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|likes = [[Unikitty (character)|Unikitty]]<br>[[Rock Guy]]<br>[[Brock]]<br>[[Corn]]<br>[[Pizza]]<br>Garbage<br>Brownies<br>Cupcakes<br>Ice Cream<br>Butter
|likes = [[Unikitty (character)|Unikitty]]<br>[[Rock Guy]]<br>[[Brock]]<br>[[Corn]]<br>[[Pizza]]<br>Garbage<br>Brownies<br>Cupcakes<br>Ice Cream<br>Butter
Sports<br>[[Hawkodile]]<br>[[Dr. Fox]]<br>[[Richard]]<br>Dancing<br>Chasing birds
Sports<br>[[Hawkodile]]<br>[[Dr. Fox]]<br>[[Richard]]<br>Dancing<br>Chasing birds
|dislikes = [[Master Frown]]<br>Spiders<br>Losing<br>The Dark<br>[[Frowntown]]
|dislikes = [[Master Frown]]<br>Spiders<br>Losing<br>The dark<br>[[Frowntown]]
|quote = "I always thought I came from space and was left there by my alien parents!"
|quote = "I always thought I came from space and was left there by my alien parents!"
|voice = [[Grey Griffin]]
|voice = [[Grey Griffin]]

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Puppycorn is a main character and a protagonist in Unikitty!. He is Unikitty's younger brother and best friend. He is voiced by Grey Griffin.

Personality and Traits

Puppycorn is a dog with a unicorn horn. His coat is cobalt blue and cream in color with red and white paws. His tail is blue and round. He has a tan snout and auburn nose, with his mouth having a prominent snaggletooth. There are three, tan freckles on each side of his face. He has auburn eyes and thick eyebrows. He has short, triangular ears that flop downwards, and a cracked, yellow horn with a red base. He wears a black collar with dark, gray spikes.

Other Looks

Main article: Puppycorn/Forms

Puppycorn, like the first half of his species, is energetic and playful, as well as slightly dimwitted. He tries to best himself against his older sister, which often fails, but he never gives up on attempting.

Like his sister, he loves to have fun, but she is protective of his feelings - to the point that him being upset is something that can drive Unikitty berserk.


Possibly due to his dog nature, Puppycorn is able to eat inedible items, such as dirt, toys, and garbage. He seems to do this just because he likes to, rather than for any special abilities, however. Also, unlike his sister, he is incapable of flight. Description This is a description taken from Do not modify it.

Prince Puppycorn is Unikitty’s high-energy little brother – with an attention span of 0.2 seconds. Although he acts tough and likes to join Unikitty on adventures, his bark is bigger than his bite, and this punky pup still has some growing to do.

Memorable Quotes

  • "I was right behind you, though! One of these days, I’m totally gonna win!" -Puppycorn, Spoooooky Game
  • "Cool! I love corn!" -Puppycorn, Spoooooky Game
  • "Oh no! That’s like four more than me!" -Puppycorn, Spoooooky Game
  • "You’ll see my butt, ‘cause I’ll be there first!" -Puppycorn, Spoooooky Game
  • "Dr. Fox strapped me to this thing ‘cause she’s turning me into a robot!" -Puppycorn, Sparkle Matter Matters
  • "Too late. I already practiced my robot noises." -Puppycorn, Sparkle Matter Matters
  • "Ball! Ball, ball, ball!" -Puppycorn, Sparkle Matter Matters
  • "Lots of glue and bubblegum!" -Puppycorn, Sparkle Matter Matters
  • "It’s okay, sis! Don’t be sad!" -Puppycorn, Sparkle Matter Matters
  • "And I’m a dog!" -Puppycorn, Sparkle Matter Matters
  • "Aw, man, all this fluffy snow’s perfect for your head, little snowman!" -Puppycorn, No Day Like Snow Day
  • "You’re gonna make today so magical and wonderful, if only you were alive!" -Puppycorn, No Day Like Snow Day
  • "Aw, pickle juice!" -Puppycorn, No Day Like Snow Day
  • "Yep, we’re doomed!" -Puppycorn, No Day Like Snow Day
  • "But what about the power of love and my holiday spirit?!" -Puppycorn, No Day Like Snow Day
  • "I love you so much, Mr. Snowbuttons! I’m going to miss you!" -Puppycorn, No Day Like Snow Day
  • "Whoa, dude. That was so cool!" -Puppycorn, Action Forest
  • "Whoa, that is hardcore! Your life is so cool!" -Puppycorn, Action Forest
  • "Easy. Check this out!" -Puppycorn, Action Forest
  • "I’m getting too old for this!" -Puppycorn, Action Forest
  • "It was supposed to be my day off!" -Puppycorn, Action Forest
  • "No! I’m too old for this!" -Puppycorn, Action Forest
  • "Why isn’t this working?" -Puppycorn, Action Forest
  • "So shiny and chrome!" -Puppycorn, Kaiju Kitty
  • "I got legs! Whoo!" -Puppycorn, Kaiju Kitty
  • "Boom-kaboom! I’m gonna kick that booty!" -Puppycorn, Kaiju Kitty
  • "I could kick it like this all day long!" -Puppycorn, Kaiju Kitty
  • "Good work, us!" -Puppycorn, Kaiju Kitty
  • "So fun, I haven’t slept in thirty-six days! Whoo!" -Puppycorn, Kaiju Kitty
  • "Something, something, kick thing!" -Puppycorn, Kaiju Kitty
  • "Uhh…distraction dance!" -Puppycorn, Fire & Nice
  • "Sis, you’re back! You look so happy!" -Puppycorn, Fire & Nice
  • "Sis, you okay?" -Puppycorn, Fire & Nice
  • "Hey! Leave her stuff alone!" -Puppycorn, Fire & Nice
  • "I’m thinking of a number! Guess! Give up? It was blue!" -Puppycorn, Rock Friend
  • "Hey, Hawkodile! Let’s hang! Let’s play! High fives!" -Puppycorn, Rock Friend
  • "Oh, it’s okay! I’ll just go hang out with Rock Guy again!" -Puppycorn, Rock Friend
  • "My life’s not sad at all, whee!" -Puppycorn, Rock Friend
  • "Okay! I’ll try! Man, Rock Guy’s so smart!" -Puppycorn, Rock Friend
  • "I don’t get it! Nobody wanted to be my friend!" -Puppycorn, Rock Friend
  • "That’s it! I’m gonna make a friend!" -Puppycorn, Rock Friend
  • "No! I stole your parts to make a friend! And he has a name! It’s Friend Guy! Say hi, Friend Guy!" -Puppycorn, Rock Friend
  • "Cool! That one’s my favorite flavor!" -Puppycorn, Rock Friend
  • "No way! DJ Friend Guy!" -Puppycorn, Rock Friend
  • "I made the coolest friend in the world! Lemme show you!" -Puppycorn, Rock Friend
  • "Aw, sis! You’re the best in the world!" -Puppycorn, Rock Friend
  • "You left your pirate life to save us?" -Puppycorn, Rock Friend
  • "Nothin’ but net!" -Puppycorn, Kitchen Chaos
  • "Swish! Hole in one! Goal! Home run!" -Puppycorn, Kitchen Chaos
  • "A snack pack?!" -Puppycorn, Kitchen Chaos
  • ""A butt crack?" -Puppycorn, Kitchen Chaos
  • "Hey, who’s that? I see you! You can’t get away from me this time!" -Puppycorn, Kitchen Chaos
  • "Wow, you’re so fast! Ow! Somebody bit me! Run away!" -Puppycorn, Kitchen Chaos
  • "Eww, this place smells gross! I’m out of here!" -Puppycorn, Kitchen Chaos
  • "Oh, I can’t do this, sis! Why did you give me the hardest job?!" -Puppycorn, Kitchen Chaos
  • "So, how ‘bout this kitchen, huh?" -Puppycorn, Kitchen Chaos
  • "Hey, Rick! Have you seen my basket—" -Puppycorn, Kitchen Chaos
  • "I dunno. I thought it tasted pretty good!" -Puppycorn, Crushing Defeat
  • "This is so cool! You always teach me things, but now I’m gonna teach you things!" -Puppycorn, Crushing Defeat
  • "Hmm. I guess it depends on what you like. For me…When I like pizza, I eat it! When I like a tennis ball, I eat it! When I like a cool action figure…I bury it for a week…Dig it up…And then I eat it!" -Puppycorn, Crushing Defeat
  • "Hmm. I don’t think you can eat a person. That’s probably illegal." -Puppycorn, Crushing Defeat
  • "And that’s how you do a silly walk!" -Puppycorn, Wishing Well
  • "I don’t taste any mint. More like dirty metal!" -Puppycorn, Wishing Well
  • "I dunno, sis. I think that old wishing well’s busted. I’ve dropped tons of coins in that thing and my wish never came true!" -Puppycorn, Wishing Well
  • "Yeah, I did! And they didn’t!" -Puppycorn, Wishing Well
  • "Whoa! I can’t wait ‘til I get my wish!" -Puppycorn, Wishing Well
  • "It’s so beautiful!" -Puppycorn, Wishing Well
  • "And to think, they’ve been trapped, alone in the dark for years! Just waiting to help the people who threw them down there!" -Puppycorn, Wishing Well
  • "I was getting tired of eating dirt. Aww, who am I kidding? I loved it!" -Puppycorn, Wishing Well
  • "Ooh, I love dessert!" -Puppycorn, Wishing Well
  • "Wow, we really learned our lesson! No more wishes forever, right, sis?" -Puppycorn, Wishing Well
  • "Well…I don’t see it." -Puppycorn, Hide N' Seek
  • "Well, sis, I’m gonna beat you this time! I’ve been practicing the stealthy art of ninja hiding! I am one with the shadows!" -Puppycorn, Hide N' Seek
  • "I am undetectable! Ninja!" -Puppycorn, Hide N' Seek
  • "So close, sis! But I evade you once again!" -Puppycorn, Hide N' Seek
  • "Brownies? Okay, I give up! Ninja reveal!" -Puppycorn, Hide N' Seek
  • "Maybe it’s time to give it up, sis." -Puppycorn, Hide N' Seek
  • "And told us not to do stuff!" -Puppycorn, Hide N' Seek
  • "Hey, sis! Need some help?" -Puppycorn, Little Prince Puppycorn
  • "Man, sis, that was awesome! The citizens were all like “Boo, hiss”! And then you were all like “I have an idea”! And then they were like “We love you, Unikitty”! Aw, man! I wish I was royal like you!" -Puppycorn, Little Prince Puppycorn
  • "I always thought I came from space and was left here by my alien parents!" -Puppycorn, Little Prince Puppycorn
  • "Mmm, pizza!" -Puppycorn, Little Prince Puppycorn
  • "Uh…we can…eat pizza? For every meal!" -Puppycorn, Little Prince Puppycorn
  • "Fireworks forever ‘cause they’re awesome!" -Puppycorn, Little Prince Puppycorn
  • "All my cool ideas are really working! Ruling is so much fun!" -Puppycorn, Little Prince Puppycorn
  • "What?! That can happen?!" -Puppycorn, Little Prince Puppycorn
  • "Okay! Uh, we need more food! What if we drill to the center of the earth? I heard there’s candy down there, right?" -Puppycorn, Little Prince Puppycorn
  • "I know everybody else is having a great time, but not me!" -Puppycorn, Little Prince Puppycorn
  • "Huzzah!" -Puppycorn, Little Prince Puppycorn
  • "Hey, guys! So, random idea, maybe I stop being prince?" -Puppycorn, Little Prince Puppycorn
  • "Beloved sister, I have been poisoned, with pizza poison!" -Puppycorn, Little Prince Puppycorn
  • "Actually, pizza poison doesn’t affect me! Because I was an alien the whole time!" -Puppycorn, Little Prince Puppycorn
  • "Excelsior! Pew! Pew-pew-pew pew! Rocket ship noises!" -Puppycorn, Little Prince Puppycorn



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Puppycorn in LEGO form


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