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Seeing the Surprise

[The episode starts with the garage door opening and we see Richard showing the rest of the gang (with blindfolds on) a surprise.]

Unikitty: I can't wait to see what the big surprise is Richard! EEEEEEEEEEEE!

Puppycorn, Dr. Fox & Hawkodile: Yeah!

Richard: Okay, you can take of your blindfolds now.

[They take their off blindfolds]

Unikitty, Puppycorn, Dr. Fox & Hawkodile: Aahh!!

[narrator-sung music plays]

Narrator: (long) AUYYYYYYYOOOO!!!!

Unikitty, Puppycorn, Dr. Fox & Hawkodile: Whoa! You brought us a van?

Richard: No, we've kept this van for years.

Puppycorn: You got this van years ago and never told us?

Hawkodile: That's weird Rick.

Richard: I haven't been hiding the van from you. Look, here's pictures of you all standing by it, remember?

[Richard shows the rest of the gang pictures]

Dr. Fox: You took pictures of us in secret? That's weird Rick.

Richard: It wasn't secret. You were all looking at the camera. Let's just focus on the big surprise [When Richard breathes in from his nose, a drum roll plays in the background.] I'm taking you all on a roadtrip!

Unikitty: [They all cheer] [Unikitty screams] Where we going?

Richard: No destination, just 10 hours sightseeing in the car together!

Unikitty, Puppycorn, Dr. Fox & Hawkodile: [They stop cheering and make surprised faces.] 10 hours?!

Richard: I thought a roadtrip would be a pleasant way for us to spend time together and bond!

Dr. Fox: But studies have shown that any more than 2 hours in a car can lead to road rage! [She takes out an iPad showing how it can cause "road rage" while the example is a citizen.

0h 13m: Normal smile

0h 47m: Normal grumpy

1h 29m: Clenched teeth grumpy

2h 04m: Strong clenched teeth grumpy that you could explode!

Richard: That can't be right... Driving is so relaxing... But if you don't wanna go-

Puppycorn: Okay, later,

Dr. Fox: See ya,

Hawkodile: Bye,

Unikitty: (angry) Wait! We can't be along with Rick and his bonding time, look how sad we're making him! Just look at his sad face!

Richard: (distorted) Please stop...

Hawkodile: I'm in!

Puppycorn and Dr. Fox: Us too!

Unikitty: Hooray! Just one more thing! [Throws Richard] I got shotgun!

[Richard sighs]

Who's in shotgun today?

Unikitty: (giggles) Being shotgun is so fun! I'm so excited for all the sights we're gonna see! Your the best Richard! (whispers) I love you so much (kisses Richard)

Richard: It's time for someone to ride shotgun..

Dr. Fox: This new engine is gonna make the van super fast and super officient! I call it the Hyper-Speed-Go-Fast-Box! I'm still working the name...

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