Dad Rap is a Richard song, sings in “Too Cool”.


♪My Name Is Richard, And I'm Here To Say♪

♪I Know What Is Cool In A Major Way♪

♪Is Honestly, Respect, Bring On Time♪

♪And Gettin' Real Low To Clean Toilet Grime♪

♪On My Waist I Got This Real Nice Pack♪

♪Full Of Trail Mix In Case You Need A Snack♪

♪I'm Early To Bed And Same To Rise♪

♪A Well-Rested Body's Life's Greatest Prize♪

♪You Ask, "MC Ricky Can I Be Like You?♪

♪Of Course." I Respond It's Easy To Do,♪

♪ One: Up You Pants Up High♪,

♪Two: Bake Your Friends A Apple Pie,♪

♪Three: Read A Book About Trains,♪

♪Four: Nap Whatever It Rains,♪

♪Who Cares If They Laugh At Your Scarf Argyle?♪

♪Wear It Loud And Proud Cause That's The Dad Style.♪ 

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