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Pet Pet is the titular toy that Unikitty and the gang (except Richard) confuse for a tiny living creature in the episode "Pet Pet".

They are voiced by Lucian Perez.


Pet Pet is a yellow gumdrop-shaped toy with orange cheeks. It is small enough for most characters to hold in one hand.

Pet Pet's eyes are usually two small dots, but in some detailed shots they are large and shiny.

An 'On/Off' switch is located on its back.

In "Grown Up Stuff", a green-tinted variation can be seen when Unikitty is listing all the things Puppycorn can buy with adult money.

Unikitty holds Pet Pet


Season 1

Season 2

Season 3


  • Pet Pet is, to date, the only character to be voiced by a child voice actor.

In other languages

  • Polish: Pupilek

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