The Spell Book is a spell book that Puppycorn uses to try to discover the secret Unikitty and the gang are hiding from him. In first appeared In "This Spells Disaster".



The Spell Book is a purple book with the words "Spell" spelled. It has two (I have no idea they called to is you known please write that they are here) and two (same as the first one). It also has the drawing of a skull in the middle and a diamond shape with a skull drawing in (that place of the book. I have no idea what that thing is called).

Known Spells

Spellioso: Teaches the user how to spell. it can only bring thing that are spelled by the user to life. The spelling can be seen.
Truthio Tellmio: Makes the person that it is used on to tell the truth. The person that is used on that resisted telling the truth.
Disguisio Copium: Disguises the user into someone else.
Spy Fly: Turns the user into a fly.
Ultimate Wizard: Turns the user into the ultimate wizard.
Unknown: Gives the user the ability to shot lightning from his hands.
Unknown: Summons strong winds.
Unknown: Makes the user tiny. It can also copy the users smaller self. The fake ones turn to dust.
Floaty: Removes gravity.
Unknown: Summons a flying broom.
Unknown: Summons a tornado.
Unknown: Summons a fort.



Season 2

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