Return to "Pet Pet".

[Start with the sun behind a hill, bouncing back and forth to the tune of music in the background. Zoom in onto the hill between the trees, where Unikitty is floating through.]

Unikitty: ♪Oh, nature is the place for me!♪

[A flock of birds flies past her.]

♪There’s birds!♪

[She flies through a pile of leaves, scattering them.]

♪And leaves!♪

[She rolls on a line of logs.]

♪And logs!♪

[She flies around a tree.]

♪And trees!♪

[She flies past a hole with Puppycorn in it, holding onto two rocks.]

Puppycorn: ♪And rocks and stones!♪

[Dr. Fox and Hawkodile pop out of the hole. Hawkodile is holding onto the full skeleton of a dinosaur.]

Hawkodile: ♪And dinosaur bones!♪

[Richard floats up from the ground, dirt covering his head in piles.]

Richard: ♪I know, nature is the place for me.♪

[Cut to the sun and a cloud, Unikitty flies up near them.]

Unikitty: ♪Look at the sunshine,

Hugging that cloud!♪

[She flies down towards a yellow blob on the ground.]

♪Check out the blob,

Sitting on the ground!♪

[She starts to fly off.]

♪Oh, nat--♪

[Unikitty stops singing, quickly turning around.]

Unikitty: Whoa, wait! (Flies to the other side of the blob.) Blob?!

[Cut to Pet Pet. His eyes are huge and glistening. Pan out. Unikitty’s head pokes up hear him.]

Unikitty: Where did this little thing come from?!

[Cut out. Hawkodile walks in on the left, while Dr. Fox and Puppycorn walk in from the left.]

Unikitty: Where are his parents?!

[Cut to Dr. Fox and Puppycorn. Dr. Fox pulls out a radar device.]

Dr. Fox: I’m not picking up another of his species within a twenty mile radius. It must have gotten left behind!

[Cut to Pet Pet. Unikitty’s hand reaches in, squishing his head in. Cut to Unikitty holding onto Pet Pet, slowly turning into Sad Kitty, tears streaming down her cheeks.]

Unikitty: That is the saddest thing I ever heard ever!

[Unikitty hugs onto Pet Pet, as he starts to crumple up his face. Cut out. Hawkodile jumps in, pointing at Pet Pet.]

Hawkodile: Watch out! It’s doing something!

[Hawkodile hides behind Unikitty as Unikitty pulls Pet Pet away from her hug. Zoom in on them, as Pet Pet starts to tremble. Cut to Unikitty and Pet Pet. Pet Pet lets out a tiny sneeze, a small blob of snot landing on Unikitty’s face. Cut to Unikitty, Hawkodile, Dr. Fox, and Puppycorn squishing onto Pet Pet. They all have hearts in their eyes, and Unikitty has hearts on her cheeks.]

Unikitty, Hawkodile, Dr. Fox, and Puppycorn: Aww!

[Cut to Unikitty’s outstretched arm holding onto Pet Pet. Hawkodile, Dr. Fox, and Puppycorn are surrounding him.]

Puppycorn: Wow!

Dr. Fox: (Pulling out a magnifying glass.) It’s so tiny!

Hawkodile: (Starts poking Pet Pet.) And squishy!

[Cut to Unikitty. She has hearts on her cheeks.]

Unikitty: And (Hearts grow in her eyes as her head spirals around, and the background turns into hearts.) super, super cute! (Hearts pop out of her.)

[Cut to Pet Pet surrounded by Hawkodile, Dr. Fox, and Puppycorn in Unikitty’s hand.]

Pet Pet: Cute!

[Hawkodile, Dr. Fox, and Puppycorn’s eyes turn into hearts as the background turns into hearts.]

Hawkodile, Dr. Fox, and Puppycorn: Aww!

[Richard floats down onscreen, as Hawkodile, Dr. Fox, and Puppycorn nervously scamper off.]

Richard: Princess, it doesn’t belong to us.

[Richard closes in on the screen. Cut to Richard pushing Hawkodile, Dr. Fox, Puppycorn, and Unikitty away from Pet Pet, who is now on the ground.]

Richard: Move along now.

[Cut to Unikitty and Richard. Unikitty has shiny eyes of sadness.]

Unikitty: But, Richard! (Stops being pushed.) Just look at it! It’s all on its lonesome!

[Richard looks offscreen. Cut to Pet Pet, blankly staring, as a squeak noise is heard. Cut back to Unikitty and Richard.]

Unikitty: Can we bring him back to the castle (Squishes cheek against Richard’s.) please?!

[Cut out to Hawkodile, Dr. Fox, Puppycorn, Unikitty, and Richard. Everyone except Richard has large and shiny eyes.]

Hawkodile, Dr. Fox, and Puppycorn: Yeah!

[Unikitty pulls her cheek away from Richard’s. Cut to Richard.]

Richard: Princess, every time you’ve brought something home to the castle, it’s ended in disaster.

[Cut to the entry of the Hall of Lost Pets.]

Disembodied Voice: (Echoing in a chant.) Hall of Lost Pets…

[Cut to the inside of the hall. Zoom into a collection of portraits of various animals in frames, including a portrait of a robot. Cut to another wall, where it pans through various pet portraits, ending with a portrait of a Venus flytrap.]

Disembodied Voice: (Echoing in a whisper.) They are lost…

[Cut to Unikitty, looking angry.]

Unikitty: This time will be different!

[Cut to Richard.]

Richard: I just don’t think you’re responsible enough.

[Cut to Unikitty, holding onto Pet Pet and shoving him towards the camera.]

Unikitty: It has no mom!

Pet Pet: No mom!

[Unikitty snuggles up to Pet Pet, her eyes growing large and shiny.]

Unikitty: I promise we can do it! (Cheeks turn into hearts.) We’ll take care of it so good! (Cut out.) We’ll all pitch in, right guys?

[Puppycorn, Hawkodile, and Dr. Fox all surround in, hugging onto Unikitty, their eyes big and shiny.]

Puppycorn, Hawkodile, and Dr. Fox: Yeah!

Unikitty: We’ll feed it, and train it, and clean up after it, and teach it everything we know!

Unikitty, Puppycorn, Hawkodile, and Dr. Fox: Yeah!

[Cut to Richard, who glares in disapproval. Cut to Unikitty, hearts in the background, as she makes a pleading gesture with hearts on her cheeks and her eyes shiny. Cut to Richard. Cut to Unikitty, now hugging onto Pet Pet by her cheek. Cut back to Richard. Cut to Unikitty, Puppycorn, Hawkodile, and Dr. Fox hugging onto Pet Pet, all with pleading eyes and large grins. Cut to Richard, who sighs.]

Richard: Fine.

[Cut to Unikitty, Puppycorn, Dr. Fox, and Hawkodile. They all cheer, as Unikitty waves Pet Pet in the air and her cheeks turn into exclamation points. Cut to Richard.]

Richard: But this is your last chance. If this doesn’t work out, no more pets (Cut in closer.) ever. (Cut in closer.) Ever.  (Cut to his mouth, he talks in slow motion.) Ever.

[Cut out to all of them. Hawkodile, Dr. Fox, and Puppycorn are huddled in excitement, as Unikitty holds onto Pet Pet.]

Unikitty: You  won’t be sorry, Rick! (Holds Pet Pet up.) Come on, little buddy! Time to show you your new home!

[Unikitty, Puppycorn, Dr. Fox, and Hawkodile rush off past Richard, kicking up a trail of dust. Richard floats back in shock. He looks to the camera.]

Richard: Why do I even try?

[Richard floats off after them. Cut to the inside of the castle. Pet Pet is on a stool, as Unikitty, Puppycorn, Hawkodile, and Dr. Fox surround him. All four of them are lying down on their stomachs, pressing their faces with their hands, grinning. Hawkodile is kicking his feet. Cut to Pet Pet blankly staring. Cut to a pan of all four of them. Cut to Pet Pet. Unikitty pops up.]

Unikitty: Ooh! I just wanna smoosh his little face! (Boops Pet Pet on the head.) Boop!

Pet Pet: Boop!

Unikitty: (Squeals, squishing her cheek up to Pet Pet’s.) This is the best pet ever! (Face shrinks into the corner of her head.) What do we name it?

[Cut to Hawkodile. He punches his hand with his fist.]

Hawkodile: How about Face Melter?

[Cut to Dr. Fox. She is turned around from the camera. She turns towards the camera, wearing a pair of goggles and holding a beaker in each hand.]

Dr. Fox: Or Test Subject!

[Cut to Puppycorn.]

Puppycorn: What about Puppycorn? (Lifts ear up in confusion.) Oh, wait. That’s my name. (Laughs.)

[Cut to Unikitty and Pet Pet. Unikitty is stroking her chin in contemplation.]

Unikitty: Hmm, pet names, pet names. Pet…pet pet…

Pet Pet: Pet Pet!

[Cut to Unikitty, Puppycorn, Hawkodile, and Dr. Fox surrounding Pet Pet. The four of them gasp. Cut to Unikitty and Pet Pet.]

Unikitty: Aww, Pet Pet is so cute! (Ears and horn shrinks as hearts and diamonds fill her eyes.)

Pet Pet: Pet Pet is so cute!

[A few splashes of water hit Pet Pet. Pan to Richard, holding onto a squirt bottle.]

Richard: No, Pet Pet.

[Cut to carpet, where Richard places Pet Pet.]

Richard: Bad Pet Pet.

[Unikitty sticks her head in, angry.]

Unikitty: Hey! What’d you do that for?

Pet Pet: What’d you do that for?

Richard: No pets on the furniture, it hasn’t been trained yet.

Pet Pet: Hasn’t been trained yet!

[Cut to the door of the castle, where a scarf and bowler hat wait on a hat rack. Richard floats up to it, putting the hat and scarf on.]

Richard: I’m going out to get pet insurance.

Pet Pet: (Offscreen.) Pet insurance!

Richard: Keep an eye on Pet Pet and start training it while I’m gone.

[Richard opens up the door, exits, and closes it. Cut to Dr. Fox, Unikitty, Pet Pet, Hawkodile, and Puppycorn.]

Unikitty: You can count on us, Rick!

[Cut to Pet Pet. Puppycorn peeks in.]

Puppycorn: I’ve never trained a pet before.

[Unikitty peeks in.]

Unikitty: It’s easy, l’il bro!

[Cut to Unikitty and Puppycorn looking at each other.]

Unikitty: It just takes some (Shoots out sparkle matter, in a sing-song voice.) responsibility!

Puppycorn: Yeah! Right, Pet Pet?

[Pan down to the ground. Pet Pet is no longer there.]

Puppycorn: Pet Pet? Where’s Pet Pet?

[Cut to Hawkodile and Dr. Fox. The two of them gasp. Cut to Unikitty and Puppycorn. Hawkodile and Dr. Fox rush in, as the four of them scramble off. Cut to Unikitty flying through the castle halls.]

Unikitty: Pet Pet?

[Cut to Puppycorn peeking from the corner of a hall.]

Puppycorn: Pet Pet?

[Cut to a door in the castle. It slams open, with Hawkodile on the other side.]

Hawkodile: Pet Pet?

[Cut to Dr. Fox in her lab, as she uses her radar device and paces.]

Dr. Fox: Pet Pet, where are you?

[Cut to Hawkodile in the kitchen. He lifts the fridge up. Cut to two bugs sitting at a tiny table, playing cards. Hawkodile leans in towards them.]

Hawkodile: Pet Pet?

[Cut to Puppycorn near two spilled trash cans, tossing the contents behind him.]

Puppycorn: Pet Pet?

[Cut to Dr. Fox, standing on a stool near an open plate drawer. She throws all the plates out.]

Dr. Fox: Pet Pet?

[Cut to a sledgehammer hitting a wall. Pan out to Hawkodile holding the sledgehammer, a hole now in the wall.]

Hawkodile: Pet Pet?

[Puppycorn pokes his head through the hole.]

Puppycorn: Pet Pet?

[Cut to black. Unikitty uproots a plant, revealing the scene.]

Unikitty: Pet Pet?

[Cut to Puppycorn biting into an apple. He looks into the bite.]

Puppycorn: Pet Pet, you in there?

[Cut to a purple backdrop. Hawkodile punches through it, leaving a hole that he peers through. Cut to him holding a chair, which now has the hole in it.]

Hawkodile: Pet Pet, come back!

[Cut to Unikitty. She has exclamation points on her cheeks.]

Unikitty: Where are you, Pet Pet?!

[Pan out to Unikitty operating a wrecking ball crane. She drives the wrecking ball into the screen, as it collides with a flash cut as dust settles. Cut to a wall of the castle, which is crumbled and on fire, as a busted couch stands in the center. Unikitty and Puppycorn run in from one side, while Dr. Fox and Hawkodile run in from the other.]

Unikitty: Pet Pet!

Dr. Fox: We can’t find it anywhere!

[Cut to Unikitty.]

Unikitty: Oh, no! I can’t believe we lost Pet Pet! Rick’s gonna be furious!

[Cut to the backs of Puppycorn and Unikitty, with Dr. Fox and Hawkodile in front of them.]

Richard: (Offscreen.) I’m back.

[Puppycorn and Unikitty turn around, as all four of them gasp in shock. Cut to the door, where Richard backs in, holding a stack of papers. He starts to turn around. Cut to Puppycorn, Unikitty, Dr. Fox, and Hawkodile.]

Unikitty: It’s Rick! Hide!

[The four of them jump behind the couch. Cut to Richard, as he turns around and shuts the door. Zoom in on Richard, as his hat and scarf flies off of him and the papers scatter, while he gasps in shock. Cut to the couch. Cut to a window, which is shattered with torn curtains. Cut to a table, which has a broken leg and is on fire. Cut to Richard.]

Richard: What in the world happened here? Where’s Pet Pet?

[Richard floats offscreen. Cut to Hawkodile, Dr. Fox, Unikitty, and Puppycorn hiding behind the couch.]

Unikitty: (Whispering.) Rick’s gonna think we’re responsible and never let us keep a pet ever again!

Hawkodile, Dr. Fox, and Puppycorn: (Hushed yell.) No!

[Richard flies through the screen.]

Richard: Princess, are you in there?

Unikitty: Hawkodile, you’re an expert tracker guy! Go find Pet Pet, we’ll stall!

Hawkodile: (Saluting.) Affirmative. I’m on the scent!

[Hawkodile leaps away. Cut to Hawkodile doing a flying kick out of a window. Cut to Unikitty.]

Unikitty: (Calling out.) Heey~, Pet Pet’s fiiine~! It’s, uh…

[Zoom pan to a yellow pillow on the ground. Zoom in onto the pillow. Cut to Unikitty.]

Unikitty: Oh, look, it’s right here!

[Unikitty runs off. Cut to the pillow. Unikitty grabs onto the pillow and pulls out a pen, which she uses to draw on the pillow. She pulls the pillow over her, revealing two mismatched eyes drawn on and a hole where her mouth is. She jumps around.]

Unikitty: Poof, poof, poof!

[Richard flies in.]

Unikitty: Pet Pet, Pet Pet, I’m so cute!

[Cut to Richard.]

Richard: Hm…

[Cut to Unikitty, as the camera slowly zooms into her and ominous music plays. Cut to Richard.]

Richard: Hm…

[Cut to Unikitty, as the camera continues to slowly zoom in on her. Cut to a closeup of Richard.]

Richard: Hm…

[Cut to Unikitty, as the camera zooms in closer to her. Cut out to Richard, Unikitty, Dr. Fox, and Puppycorn.]

Richard: (Feigning surprise.) Wow, Pet Pet got big. And lumpy. Pet Pet, did you make this mess?

[Cut to Unikitty.]

Unikitty: Um…Pet Pet?

[A stream of water hits Unikitty, as she cowers down. Cut to Richard, holding the spray bottle.]

Richard: Bad Pet Pet. This place is a disaster.

[Cut to Unikitty, Dr. Fox, and Puppycorn.]

Richard: (Offscreen.) If you wanna keep Pet Pet, you have to train it (Cut out to him with the others.) starting right now.

Dr. Fox and Puppycorn: Got it!

[Richard floats offscreen. Cut to Richard, who turns around. He glares as a piercing noise is heard. Cut to Unikitty, as the camera slowly zooms in on her. Cut to Richard, who narrows his eyes. He floats off.]

Richard: Hm…

[Cut to Unikitty. Dr. Fox leans in near her.]

Dr. Fox: (Whispering.) Unikitty, what are you doing?

Unikitty: (Lifts off the sheet.) We can’t let Rick find out we lost Pet Pet. He’ll be so disappointed! I’ll just pretend to bet Pet Pet until Hawkodile tracks him down! And that shouldn’t take too long!

[Cut to a hillside. Hawkodile leaps onto the hill, landing in a three-point landing and yelling. Cut to Hawkodile, as he sniffs in the air. Cut to the ground, as Hawkodile’s hand reaches in, scraping a chunk of dirt with his finger. Cut to Hawkodile, who lifts his dirt-covered hand up to his beak. He sticks his tongue out, lapping at the dirt. He starts to rub the dirt between his fingers.]

Hawkodile: He’s close. (Clenches fist.) Don’t worry, Pet Pet. Hawkodile is on the hunt!

[Cut out, as Hawkodile runs off, one of his arms behind him, while he exclaims. Cut to Unikitty, Dr. Fox, Puppycorn, and Richard. Richard is holding a clipboard.]

Richard: All right, let’s start with the basics.

[Cut to Richard.]

Richard: Have you successfully taught Pet Pet any commands?

[Cut to Unikitty and Dr. Fox.]

Dr. Fox: Of course! Pet Pet’s great with commands! (Turns to Unikitty.) Okay, Pet Pet, sit!

Unikitty: (Sitting down.) Sit!

[Cut to Dr. Fox.]

Dr. Fox: Roll over!

[Cut to Unikitty.]

Unikitty: Roll over!

[Unikitty rolls over a few times. Cut to Dr. Fox.]

Dr. Fox: Stay!

[Cut to Unikitty. She stops rolling, balancing on her ear.]

Unikitty: Stay!

[Cut to Unikitty inside the pillow’s fluff.]

Unikitty: (Whispering.) This is easy!

[Cut to Puppycorn.]

Puppycorn: Ooh! I got one! (Shifting eyes in thought.) Do a triple backflip corkscrew somersault!

[Cut to Dr. Fox. Unikitty pops in next to her.]

Dr. Fox: Puppycorn! (Nervously chuckles.) Uh, that is, um, a big command!

[Cut to Puppycorn and Richard.]

Richard: Well, Pet Pet, let’s see that triple backflip!

[Cut to Unikitty in the pillow stuffing, nervously sweating. She whimpers. Cut to her in the Pet Pet outfit, as she crouches down multiple times.]

Unikitty: Hup, hup!

[Cut out to Unikitty, Dr. Fox, Puppycorn, and Richard. Unikitty leaps up in the air.]

Unikitty: Backflip!

[Unikitty falls, landing on her head, while the others react in shock. Cut to Unikitty, as she gets up, wobbling back and forth and moaning.]

Unikitty: (Dazed.) Pet Pet…

[A stream of water shoots out at Unikitty. Pan out to reveal Richard holding a mechanical squirt bottle. Dr. Fox is near him, nervously smiling.]

Richard: Bad Pet Pet. (Gives Dr. Fox the squirt bottle.) Here. You need to teach Pet Pet discipline as well.

[Cut to Dr. Fox. She nervously starts to walk towards Unikitty.]

Dr. Fox: (Uneasy.) Okay…

[Cut to Unikitty, as Dr. Fox approaches her.]

Unikitty: (Whispered.) No, no, no no! No!

Dr. Fox: (Whispered.) Sorry!

[Dr. Fox squirts the bottle, setting out a stream of water that knocks Unikitty offscreen as she nervously smiles. Cut to Richard and Puppycorn.]

Richard: Good.

Puppycorn: Hey, where’s Unikitty?

Richard: Yes, where is Unikitty? This whole thing was her idea.

[Cut to Unikitty and Dr. Fox.]

Dr. Fox: (Nervously looking around.) Uh…uh… (Leaps up.) Oh, oh, I see her! (Cut to her whispering into a watch device.) Activate DoppelKitty!

[Pan to a doorway. The doors slide open as one of Dr. Fox’s robots, wearing a crudely-drawn Unikitty mask, wheels in. Pan to Unikitty, Dr. Fox, Richard, and Puppycorn, as the robot meets up with them. Dr. Fox is still nervously smiling.]

Puppycorn: Oh, sis! There you are!

[Cut to the robot.]

Robot: Oh, hello! I am a magic cat! I love my friends! Time to fly away now!

[Cut out to Unikitty, Dr. Fox, Richard, Puppycorn, and the robot. The robot activates a jet booster from its wheel, lifting it off the ground. It flips out of control in the air multiple times, crashing into the wall and leaving an indent in it, while it falls. The robot sparks with electricity and jumps back up.]

Robot: Come, brother! (A laser beam pops out of its back, slicing a hole in the wall.) Let us go make rainbows and other silly things!

[The robot goes through the hole, with Puppycorn following.]

Puppycorn: Aw, yeah! Wait up!

[Cut to Richard, who looks at the clipboard. Cut out to Unikitty, Dr. Fox, and Richard. Richard turns around towards the others.]

Richard: I’m going to go organize my record collection. Hopefully Pet Pet is better behaved by the time I get back.

[Richard floats off. Dr. Fox nervously looks towards Unikitty.]

Dr. Fox: Unikitty, maybe this is a bad idea.

Unikitty: (Bursting out of the top of the costume.) No! We gotta be responsible! (Fullscreen cut to her face.) We gotta keep this charade going until Hawkodile locates Pet Pet! And that shouldn’t take too long!

[Cut to Green Mom with her husband and son at the table, eating. There is a muffin at the center of the table.]

Green Dad: So. I was thinking ‘bout getting a library card.

[Pan to the doorway, where Hawkodile kicks it down, shocking the family.]

Hawkodile: Pet Pet! (Cut to him.) Pet Pet, are you in here?!

[Cut to the family, who are now panicking in shock.]

Green Dad: Oh, man! Aah!

[Cut to the muffin. Cut to Hawkodile, who gasps in surprise.]

Hawkodile: Pet Pet!

[Cut to the family at the table, nervously cowering. Hawkodile leaps onto the table, grabbing onto the muffin, as the family reacts in shock. Cut to Hawkodile.]

Hawkodile: I finally found…huh? You’re not Pet Pet!

[Cut to the muffin. Cut to Hawkodile, who stares at the muffin for a moment, only to shove it into his mouth and eat it.]

Hawkodile: (Mouth full.) Pet Pet, where are you!?

[Cut out to Hawkodile standing on the family’s table. He leaps from the table into the ceiling, breaking it in half as the family stares. The son puts a piece of food from the fork he’s holding into his mouth. Cut to Dr. Fox running through the kingdom wearing an aerobics outfit and holding onto a leash. Cut out to reveal Unikitty wearing a harness and Richard following, writing on the clipboard.]

Dr. Fox: Pet Pet loves walklies! Whoa!

[Dr. Fox jumps over a mud puddle, which Unikitty lands in, the harness slipping off her. Dr. Fox doubles back as Richard stops.]

Richard: Hm…

[Zoom pan to Unikitty, Puppycorn, and Richard. Puppycorn is holding onto a Frisbee.]

Puppycorn: All, right! Fetch, Pet Pet!

Unikitty: (Jumping up.) I got it! I mean, Pet Pet!

Puppycorn: (Throwing the Frisbee.) Go get it!

[Unikitty runs after the Frisbee. Cut to Unikitty leaping after the Frisbee, grabbing onto it. Cut to a bush with spiky vines coming out of it. Unikitty lands in the bush and slowly walks out of it, covered in spikes and holding onto the Frisbee, as she walks over to Richard and Puppycorn. Cut to Unikitty with a harness on her in a snowy location, pulling at reigns as she struggles. Pan out to reveal her pulling Dr. Fox and Puppycorn on a sled, while Richard floats above it. Cut to Unikitty inside the pillow, as she sweats and pants. Cut to Unikitty in a field, rolling around. Cut to Unikitty and Dr. Fox. Unikitty has a tutu on, as she dances with Dr. Fox. Cut to Unikitty inside the pillow, still sweating and panting. She pulls out a water bottle and drinks from it, and then pours it onto her head. Cut to a bowl of pet food on the kitchen floor. Unikitty slams her face into it multiple times, splattering it onto the floor. Cut to Unikitty, as she pulls up, food on the pillowcase. Cut to Unikitty inside the pillow. Food is splattered onto her mouth and the pillow stuffing, as she moans. Cut to Dr. Fox and Unikitty at a pet pageant.]

Dr. Fox: Okay, Pet Pet! Bar jump!

[Unikitty jumps over a bar.]

Dr. Fox: Through the tunnel!

[Unikitty squeezes herself through a tube tunnel.]

Dr. Fox: Up and over!

[Unikitty goes up and down a ladder.]

Dr. Fox: Thread the needle!

[Unikity leaps through a hoop.]

Dr. Fox: Whatever this is called!

[Unikitty weaves through four poles. Dr. Fox hugs onto Unikitty, as Puppycorn and Richard come in.]

Dr. Fox: Woo-hoo!

Puppycorn: Yeah!

Richard: Hmm, I must say, I’m quite impressed.

Dr. Fox: Really?

Unikitty: Really? I mean, Pet Pet!

[Cut to Richard.]

Richard: It was a rough start, but you’ve shown a lot of improvement. Perhaps you are ready to keep Pet Pet.

[Cut to Unikitty, Dr. Fox, and Puppycorn. All three of them cheer. Cut back to Richard.]

Richard: There’s just one last thing to make it official.

[Cut back to Unikitty, Dr. Fox, and Puppycorn. Dr. Fox and Puppycorn blink in confusion, looking at each other. Cut to the store front of Pets-a-Bunga, as the camera zooms in. Cut to the aisles of the store, as Richard drags Unikitty on a leash. Puppycorn and Dr. Fox follow, as Dr. Fox nervously looks around.]

Puppycorn: Ooh, what are we doing here?

Unikitty: (Angry.) Yeah! (Switches back.) Uh, I mean, Pet Pet!

[Cut to Richard.]

Richard: If you’re adopting Pet Pet, it’ll need to be chipped…

[Cut to Unikitty inside of the pillowcase, as she trembles in shock and sweats.]

Richard: (Offscreen.) Clipped…

[Smash zoom into Unikitty.]

Richard: (Offscreen.) And snipped…

[Smash zoom to Unikitty’s face. Cut out to Richard, Unikitty, Puppycorn, and Dr. Fox.]

Richard: Like a proper pet. Oh, here we are.

[Cut to a counter with a machine labelled “Chippy 3000” over it. It has five mechanical arms that are rapidly moving, one a snipper, one a blow dryer, one a pair of scissors, one a brush, and one holding a bone.]

Chippy 3000: (Robotic voice.) It’s time to get fixed!

[Cut back to Richard, Unikitty, Puppycorn, and Dr. Fox. Unikitty is now sweating through the pillow.]

Richard: The whole process only takes a couple of hours. Shame Unikitty isn’t here, this is an important procedure!

[Richard drags Unikitty offscreen, as Puppycorn and Dr. Fox run after.]

Richard: (Offscreen.) Come along!

[Cut to Unikitty inside the pillow, hyperventilating and sweating. Cut to the Chippy 3000, as it zooms in on it.]

Chippy 3000: Chip, chip, chip!

[Cut to Unikitty inside the pillow, as it zooms in on her, still hyperventilating and sweating. Cut to a zoom in on the Chippy 3000.]

Chippy 3000: Snip, snip, snip!

[Cut to Unikitty inside the pillow, as she moans, her eyes nearly completely black with her cheeks replaced with skulls. Cut to Richard, Unikitty, Puppycorn, and Dr. Fox. Unikitty suddenly throws the pillow off of her, as all of them stop.]

Unikitty: I can’t do this any—

[Cut to Unikitty, as her speech goes into slow motion. Cut to Richard, who gasps in slow motion. Cut to Puppycorn and Dr. Fox, as the two of them react in shock in slow motion. Cut to Unikitty, back to normal.]

Unikitty: Richard, we lost Pet Pet and I didn’t want to disappoint you so I lied! (Turns into Sad Kitty, tears streaming down.) But I can’t pretend to be a pet anymore! (Buries her face in her hands, sobbing.)

[Cut to Puppycorn, scratching his head.]

Puppycorn: Wait, Pet Pet was Unikitty?

[Cut to Richard.]

Richard: Why?

[Cut out to Richard and Unikitty.]

Unikitty: We messed up! We weren’t ready to take care of a pet! (Lies down.) Ground us, punish us, exile us! (Starts to cry again.) I just want Pet Pet to be safe and loved!

Richard: Princess, I’m shocked…you were able to keep up this charade for so long!

Unikitty: (Returning to normal.) Wait, what? You knew?

[Cut to Richard.]

Richard: I wanted to see when you’d admit owning a pet was too much for you, but I’m actually impressed with how far you went.

[Cut to Unikitty. She stands up, wiping her eyes.]

Unikitty: Wait, you’re not mad?

Richard: (Offscren.) No. (Cut to him and Unikitty.) I think you’re finally ready for a real pet.

Unikitty: (Leaping up, shooting out sparkle matter.) Hooray! (Face shrinks in confusion; she stops jumping and glares at Richard.) Wait, what do you mean a “real one”?

[A door slams open offscreen, as Unikitty looks towards the source.]

Hawkodile: (Offscreen.) Princess!

[Cut to Hawkodile, looking panicked, as he stands in the doorway, holding the door open. He is holding a scuffed-up Pet Pet in his other hand.]

Hawkodile: I have terrible news!

[Cut to Dr. Fox, Puppycorn, Unikitty, and Richard. Hawkodile walks in, tears in his eyes, as he holds Pet Pet out.]

Hawkodile: I found Pet Pet under the couch, but he wasn’t moving!

[Cut to Pet Pet, his eyes closed.]

Hawkodile: (Offscreen.) He’s gone!

[Cut to Hawkodile, as he cries with tears streaming out.]

Hawkodile: (Sobbing.) Oh, no, Pet Pet!

[Pet Pet crying is heard. Pan out to a barrel full of Pet Pets, with the one on top making a noise. Hawkodile stops crying and turns to it.]

Hawkodile: Yes, Pet Pet, it’s very sad. (Pan out back to just him, as he continues to cry. He suddenly stops crying.) Wait.

[Pan out to the barrel of Pet Pets.]

Hawkodile: Pet Pet!

Pet Pet 2: Pet Pet!

[Cut to the barrel of Pet Pets. Dr. Fox, Unikitty, and Puppycorn surround it.]

Unikitty: Look! A whole family of Pet Pets!

Pet Pet 2: A whole family of…

[The other Pet Pets start to echo and repeat the second Pet Pet.]

Dr. Fox, Unikitty, and Puppycorn: Aww!

[Pan out. Hawkodile joins the others around the barrel, while Richard looks on.]

Richard: Pet Pet isn’t a pet, it’s a toy. It comes free with a bag of pet food.

[Pan down to the barrel, where two signs are near it. One sign says “Free with a bag of pet food” while the other says “It talks AND sneezes!”.]

Pet Pet 2: Free with a bag of pet food!

[Cut to Hawkodile, holding the original Pet Pet, as Richard floats up to him.]

Richard: Pet Pet’s fine, it just got switched off. Look.

[Hawkodile hands Pet Pet to Richard. Cut to Richard, where he flips Pet Pet around, revealing an on and off switch switched to off. He flips the switch on. Cut out to Richard and Hawkodile. Richard puts Pet Pet into Hawkodile’s hands.]

Pet Pet: Power on!

Hawkodile: (Happily gasping.) Pet Pet, you’re alive! Hooray!

Pet Pet: Hooray!

[Cut out to Richard, Dr. Fox, Puppycorn, Unikitty, and Hawkodile.]

Hawkodile: I’m not a failure!

Pet Pet: I’m not a failure!

Unikitty: And neither are we! Whoo! (Shoots out sparkle matter.)

Pet Pet: Whoo!

[Cut to Unikitty and Hawkodile.]

Unikitty: Keeping a pet sure is hard! (Pets Pet Pet.) But I’m just glad you’re alive and well, Pet Pet!

Pet Pet: Pet Pet!

[Cut out to all of them.]

Dr. Fox, Puppycorn, Unikitty, and Hawkodile: (All shooting out sparkle matter.) Hooray!

Pet Pets: Hooray!

[Cut to Richard.]

Richard: Guys, I keep telling you, it’s not a pet, it’s a toy.

Unikitty: (Popping up.) Rick, now that we proved we’re responsible, can we please keep Pet Pet?

Richard: I just told you… (Pauses.) Sure, fine, in fact, you can all have one.

[Cut out to all of them. Dr. Fox, Puppycorn, Unikitty, and Hawkodile all cheer. Cut to Puppycorn, Dr. Fox, Unikitty, and Hawkodile. They are each holding onto a Pet Pet.]

Unikitty: We’re great pet owners!

Puppycorn, Hawkodile, and Dr. Fox: Yay!

Pet Pets: Yay!

[Cut to Richard glaring at the camera. Unikitty reaches in and places a Pet Pet onto his head. Richard sighs, while Pet Pet repeats it.]

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