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Puppycorn is one of the five main characters of Unikitty!. He is Unikitty's younger brother, best friend, and co-founder of Sibling Sweethearts.

He is voiced by Grey Griffin.

Personality and Traits

Puppycorn is a dog with a unicorn horn. His coat is cobalt blue and cream in color with red and white paws. His tail is blue and round. He has a tan snout and auburn nose, with his mouth having a prominent snaggletooth. There are three, tan freckles on each side of his face. He has auburn eyes and thick eyebrows. He has short, triangular ears that flop downwards, and a cracked, yellow horn with a red base. He wears a black collar with dark, gray spikes.

Other Looks

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Puppycorn, like the first half of his species, is energetic and playful, as well as slightly dimwitted. He tries to best himself against his older sister, which often fails, but he never gives up on attempting.

Like his sister, he loves to have fun, but she is protective of his feelings - to the point that him being upset is something that can drive Unikitty berserk.


Possibly due to his dog nature, Puppycorn is able to eat inedible items, such as dirt, toys, and garbage. He seems to do this just because he likes to, rather than for any special abilities, however. Also, unlike his sister, he is incapable of flight.

LEGO.com Description

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Prince Puppycorn is Unikitty’s high-energy little brother – with an attention span of 0.2 seconds. Although he acts tough and likes to join Unikitty on adventures, his bark is bigger than his bite, and this punky pup still has some growing to do.


In Other Languages

  • Arabic: بابيكورن / "Babikurn"
  • Polish: Piesio Rożek
  • Spanish: Perricornio
  • German: Einhorn-Hündchen (Unicorn Pooch)
  • Swedish: Valphörning (Puppy Horn)
  • Italian: Cucciolino
  • French: Mimicorne
  • Canadian French: Poppy
  • Portuguese (Brazil): Puppycorn
  • Portuguese (Portugal): Puppycórnio
  • Korean: 퍼피콘 / "Peopikon"
  • Japanese: パピーコーン / "Papīkōn"
  • Chinese: 呆萌狗 / "Dāi méng gǒu" (Stay Cute Dog)


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