Scary Tales 2 is an episode in the second season of Unikitty!.


It’s Halloween again and the gang is telling scary stories to some trick or treaters.


Each of the characters takes turns adding onto the last story, going through a haunted glove to a haunted action figure to haunted everything, and even a spooky song! None work in scaring the kids when suddenly a full scale alien invasion happens right before their eyes! But the trick or treaters are still unimpressed until Richard takes the story stage and delivers a story no kid wants to hear. Instead of candy, the trick or treaters would get granola bars with raisins! Puppycorn and the kids run away screaming in fear.


For a full transcript of "Scary Tales 2", click here.




  • The gang is seen wearing the following costumes:
    • Unikitty - Witch
    • Puppycorn - Race car
    • Hawkodile - Mummy
    • Dr. Fox - Bruce Lee
    • Richard - Piece of candy
    • Master Frown - Chainsaw serial killer
    • Brock - Train and conductor
  • Despite being Halloween-themed, this episode premiered in December in the United States.
    • This episode did premiere in October in Southeast Asia and Australia.


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