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The Sandman is the main antagonist of the Unikitty! episode, "No Sleep Sleepover".

He uses his magic sand to make people fall asleep.

Personality and Traits

The Sandman is a light blue elf wearing dark blue pajamas with a big yellow clock on them.

Although seemingly friendly, the Sandman is actually a malicious being who enjoys causing his victims to fall into eternal slumber by throwing sand in their faces.


The Sandman was first being regarded by Unikitty as someone who would craft people beautiful dreams. But after the gang, who stayed up past midnight, met him, it turned out that he was a horrible person who threw his magic sand to cause them to fall into eternal sleep. Although it was soon revealed that the gang did not actually get to meet him, as all of them except Brock fell asleep, Master Frown soon became one of the Sandman's victims due to staying up for too long.

Episode Appearances

Season 2

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