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Although I'm glad to have found my 'groove' and all, I think I like doing chores more. Thanks anyways, though. Bye.
Brick, Dancer Danger

Richard is one of the five main characters and protagonist of Unikitty!. He is Unikitty’s royal advisor.

He is voiced by Roger Craig Smith.

Personality and Traits[]

Richard is a grey 1x3 LEGO brick. As such, he has three studs on top of him. He has light blue sclera and no irises. He is often seen frowning with puffed-out cheeks.

Other looks[]

Main article: Richard/Forms

Stoic and melancholy, Richard is the straight man/father figure of the main character group. He logically approaches situations when the gang goes crazy or don’t think through their actions clearly.

Richard locomotes by hovering and/or floating. Despite this ability, he is still capable of falling from extreme heights, such as out of an airplane.

He can phase through solid surfaces like floors and ceilings.

Although Richard doesn't have any limbs, he can pick up and manipulate objects without the use of hands, as if by telekinesis.

LEGO.com Description[]

LEGO.com-icon-yellow This is a description taken from LEGO.com. Do not modify it.

Richard is the super-boring, no-fun “adult” of the castle who tries to get Unikitty to always make responsible choices. He’s like a living, floating encyclopedia filled with boring Unikingdom trivia, but he gives good advice (although Unikitty usually doesn’t follow it). He has no sense of humor and doesn’t like goofing off, but he’s devoted to Unikitty and would never let her down.


  • According to the show's development artwork, Richard was originally sand blue with a flat, studless top.
    • He was also originally named "Brick."
  • Richard is the only main character that isn't based on an animal. As such, he is also the only main character to not have an animal-themed name.
  • Roger Craig Smith, Richard's voice actor, also provides the voice of Hawkodile.
  • Richard might be a felon.
  • When he was a young boy, Richard was a 1x1 LEGO brick. ("Safety First")
  • Richard is often mistaken for a rock. ("Hide N' Seek", "Volcano", "Dunklecorn")
  • He is number 5 on the Unikingdom Party Pooper List ("Brock: Most Wanted")

In other Languages[]

  • Arabic: ريتشارد / "Ritshard"
  • Spanish: Richard
  • German: Richard
  • Swedish: Richard
  • Italian: Richard
  • Portuguese: Richard
  • Russian: Ричард / "Richard"
  • Korean: 리처드 / "Lichadeu"
  • Japanese: リック / "Rikku"
  • Chinese: 老瑞 / "Lǎo Ruì"


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Richard in LEGO form

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