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Security Robot is a robot made by Dr. Fox. He was a supposed antagonist in "The Zone".

Personality and Traits

The Security Robot has a red and blue light for his head, a pair of red wings and yellow stars on his blue rounded shoulders. He also a big yellow star on his chest, which has a badge on it, but is cloud-shaped in general. His waist is light blue with red lines. He has rectangular blue legs with a heart shape on his knees and black feet.


Little is known about the early life of Security Robot. Supposedly, according to Dr. Fox, he, along with the other pieces of the security system, had been on the fritz for a while.

Memorable Quotes

  • "Intruder alert! Intruder alert! Deploying security bot!" -Security Robot, The Zone
  • "Web lockdown initiated. Securing Dr. Fox." -Security Robot, The Zone
  • "Intruders detected." -Security Robot, The Zone



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