Season 1

Spoooooky Game

  • “Free to take, but a curse upon your souls!"
  • “Wow, you guys are super into this. Even after the creepy warning. Okay, then."
  • “Winners never lose. Losers always weep. You got lost and came in last. Now time for me to reap!"
  • “Oh. Don’t even need the spooky rhymes anymore. All those hours of practice wasted. Fine!"
  • “Sure man, dude. Whatever you want."
  • “Didn’t even try. You’ve hit a new low. But we’ve got a nice place for you…in the freak show!"
  • “Leave all those loser friends behind in the dust!"
  • “So, you mean…I’m the loser?"

Season 2

Lazer Tag

  • "Dracula, Frankenstein, Medusa, Grim Reaper, none are as fearsome as me, the Score Creeper!"

Season 3

Castles and Kitties

  • "It's me, The Score Creeper!"
  • "What?! There's no Cyborgs in fantasy stories!"
  • A tea party?! All those magical spells at your disposal, and you're going with a tea party?!
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