Were you looking for the song?
Could it be?! I can’t believe it! It’s Snow Day!"
"Totally, dude. Great excuse to stay indoors and climb the leaderboard. I could use a player two!"
"No, you fool! Don’t cha see? Snow Day’s the most miserable day of the year! I gotta see this for myself!"
"Brock flies solo today.
Master Frown and Brock, No Day Like Snow Day

Snow Day is a winter holiday celebrated in both Frowntown and the Unikingdom.


The celebration of Snow Day varies between the towns of Frowntown and the Unikingdom very vastly.

In Frowntown, Snow Day is seen as a gross day that does not count as a holiday. The roads ice over, causing people to slip and cars to crash. Heavy snowdrifts fill the area, forcing people to shovel it off. These factors continue to contribute to the miserable nature of Frowntown.

In the Unikingdom, however, Snow Day is treated as a fun winter holiday. Here, the snow is light, fluffy, and clean, the perfect snow for building things like snowmen and snow forts, to the point a snow fort competition is held. The celebration is often capped off with drinking hot cocoa.

Alternatively, Master Frown mentions that a Spirit of Snow Day exists, who may be an equivalent to Santa Claus.



Season 1

Snow Day / Problem Fixy Day