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You can put stuff on his head… you can put him on your head… and he’s never too busy to play! Hey! Let’s play hide and seek! My life’s not sad at all, whee!
Puppycorn, Rock Friend

Rock Guy is Puppycorn's best friend, and a seemingly inanimate rock, introduced in “Rock Friend”.

Personality and Traits

Rock Guy, as his name suggests, is simply a plain rock. He has a dip in his left side, which causes his right side to raise up more.

Rock Guy, despite seemingly being a plain rock, appears to have a personality of his own. He is protective of Puppycorn and his feelings. He is also smart, knowing how to manipulate people to get what he needs. However, it is unclear if he is actually doing these things, or if others are projecting onto him.


Little is known about Rock Guy's early life. However, at some point, Puppycorn befriended him.

First adventures

Rock Friend

Rock Friend (11).png

At a time when Puppycorn had no one to play with, Puppycorn introduced Unikitty to Rock Guy. Despite the fact Unikitty was sure that he was just a rock, Puppycorn insisted on the fun things he and Rock Guy did together, and then ran off to play hide and seek with him. While Unikitty bemoaned that his brother was alone, she threw Rock Guy, letting him find Puppycorn. Puppycorn then explained to his sister that the two of them would be having a slumber party, but debated over pizza bites and pizza bagels, as Unikitty resolved to find Puppycorn a "real friend".

Rock Friend (19).png

Hiding Rock Guy in the closet, Unikitty forged a letter saying that Rock Guy had become a pirate, but asked Puppycorn to find a new friend for him. Checking on Rock Guy, Unikitty was insistent that her brother needed a new friend, but saw Rock Guy's point, only to realize she was arguing with a rock.

The next day, Rock Guy had escaped the closet, tripping Unikitty to get her attention. She explained that Puppycorn had a new friend, Friend Guy. Rock Guy insisted Friend Guy was a bad influence, and that Unikitty should check on her brother, which she did, glad the two of them had the talk.

Later, Rock Guy caught the attention of Hawkodile. He insulted the bodyguard, getting him to throw him out the window, which led him to fly in and save Unikitty and Puppycorn from a rampaging Friend Guy.

Puppycorn and Rock Guy are reunited.

Buried in the rubble, Puppycorn quickly rescued Rock Guy, as Unikitty apologized to Rock Guy for doubting him.

Hide N' Seek

Unikitty checked under Rock Guy as a potential hiding spot for Richard to be hiding. However, Richard was not here, only a few ants that quickly scattered from under Rock Guy.



Season 1

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