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Special Delivery is an episode in the second season of Unikitty!.


After being rudely interrupted by Bim-Bom during her morning song, Unikitty takes advice from her friends and writes down her feelings in a letter. She intends to keep it to herself, but accidentally sends it.


While singing her morning song, Unikitty gets interrupted by Bim-Bom, who tells her how he dislikes her song. Unikitty tries to stop herself from being bothered by the song, and eventually talks to Dr. Fox about it. Dr. Fox tells her to write Bim-Bom an angry letter, and then to incinerate it. Unikitty wrote Bim-Bom an angry letter, but instead of destroying it, she sent it. She and her friends then went after the letter.

At first, they successfully stopped the postman and he returned Unikitty's letter to her. But then, it was taken from her by a carrier pigeon, Hawkodile crashes the bird but the letter is taken by a dolphin and the gangs must go across the water to get it.

The letter arrives at the post office where Richard is caught in the mail system. They find Richard, but the letter is put on a truck. The gang, in a cart, must hold on and dodge packages.

The letter is dropped in Bim-Bom's mail slot, and he reads it. Unikitty, in tears, apologized to him about the letter, but the letter was a sweet apology and Bim-Bom is arrested for throwing out his taxes.


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  • This is the first episode of where Bim-Bom gets arrested.
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