even Master Papercuts spreads more misery than you!
Master Doom: Master Frown, do you have a cat stuck to your butt?!
Unikitty: Oh, he’s stuck to my butt, thank you!
Master Doom: Losing your body to trick this crazy psycho beast—
Unikitty: Hey!
Master Doom: Into the meeting to cause that much mayhem and destruction? Really thinking outside the box! You can keep your job after all!
Master Doom: All right, who wants to split a cab with me?
Master Pain: Oh, I got the last one!
Unikitty: I’m glad we got to help each other out today! Yay!
Master Frown: Yeah, right, I planned the whole thing! Totally didn’t need your help at all! Nailed it!
Unikitty: Yeah, you did.


Stuck Together
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