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Dr. Fox: Are you sure you wanna have another game night tonight?
Hawkodile: When you two compete it gets a little, uh…
Richard: …Intense.
Shopkeeper: I have the perfect game for you! A game bornin the depths of darkness, cursed be those who play it! It’s called “Spoooooky Game”! Oooh!
Hawkodile: Got a real bad feeling about this.
Dr. Fox: Agreed. There’s clearly something very wrong with this board game.
Corn Cob: I thought it was just a game!
Dr. Fox: I’m corn!
Hawkodile: I’m on to you. There’s something weird goin’ on and I’m gonna find out what. Then punching time!
Octopus: It was just a game...until I LOST!
Skeleton: Boo! I’m a spooky skele—
Score Creeper: Yes! Now ring the bell and you will be the winner of Spoooooky Game! Leave all those loser friends behind in the dust!
Score Creeper: What are you doing?! Isn’t this exactly what you wanted? To be a winner? That means everyone else loses! Forever!
Unikitty: Well, we’re both winning.
Puppycorn: So…
Unikitty: Yeah.
Richard: No, I-I mean, why are you tiny?!
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