Really Old Edith is one of the oldest citizens of the Unikingdom.

She is voiced by Grey Griffin.

Physical Appearance

Edith has a light blue, hunched-over figure with yellow and purple stripes and red feet. She wears thick eyeglasses that makes her green eyes look extra-large.


Season 1

Season 2


  • Edith is at least over one hundred years old.
    • In "Film Fest", it is stated that she entered a film in the first Unikingdom Film Fest 'over one hundred years ago'.
    • She's been the World Champion of cheerleading 'a hundred years in a row'. ("Cheerleading")
  • Edith has at least one grandson (mentioned in "Kaiju Kitty") and one granddaughter (mentioned in "No Sleep Sleepover"). Based on this information, we can also infer that Edith has at least one son or daughter.
  • Edith was a contestant on "Third Degree Love Burns" ("Unikitty News!")
  • In "Roadtrip Ruckus", it is revealed that Edith attended medical school.
Kickflip Judges

Edith serves as a judge at the Skaterz Stuntz Gamez

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