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Richard: Aah, that’s the stuff.
Puppycorn: Rick! Rick! Richard!
Richard: Yes, Puppycorn, what is it?
Puppycorn: I’m thinking of a number! Guess! Give up? It was blue!
Puppycorn: I can help!
Unikitty: But…you kinda like eating trash.
Puppycorn:Huh? (Shoves trash out of view)
Puppycorn: Big sis, meet Rock Guy!
Unikitty: Uhh, I think that’s just a rock.
Puppycorn: Ha! Just a rock? Rock Guy’s great! I always hang out with him when you’re busy! Just me and Rock Guy, nobody else! Right, buddy?
Puppycorn: My life’s not sad at all, whee!
Puppycorn: I don’t get it! Nobody wanted to be my friend!
Unikitty: Huh, usually all I gotta do is say hey, wanna be friends?!
Old Timey Mustache Man: Why I’d love to be friends, Princess Unikitty! Huzzah!
Dr. Fox: Puppycorn! Did you steal our parts to make a monster?
Puppycorn: No! I stole your parts to make a friend! And he has a name! It’s Friend Guy! Say hi, Friend Guy!
Dr. Fox: He’s a scientific nightmare!
Hawkodile: He’s a safety hazard! With super-toned arms!
Unikitty: He’s…he’s…making Puppycorn so happy!
Puppycorn: But, I only made Friend Guy cause you guys were too busy to play!
Unikitty: Well, I’m here now. And I promise from now on I’ll always make time to hang out with my favorite little bro!
Unikitty: Looks like everything worked out in the end!
Dr. Fox: Wait, what about all our body parts?
Unikitty: I said everything worked out in the end!