Season 2
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No. of episodes 30
Channel Cartoon Network
Original run February 4, 2019 - present
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The second season of Unikitty! was officially ordered on July 24, 2018[1] (in tandem with the first season) for Cartoon Network. Season two premiered on February 4, 2019 with Pool Duel (after the season one finale Batkitty), and it currently contains 30 segments.

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Transporting viewers to a joyous kingdom full of sparkle matter, happy thoughts and the occasional rage-out, this all-new season follows Unikitty and her friends into a world full of adventure, excitement and dance parties.


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1 Pool Duel February 4, 2019 March 15, 2018 (UK) Unikitty and the gang are having a great time at the public pool, until they try to get Puppycorn to swim in the deep end with them.
2 Tooth Trouble February 5, 2019 October 20, 2018 (AUS) Puppycorn loses his first tooth and Unikitty's excited for her little bro, now he gets a visit from the legendary Tooth Fairy! But when the Tooth Fairy is a no-show, Unikitty and her friends take on the mantle and responsibilities.
3 This Spells Disaster February 5, 2019 October 20, 2018 (AUS) The gang is planning a surprise for Puppycorn, so they spell things out when talking so he won't find out. Desperate to know what they're saying, Puppycorn finds a magic book that he thinks will help him learn to spell.
4 Roadtrip Ruckus February 6, 2019 October 20, 2018 (AUS) Richard decides to take Unikitty and the gang on a pleasant and relaxing 10-hour road trip to bond with each other, but they hit some obstacles along the way.
5 Memory Amok February 6, 2019 When Puppycorn witnesses Unikitty do the most embarrassing thing ever, he vows he'll never forget it. Frantic, Unikitty uses Dr. Fox's memory machine to erase Puppycorn's memory of the embarrassing event. In the process, Unikitty accidentally releases all of Puppycorn's memories. Now, she and the gang must scramble to capture all the scampering memories or Puppycorn will forget his life.
6 Election Day February 7, 2019 In an effort to prove to Master Frown that she is no tyrant, Unikitty agrees to hold an election to see who will be the new princess of the Unikingdom.
7 No Sleep Sleepover February 7, 2019 It's a sleepover at the castle and Unikitty and Puppycorn want to stay up all night, believing something magical must happen if you stay up long enough.
8/9 Unfairgrounds February 8, 2019 Unikitty and her friends have an exciting day at their favorite amusement park but Frown and Brock are there to ruin their good times and drive everyone out! Can the friends save the park and find out Master Frown's secret motives?
10 Kitty & Hawk February 11, 2019 When Puppycorn's favorite toy goes missing, Unikitty & Hawkodile team up to track down the thief, buddy-cop style! But when things get tough and the case goes cold, now it's not just their partnership on the line, but their friendship!
11 Camp Unikitty February 12, 2019 The gang's set for a weekend of glamorous, easy-living camping! But when Hawkodile challenges their idea of camping, the gang switch places, with Hawkodile living a luxurious glamp life while Unikitty and the others survive in the wild.
12 Hawkodile Sensei February 13, 2019 On a mission, Hawkodile finds some defenseless chipmunks that imprint on him. The bird bodyguard takes it upon himself to become their Sensei to teach the younglings his warrior ways, but Unikitty worries his training is too intense.
13 Perfect Moment February 14, 2019 When Hawkodile admits his love for Dr. Fox, Unikitty and the gang become his love gurus to help him confess his feelings for her. Unfortunately, Unikitty's grand plans for the perfect moment of love complicates everything.
14 P.L.O.T. Device February 15, 2019 When boredom levels in the castle hit dangerously high levels, Dr. Fox conveniently introduces her P.L.O.T. Device to make life more exciting. Richard warns that this might be dangerous, but no one listens.
15 Who Took Toast February 18, 2019 When Toast disappears from Unikitty's party she leads a search to find him and expose the toast-napper.
16 Rainbow Race February 19, 2019 In an attempt to cheer up the citizens of the town, Unikitty and the gang load a rainbow into a tanker truck with the intention of releasing it over Frowntown. Now they must avoid the marauding Master Frown in his monster truck, to succeed.
17 Beep February 20, 2019 To help combat bummer feelings, Unikitty's installed Bad Vibe detectors throughout the castle. But soon, annoying beeping detectors fill the halls, and they can't find the source of the bad vibes or shut off the sound!
18 Delivery Effect February 21, 2019 Unikitty and gang have ordered some delicious Thai food for dinner. In an effort to get the food there faster the gang utilizes Dr. Fox's time machine which causes big problems, and really hurts Father Time's feelings.
19 Lazer Tag February 22, 2019 When the Score creeper traps Unikitty and the gang in his laser tag arena the gang must defeat the house team or be imprisoned forever.
20 Trapped in Paradise February 25, 2019 Unikitty and the gang have crashed on a fabulous island and no one wants to leave until Richard convinces them that they need to return to the Kingdom and deal with their responsibilities.
21 Prank War February 25, 2019 October 21, 2018 (AUS)
December 28, 2018 (FR)
When Master Frown starts a prank war with UniKingdom, the friends are ready to strike back. But Unikitty doesn't really understand pranks, thinking they're too mean. Can the friends help Unikitty comprehend a proper goof and win the prank war with Frown? Or will they be forced to suffer his tricks without retaliation and admit defeat?
22 Safety First February 26, 2019 Concerned about Puppycorn's propensity to hurt himself constantly, the gang places him into Richard's old Safety Suit.
23 Volcano February 26, 2019 When the kingdom runs out of inspiration, Unikitty takes it on herself to re-inspire the citizens with a riveting game of kickball.
24 First Flight February 27, 2019 The gang is taking an airplane trip together, and Hawk is at the helm taking his captain's license test. However, Richard is terrified of flying, so Unikitty and Puppycorn spend the flight trying to help Rick conquer his fear of flying.
25 Cheerleading February 27, 2019 Brock drags Master Frown along to join him in following his dream, to become the Flyer on a cheerleading team. They team up with Unikitty & the gang and go head to head against Really Old Edith and her rival cheer team of meanies. But when the gang finds Brock is too heavy to be the Flyer they're forced to try a bunch of ridiculous ways to get him off the ground.
26 Ragtag February 28, 2019 When the kingdom runs out of inspiration, Unikitty takes it on herself to re-inspire the citizens with a riveting game of kickball.
27 Career Day February 28, 2019 After an excessive spending spree, the Golden Goose tells the gang it won't give them any more golden eggs until they learn the value of money. Following Rick's advice to save money, the gang open a cookie shop to make money on their own and save it in a huge vault.
28 Asteroid Blues March 1, 2019 An asteroid is headed right for the kingdom, so Dr Fox leads the gang on a mission to save the kingdom by flying a rocket to the asteroid's surface and blowing it to bits with a huge bomb. But when they get there the gang finds the lonely asteroid is actually a super nice guy and don't want to blow him up.
29 The Big Trip March 1, 2019 It's time for the gang's yearly vacation, but Hawk refuses to go, claiming the gang's vacations are never fun for him because the others are terrible at vacationing. Hawk only agrees to go if the gang pass his super-intense vacation training course.
30 Late Night Talky Time March 2, 2019 The moon is tired of taking the nightshift, since everyone's always asleep, so Unikitty leads the gang in putting on an over-the-top late night talk show to keep the moon occupied.