The following is a list of Richard’s different designs seen in Unikitty!.


Chalkboard richard
  • First seen: "Sparkle Matter Matters"
  • Notable features: A chalkboard drawing of Richard drawn by Dr. Fox to demonstrate his reaction to a happiness serum.


Happy richard
  • First seen: "Sparkle Matter Matters"
  • Notable features: Richard affected by a happiness serum, forcing happiness upon him. He has large eyes and a permanent smile. At times, he gains eyelashes and blue irises in his eyes as well.


Angry richard
  • First seen: "Sparkle Matter Matters"
  • Notable features: Affected with an anger serum, Richard turns bright green with gritted teeth, as his eyes grow pupilless and permanently scowled, with yellow sclera.

Snow Day

Snow day richard
  • First seen: "No Day Like Snow Day"
  • Notable features: Dressed for Snow Day, Richard's winter outfit is simply a dark purple scarf wrapped around his base.

North Pole

North pole richard
  • First seen: "No Day Like Snow Day"
  • Notable features: Richard's outfit for the North Pole. It is a plum parka hood with light grey fur trim.

The Man of Few Words

Man of few words richard
  • First seen: "Action Forest"
  • Notable features: Richard's action-hero persona. He wears a black eyepatch over his eye and has a chiseled jawline addition.


Halved richard
  • First seen: "Rock Friend"
  • Notable features: Puppycorn uses half of Richard's body to create Friend Guy, leaving his body cut in half vertically, with his remaining half having one eye and his mouth on it.


Cracked richard
  • First seen: "Kitchen Chaos
  • Notable features: From stressing himself out doing multiple chores, Richard fractures his back, causing a shatter across the bottom to halfway up it.


Medicaded richard
  • First seen: "Kitchen Chaos"
  • Notable features: In order to medicate Richard's cracked back, Dr. Fox places a squirt of pink medical ointment and a bandage onto his back.

Top hat

Top hat richard
  • First seen: "Crushing Defeat"
  • Notable features: Richard, while coaching Hawkodile in romance, dons a black top hat with a navy sash.


Blank richard
  • First seen: "Hide N' Seek"
  • Notable features: Richard minus his facial features, as a parallel to him being so monotonous that he is hidden to the others. As he is a background element instead of a character, he is more detailed in his shading here.


Richard 16bit
  • First seen: "The Zone"
  • Notable features: This version of Richard is designed as a 16-bit pixel. He has additional shading and highlights as well.

Happy Horn

Richard Unikittyhorned
  • First Seen: "Too Many Unikittys"
  • Notable Features: Richard is given light purple skin, pinkish cheeks, and blue irises. He wears a blue horn with a white holder on the top of his head.


  • First Seen: "Film Fest"
  • Notable Features: Richard portrays an evil computer in this form. He is shown as a light orange outline filled in with the red of the screen.

Fabulous Fun Fixing Club Outfit

  • First Seen: "LandLord Lord"
  • Notable Features: Richard is wearing a plaid bluish-purple shirt with a single black button. It does not have any sleeves.

Safety Suit


Young richard
  • First Seen: "Safety First"
  • Notable Freatures: Richard Is A 1x1 block as a kid.

Grandma Richard