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"Save Money, Go!" is a song by Unikitty and her friends (Hawkodile, Puppycorn, and Dr. Fox) about how to save and invest their money in the episode, "Career Day".


Everyone: ♪Save Money Go, Save Money Go!♪

Everyone: ♪Save Money Go, Save Money Go!♪

Dr. Fox: ♪Save that dough♪

Puppycorn: ♪-And don't default♪

Unikitty: ♪I wanna line♪

Everyone: ♪My deep, deep bank vault!♪

Unikitty: ♪Selling goods♪

Unikitty: ♪At increased prices♪

Unikitty: ♪We're in a...♪

Unikitty: ♪...cash saving crisis!♪

Dr. Fox: ♪Invest it offshore!♪

Puppycorn: ♪-Or build up big stacks!♪

Hawkodile: ♪But don't forget...♪

Hawkodile: ♪...to avoid paying tax!♪

Puppycorn: ♪Coins♪

Puppycorn & Hawkodile: ♪-and dollars♪

Dr. Fox: ♪-and checks!♪

Unikitty: ♪-IOUs!♪

Everyone: ♪Saving up money...♪

Everyone: ♪... if you snooze you loose!♪

Unikitty: ♪One million!♪

Puppycorn: ♪-Two million!♪

Dr. Fox: ♪-Three million!♪

Hawkodile: ♪-Four!♪

Unikitty: ♪That's not enough!♪

Unikitty: ♪Let's keep saving more!♪

Unikitty: ♪Five million!♪

Unikitty: ♪Six million!♪

Unikitty: ♪Seven and eight!♪

Unikitty: ♪Gold Goose who needs ya?♪

Unikitty: ♪We're doing great!♪

Unikitty: "And just think... of ALL the money that's still out there..."

Hawkodile, Puppycorn, and Dr. Fox: [Vocalizing]

Unikitty: "I can never save enough!"

Unikitty: "It's just not fair!"

Puppycorn: "Do you want cookies?"

Unikitty: "No!"

Hawkodile: "-Gold eggs?"

Unikitty: "NO!"

Dr. Fox: "Maybe a pair of real people legs?"

Unikitty: "NO!"

Unikitty: "Gold goose has shown me the value of cash..."

Unikitty: "-And now that I've learned... I'm saving my stash."

Unikitty: "I. Just. Want. To..."

Unikitty: "SAAVEE!!!"

[Puppycorn, Dr. Fox, and Hawkodile cheer]

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