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A game born in the depths of darkness, cursed be those who play it! It’s called “Spoooooky Game”! Oooh!

Spoooooky Game is a board game and location in Unikitty!. It is sold by a mysterious shopkeeper (who also doubles as the game’s “Score Creeper”) at the mysterious Cursed Games & Such booth in the Unikingdom’s Toy Zone.



As a board game, Spooooky Game appears as a small example of what is inside the universe. A tiny cardboard prop of a few corn stalks, a tent, and a castle appear on the board, with a mechanical head of the Score Creeper. This is what causes players to be sucked into the game.

In the game, the stops on the game are turned giant. The corn maze ends up closing in those who go through it until the exit is found, turning the loser into an ear of corn as punishment. The circus tent has a midway arcade for winning tickets in it, with the loser being turned into one of the freak show exhibits. Finally, the spooky tower has a makeshift bell that the winner must get to by passing through various flights of stairs.


  • Going by the numbering of Hawkodile's freak show cage, the game has been played 113 times.


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