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Unikitty: Oh no!
Richard: What’s wrong?
Unikitty: This is really boring!
Puppycorn: Dr. Fox strapped me to this thing ‘cause she’s turning me into a robot!
Unikitty: What?! I wanna be a robot.
Puppycorn: Too late! I already practiced my robot noises.
Unikitty: Oh, my goodness! He’s so cute! Oh, you’re so cute! So cute, so cute! TOO CUTE!
Unikitty: Two degrees down. Wind, 14. Sun, sunny. Clouds, cloudy. Take the shot.
Hawkodile: Ow! He really is bursting with happiness.
Hawkodile: I’ll stay here. Time for this bodyguard to guard some bodies!
Richard: Would you look at that?
Unikitty: Aw, yay!
Dr. Fox: Oh my goodness! Look at all these sparkle matter samples! This is the best experiment I’ve ever done! Thanks, Unikitty!
Unikitty: Aw, yay!
Hawkodile: And I finally got to punch danger in the face.
Unikitty: Aw, yay!
Puppycorn: And I'm a dog!
Unikitty: Aw, yay!
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