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Dear, Puppycorn. I’ve gone to live as a pirate. Goodbye for always. Love, Unikitty. Er, I mean, Rock Guy. P.S. You should go make a cool, better friend. Winky face. P.P.S. Ignore the part where I wrote Unikitty and crossed it out. This letter is definitely real and not fake. Love, Unikitty! I mean Rock Guy!”
“Yup, that’s his handwriting.
Unikitty and Puppycorn

A Rock Friend, Indeed”, or simply “Rock Friend”, is the seventh episode in the first season of Unikitty!.

It first aired on January 1, 2018.


The Fanboy Factor

Unikitty discovers Puppycorn’s only other friend is a boring old rock. Encouraged to “make more friends,” Puppycorn takes her advice and decides to literally make a new friend out of the best parts of his friends.[1]

Cartoon Network

Unikitty discovers Puppycorn's only other friend is a boring old rock. Encouraged to "make more friends," Puppycorn just can't find someone he clicks with, until he takes her advice and decides to literally make a new friend out of the best parts of his friends. This won't go well.[2]


Rock Friend (6)

One day, while Richard is cleaning his room, Puppycorn rushes in, wanting him to guess a number he is thinking of (which was blue), inadvertently breaking Richard's records and forcing him to clean up more, which he explains to Puppycorn that he is unable to play until the room is clean, prompting Puppycorn to play with someone else. At the same time, Hawkodile is training blindfolded, which he explains to Puppycorn that he is doing "in case the sun disappears", meaning he is too busy to play with him as well. Dr. Fox is in her lab doing a discombobulation experiment on a citizen, meaning that she is too busy to play, too. Finally, he asks Unikitty, who is also too busy: she has to pick the ice cream flavor of the month for the Unikingdom. Undeterred, Puppycorn says he will go hang out with Rock Guy instead, much to Unikitty's confusion.

Rock Friend (12)

Puppycorn is incredulous that his sister doesn't know Rock Guy, so he introduces him to her. While Unikitty just sees a standard rock, Puppycorn sees a friend that he finds hilarious. Unikitty is concerned that her brother has no other friends, while Puppycorn questions why he would need any other, as Rock Guy listens to him, lets him put stuff on his head, Rock Guy lets him put him on his head, and he is never too busy to play with him. Declaring his life as not sad at all, Puppycorn rushes off to play hide and seek with Rock Guy. Having a moment alone, Unikitty is horrified that her brother spends time alone with just a boring old rock, throwing Rock Guy towards a toy chest, finding Puppycorn. As he explains to his sister that the two of them are having a sleepover, while arguing over whether pizza bites or pizza bagels or better, Unikitty vows to get Puppycorn a real friend.

Later, while Unikitty forges a letter, Puppycorn rushes in for his sister in a panic, as Rock Guy is gone. Giving Puppycorn the forged letter and faking sympathy, Unikitty concocts a tale that Rock Guy left to become a pirate, but Puppycorn should look for a new friend. Puppycorn buys the letter, going out to look for a new friend. Meanwhile, Unikitty reveals Rock Guy hidden away in a closet, as she finds herself arguing that this is the best for Puppycorn with him.

Rock Friend (22)

Meanwhile, Puppycorn is out looking for a friend, with little luck. Trying to befriend KateKite leaves him to damage her. Trying to eat an apple from Burger Person ends with Puppycorn accidentally eating a part of him. Trying to connect with the connected citizens leaves the triangle one in pain, thus both of them angry at Puppycorn. Trying to ride with Dino Dude ends with the two of them crashing. Later, he talks to his sister on how hard it is, which she is confused with, as she only has to ask to be friends and people automatically will, which she demonstrates with the Old Timey Mustache Man, who accepts her offer, but turns Puppycorn's down. Unikitty assures that Puppycorn will make a friend soon, something Puppycorn takes to heart.

Rock Friend (29)

The next morning, Unikitty awakes in fright, realizing her tail is missing, much to Hawkodile's shock. Dr. Fox rushes in, realizing Hawkodile's arms are also missing, much to his horror. Unikitty then notices that Dr. Fox is missing her legs, which she takes fine, having replaced them with a spare pair she had left. Richard notices the three of them, not realizing that a half of him has been ripped from him. Puppycorn then reveals his new best friend: Friend Guy, a monster that is made of all of the stolen parts. While Dr. Fox and Hawkodile are angry about the situation, Unikitty is happy, because it means Puppycorn is happy. She reasons with the others to let Puppycorn have his way, as he and Friend Guy leave to play.

In the kingdom, Puppycorn notices his favorite flavor of ice cream in a vending machine. Friend Guy then picks up the vending machine to dispense multiples of the snack for Puppycorn, keeping the vending machine with him. When Puppycorn spots an arcade game he loves to play, Friend Guy does the same to it. Stopping to dance with Beatsy, Friend Guy takes notice and tosses him in the pile. Throughout the day, Friend Guy takes various things that Puppycorn exclaims that he likes, including citizens, and adds it to his collection.

In the castle, Unikitty comes across Rock Guy, who has escaped the closet. While insisting that Puppycorn doesn't need him now, she is alerted to something that he had apparently seen Friend Guy do. Feeling a little suspicious, Unikitty heads out to check on Friend Guy.

Rock Friend (35)

Unikitty soon arrives at the park, finding it abandoned. She then sees Puppycorn standing on top of Friend Guy, who has grown to a gigantic size from all the things he has stolen. Taking Unikitty on a tour of what Friend Guy has, Unikitty discovers various citizens embedded into Friend Guy, trying to call out for help. Wanting to break it to her brother gently, Unikitty yells out that all this stuff has to be let go and the citizens need to be let out. While Puppycorn insists that he only did it because Unikitty was too busy to play, Unikitty realizes this, and she plans to always keep time out for Puppycorn, as the two reconcile.

Unfortunately, this prompts Friend Guy to add Unikitty to his collection seeing that she just made Puppycorn happy, but she escapes just in time. As Unikitty tries to reason with Friend Guy, he just continues to attack. All of the dodging and attacking starts to shift Friend Guy around, wobbling Puppycorn around. When Friend Guy eventually grabs Unikitty, she turns into Angry Kitty, breaking free and attacking, while Puppycorn loses his balance and falls. Ignoring the fight, Unikitty rushes to rescue her brother, while Friend Guy uses the opportunity to grab the two, embedding them in the top of him with their horns so they are unable to escape.

Rock Friend (40)

In the castle, Hawkodile passes Rock Guy, who apparently insults him. This angers Hawkodile, who launches Rock Guy out of the window. As Unikitty and Puppycorn apologize to each other, Rock Guy seemingly flies to their rescue. Landing in the path of Friend Guy, he trips over Rock Guy, breaking him and freeing the citizens. After digging through rubble, Puppycorn finds Rock Guy unscathed, while Unikitty praises him. As Unikitty mentions that everything worked out in the end, Dr. Fox comments on where their missing body parts are, while Unikitty loudly reiterates that everything worked out.


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Background Characters

Broadcast Information

This episode aired on January 1, 2018 on Cartoon Network in the United States, and received a total of 780,000 viewers.[3] It also premiered on March 13, 2018 in the United Kingdom.

Production Information

Memorable Quotes

Richard: Aah, that’s the stuff.
Puppycorn: Rick! Rick! Richard!
Richard: Yes, Puppycorn, what is it?
Puppycorn: I’m thinking of a number! Guess! Give up? It was blue!
Puppycorn: I can help!
Unikitty: But…you kinda like eating trash.
Puppycorn:Huh? (Shoves trash out of view)
Puppycorn: Big sis, meet Rock Guy!
Unikitty: Uhh, I think that’s just a rock.
Puppycorn: Ha! Just a rock? Rock Guy’s great! I always hang out with him when you’re busy! Just me and Rock Guy, nobody else! Right, buddy?
Puppycorn: My life’s not sad at all, whee!
Puppycorn: I don’t get it! Nobody wanted to be my friend!
Unikitty: Huh, usually all I gotta do is say hey, wanna be friends?!
Old Timey Mustache Man: Why I’d love to be friends, Princess Unikitty! Huzzah!
Dr. Fox: Puppycorn! Did you steal our parts to make a monster?
Puppycorn: No! I stole your parts to make a friend! And he has a name! It’s Friend Guy! Say hi, Friend Guy!
Dr. Fox: He’s a scientific nightmare!
Hawkodile: He’s a safety hazard! With super-toned arms!
Unikitty: He’s…he’s…making Puppycorn so happy!
Puppycorn: But, I only made Friend Guy cause you guys were too busy to play!
Unikitty: Well, I’m here now. And I promise from now on I’ll always make time to hang out with my favorite little bro!
Unikitty: Looks like everything worked out in the end!
Dr. Fox: Wait, what about all our body parts?
Unikitty: I said everything worked out in the end!


Rock Friend (1)
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