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Through the power of math, I have deduced that Richard is really… boring.
Dr. Fox

"Sparkle Matter Matters" is the second episode in the first season of Unikitty!.

It first aired as a sneak preview on November 17, 2017,[2] prior to the premiere of the series proper in 2018.


Unikitty learns that boring old Richard has never produced any happy Sparkle Matter ever, she cooks up a formula with Dr. Fox that will overload him with emotions! Now he's making so much Sparkle Matter it's threatening to destroy the kingdom! Can Unikitty help Richard find emotional balance before all is lost?[3][4]


One morning in the Unikingdom, Unikitty starts off her day by greeting everyone and everything, from the sun, to the flowers, to Hawkodile, to her own reflection. When she tries to greet Richard, he is mainly focused on her itinerary for the day, which is a long list of tasks that Unikitty decides is boring, so she tries to avoid Richard, but he keeps popping up, continuing to list off what needs to be done. After she assures Richard that she'll do the boring things after she finishes saying hi to everyone, she escapes into a hidden compartment, greeting some of Dr. Fox’s robots as she rides into the doctor's lab.

There, Dr. Fox is nowhere to be found, but Puppycorn is there, strapped to a weird device. He insists that Dr. Fox is going to turn him into a robot with it, something Unikitty wants to happen to her too. As the two of them practice their robot noises, Dr. Fox arrives through a hole, insisting no one will be turned into a robot. She explains that Puppycorn is helping her study sparkle matter, the particles that appear over the heads of the citizens when they show high bursts of emotions. Using a picture of a ball to rile Puppycorn up, Dr. Fox collects the sparkle matter that pops from him in a jar, which she puts with samples from everyone else in the kingdom, Unikitty having the highest sample collection. To her horror, Unikitty then notices an empty jar: Richard's. Dr. Fox explains that she has attempted to gain sparkle matter from him, but with no luck.

In shock, Unikitty signals for Richard to come into the lab, while he is still focused on Unikitty completing her schedule. Unikitty tries to get Richard to tell her why he is so unhappy, though Richard insists that he is fine, and has just been around for a long while. When Unikitty asks if there is anything she can do, Richard directs her to clearing her to-do list. As such, she makes it her first priority to make Richard happy. She attempts cheek-squishing, parades, tea parties, dance clubs, and roller coasters, but nothing works on the 1x3 brick. Desperate, she pulls Dr. Fox aside. Dr. Fox brings up a serum that she has been working on, but has not tested yet. Undeterred, Unikitty insists on it being used, as it is a problem for science.

Agreeing, Dr. Fox pulls out some equations, coming to the conclusion that Richard is very boring, much to the shock of Unikitty. As such, a special serum will need to be made for him, using fresh positive sparkle matter. She theorizes that this serum should bond with his emotional core, making him positive and bursting with happiness. The two of them leave into the Unikingdom to grab sparkle matter from the citizens, doing things like watering flowers, giving the flowers to FeeBee (twice), helping Dino Dude ride on a skateboard ramp, and watching Hawkodile's training.

After getting the sparkle matter, it is converted through a complicated series of test tubes to create a beaker full of a purple serum with a cheerful face inside it, something that Unikitty finds irresistibly adorable, so much that she literally goes to pieces from the cuteness overload. Dr. Fox and Unikitty then take the serum and hide from a safe distance from the Castle in order to launch it onto Richard. After shooting out the serum onto him, causing a large explosion in the castle, it is revealed that the serum worked, as Richard is now ridiculously happy and exploding with sparkle matter. Hawkodile and Puppycorn, hearing the commotion, notice Richard in his new state, as they all celebrate.

However, the sparkle matter starts to grow bigger, causing damage to the Castle. Dr. Fox concludes that the sparkle matter is clumping together, which would have only happened if something sticky got into the serum; it turns out that Unikitty and Puppycorn tampered with the serum for no reason by adding bubblegum and glue to it. While Unikitty tries to deter the attention from her by claiming she wanted to ensure the serum was effective, Richard continues to grow happier Unikitty initially thinking the serum is wearing off), as a gigantic star sparkle matter particle threatens to crush the others. Unikitty, Puppycorn, and Dr. Fox run off, while Hawkodile stays behind, crushing the giant sparkle matter.

In the lab, Unikitty is regretful for what she has done, as the serum has caused Richard to practically destroy himself. As she sobs, she starts to create negative sparkle matter. She realizes that maybe this sparkle matter could be used to create an "unhappy" serum to cancel out the effects of the first serum. Dr. Fox decides that this idea could work, and attempts to get Unikitty to cry by showing a video of a boy sitting alone because no one came to his birthday party, as the boy is revealed to be Puppycorn. While this causes Unikitty's emotions to grow ultra-sad, the real Puppycorn, worried for his sister and against Dr. Fox's advice, tries to console her, only to trip on a piece of sparkle matter and lodge his horn into her eye, causing her to turn into Angry Kitty in pain, and instead fill the beaker with angry sparkle matter. Despite this, Dr. Fox uses the angry sparkle matter to create a serum.

As Richard launches out more sparkle matter, Hawkodile works on defending the others from it. Dr. Fox sloshes the red serum onto Richard, nullifying his happiness, but turning him into a being of blind rage, launching out giant and dangerous forms of angry sparkle matter. While Unikitty, Puppycorn, and Dr. Fox are terrified that they only made things worse, Hawkodile is excited, purely because he gets to punch things and works on fending off these sparkle matter monsters. Unikitty realizes that Richard was fine the way he was, and that she should have never tried to change him. Instead of another serum, Unikitty braves herself and attempts to apologize to Richard.

Through an apology song, calm aura spreads from Unikitty, neutralizing Richard's rage and turning him back to normal. Richard admits that he is moved that Unikitty went through all this trouble to cheer him up, as a paperclip floats out of him: his first genuine piece of sparkle matter. Unikitty is happy for Richard, Dr. Fox is happy about all of the sparkle matter samples she was able to collect from this, Hawkodile is happy about being able to punch danger in the face, and Puppycorn is happy about being a dog, while Unikitty is happy for them being happy. As Unikitty is happy for everything being back to normal, it is revealed that the giant sparkle matter particles have done heavy damage to the kingdom. Despite that, Unikitty cheers anyway.


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Broadcast Information

This episode aired on November 17, 2017 on Cartoon Network in the United States, and received a total of 1,000,000 viewers.[5] It also aired on March 14, 2018 in the United Kingdom, March 19, 2018 in Canada, and March 30, 2018 in Southeast Asia.


  • This was the first episode in the series' production order.[6]
  • This was the second sneak preview episode before the series premiere.
  • A birthday party for Puppycorn is mentioned, possibly referencing the future episode “Birthday Blowout”.
  • The UK and Asian versions of this episode omit the shots of Puppycorn tripping and accidentally stabbing Unikitty in the eye with his horn. This may be because the scene was considered 'too violent', or possibly 'imitable behavior'.
    • Ironically, the very scene which was cut from the episode was used as a part of the commercial advertising the show's premiere in CN Asia, CN UK, and CN RSEE, despite having the same scene censored when the episode aired. In further contradiction, the UK release of the Sparkle Party DVD retains the omitted scene, as does Cartoon Network UK's YouTube channel.


  • The Scene that shows Unikitty getting stabbed in the eye was cut.
  • This Scene was Shown In The Trailer but got cut out.


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