"Science Must Continue" is a song in “Lab Cat”, performed by Dr. Fox.


♪Science must continue,
'Cause science is great.
Even when your lab starts to

♪You gotta push through the boundaries,
And reach for outer space.
While sometimes experiments
Are gonna blow up in your face!♪

♪So fight through the hardships,
And break all the rules!
Push through the danger,
Even if it spells doomed!♪

♪You’re gonna change the world,
And discover something new.
Invent and create,
Because science must continue!♪

♪Keep on believing,
And reach for the stars!
The wonders of science
Will take you so far.♪

♪Dream up new things,
And you'll make a breakthrough.
Go and explore,
Because science must continue.♪

Unikitty! Theme

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