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P.L.O.T. Device 2: Beyond the Bored Dome

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P.L.O.T. Device 2: Beyond the Bored Dome is the sixth episode in the third season of Unikitty!.


Dr. Fox reprograms the P.L.O.T. Device to only generate boring events, but the gang can’t help but add drama and excitement to every scenario.


After a flashback, we come to the gang trying to deal with the circumstance. Dr. Fox believes that she can make the P.L.O.T. Device make boring events instead of exciting ones. She pushes the button, and they escape from the Bored Dome.

They end up in various boring events. Fishing, baking, golf, cleaning, etc. every time ending in catastrophe. Eventually, the gang fades away in order for a boring universe. The whole world soon becomes a white page.

Evil Rick helps Richard bring excitement back though song. Order is restored and the events of the episode never happened. Unikitty states that today is boring and the episode ends.


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