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[Start with a digital alarm clock on Master Frown’s side table. It is set to 8:59. It switches to 9:00 and beeps, shaking back and forth. Master Frown’s hand reaches over and slaps it down, knocking it over. Cut to Master Frown in bed, yawning. The window next to him has snow falling. He looks out the window and gasps in excitement.]

Master Frown: Could it be?! (Runs out of bed.)

[Cut to the outside of Master Frown’s house. He opens up the door and steps out on the porch.]

Master Frown: I can’t believe it! It’s Snow Day!

[Pan out to the streets, which are covered in snow. Cut to Master Frown’s living room, where Brock is sitting on the couch, holding a video game controller and playing a game with it.]

Brock: Totally, dude. Great excuse to stay indoors and climb the leaderboard. (Shuffles behind himself, grabbing another controller.) I could use a player two!

Master Frown: No, you fool! (Pointing outside.) Don’t cha see? Snow Day’s the most miserable day of the year! (Jumping up and pointing.) I gotta see this for myself! (Runs out, slamming the door.)

Brock: Brock flies solo today. (Continues playing his video game.)

[Cut to Master Frown outside, spinning.]

Master Frown: (Singing throughout.)

♪There’s slippery ice,

What a delight!♪

[A car runs into a fire hydrant near Master Frown, freezing over from the water gushing over it. Master Frown walks over to a citizen struggling to shovel snow.]

♪People are shoveling snow!♪

[The shovel breaks from the snow, as the citizen groans in sadness. Cut to Master Frown standing on the top of a traffic pole.]

♪There’s so much sadness, so much cold!♪

[Master Frown jumps off of the pole, onto the head of a citizen, who has his tongue stuck to the pole.]

♪I’d love to take a stroll!

On Snow Day!

It chills my heart!

It’s Snow Day!♪

[A clump of snow lands on an elderly citizen, as wind pushes another away. Master Frown jumps onto the ice and skates, where multiple citizens struggle to stay upwards.]

♪I love when people fall on the ground!♪

[Master Frown jumps into the snow and lies down on it.]

♪On Snow Day!♪

[Master Frown makes a snow angel. Brock opens up the window.]

Brock: Man, it hit hard! (Close up to him.) They said the blizzard hit everywhere for miles.

[Cut to Master Frown, who pops up.]

Master Frown: Everywhere?!

[Snowflake pan to the Unikingdom, which is also snow-covered. A heart-shaped wreath with bows and starlight mints encircles the castle. Giant candy cane and snowflake decorations are set up in the kingdom as well. Pan to a hill in the distance, where Master Frown is climbing and panting. Cut to Master Frown.]

Master Frown: Let’s see how Unikitty and those dinguses are doing with all this horrible, icy snow—(Pulls out a telescope and looks through it, his eye popping out in shock.) No, no, no, no!

[Cut to the view of the telescope. Dr. Fox and Unikitty, dressed in winter outfits, are making snow angels. The two of them laugh.]

Unikitty: Yay!

[The telescope pans to Hawkodile, also in winter wear. A block of ice is near him, which he punches multiple times, cracking it. It cracks into the shape of a dumbbell, landing in Hawkodile’s hands, which he lifts. Cut back to Master Frown.]

Master Frown: (Disgusted.) Ugh! They’re having fun? On a Snow Day?

[Cut to the view of the microscope. A headless snowman gets a pile of snow placed on it by Puppycorn, who is behind the snowman. He walks in front of it, adjusting the head.]

Puppycorn: Aw, man, all this fluffy snow’s perfect for your head, little snowman!

[Cut back to Master Frown.]

Master Frown: (Groans, pulls the telescope down and rolls his eyes.) This is the worst! (Looks through the telescope again.)

[Cut back to Puppycorn, who places a top hat on the snowman, which now has coal for eyes and a mouth.]

Puppycorn: (Shooting out sparkle matter.) Whoa! This is the best snowman ever! (Close up on him.) You’re way better than (Whispering out of the side of his mouth.) my other snowman…

[Pan to various reject snowmen. One has a giant head with a worm-like body, one has two heads, one is propped up on sticks, with another stick and snowball sticking out of his head, and the last one is built upside down. The weight of the last one’s body crushes the head. Cut back to Puppycorn.]

Puppycorn: You’re gonna make today so magical and wonderful, if only you were alive!

[Cut to the snowman, which sparkles in the sunlight. Cut to Puppycorn, with hearts in his eyes.]

Puppycorn: I love you so much!

[Cut back to Master Frown, looking through the telescope. He takes it away from his head and sticks his tongue out in disgust.]

Master Frown: Yuck! (Returns looking through telescope.) Gimme a break!

[Cut back to Puppycorn and his snowman.]

Puppycorn: Hmm…something’s missing. Now where’d your carrot nose go? (Looks around.)

[Cut to Master Frown, who sticks his tongue out in disgust and throws the telescope behind him.]

Master Frown: Ugh. Looks like I’m gonna have to make Snow Day miserable for them. Starting with (Suddenly yelling, pulling out a sled.) smashing that awful snowman! (Laughs manically.)

[Master Frown gets on the sled and sleds down the hill, still manically laughing. Cut to Puppycorn, a distance away from the snowman.]

Puppycorn: Hmm…

[Cut back to Master Frown, still sledding and still manically laughing. Cut back to Puppycorn.]

Puppycorn: Hmm…

[Cut back to Master Frown, once again still sledding and laughing manically, now holding onto the sled. Cut back to Puppycorn.]

Puppycorn: Hmm… (Ducks down.)

[Cut back to Master Frown, still sledding and laughing even more manically. His sled suddenly shifts under him, causing him to tumble in the snow and roll downhill, screaming. Cut back to Puppycorn, who is now near his snowman with his back turned. Master Frown’s screaming is heard in the background. He eventually crashes into the snowman while Puppycorn is not looking.]

Puppycorn: I can’t wait to hang out, and sled, and ride snowboards, and play two player games, and play catch with me –

[The sled slides down near the snowman. Cut to inside the snowman, where Master Frown struggles. The muffled sound of Puppycorn talking can still be heard.]

Master Frown: What’s going on? (Shuffles around, straining.) Snow is frozen solid! (Yelling.) I’m stuck!

[Cut to Puppycorn, pulling a carrot out of the snow.]

Puppycorn: Here we go!

[Cut to Puppycorn on the top of his snowman.]

Puppycorn: I hope this makes you real!

[Puppycorn sticks the carrot through the snowman. Cut to Master Frown, who gets hit in the eye with the carrot, causing him to scream. Cut back to Puppycorn and the snowman. The snowman is now shaking back and forth, as Master Frown’s muffled screams are heard coming from it. Puppycorn grows shocked. Cut to Puppycorn.]

Puppycorn: (Gasps.) You’re alive?! (Eyes grow huge.) This is awesome!

[Cut to the snowman, which wriggles around in slow motion as a sunbeam fade is applied to it. Cut to Puppycorn, who jumps up with stars in his eyes and exclamation sparkle matter around him.]

Puppycorn: I must have loved you so much you came to life!

[Cut back to Puppycorn and the snowman, which is still shaking. Puppycorn lands back down. Master Frown’s muffled screams are still heard.]

Puppycorn: This is so great! You’re going to make today so wonderful and magical! (Close up to him, Eyes grow large, gaining snowmen with hearts in them.) I’m gonna call you Mr. Snowbuttons! (Turns around.) Hey, guys! You won’t believe it!

[Pan out. Unikitty, Hawkodile, and Dr. Fox walk in. The snowman is still moving.]

Puppycorn: I wished for a magic snowman and it came true!

[Cut to Unikitty, Hawkodile, and Dr. Fox.]

Unikitty, Hawkodile, and Dr. Fox: (In sync.) Whoa!

[Cut to Puppycorn.]

Puppycorn: I know, he’s amazing, right?!

[Cut to the snowman, who is still shaking in slow motion with a sunbeam fade.]

Puppycorn: (Offscreen.) I call him Mr. Snowbuttons!

[Cut to the snowman in standard, still shaking. Unikitty and Dr. Fox approach it.]

Unikitty: This is amazing, bro! He is so cute!

Dr. Fox: Remarkable! (Circles the snowman, pulling out a remote to scan it.) Your love particles and heart waves must have fused into a conscious field and brought him to life!

[The remote pulls out a robotic arm with a syringe attached to it, which stabs the snowman’s head. Cut to Master Frown, who screams, tears pouring from his eyes. Cut back to Dr. Fox, as the syringe retracts.]

Dr. Fox: Fascinating!

[Pan to Hawkodile, who pokes at the snowman.]

Hawkodile: Huh, you look sturdy for a snowman.

[Hawkodile punches the snowman in the gut. Cut to Master Frown, who recoils in pain.]

Master Frown: Stop it! I’m not a snowman! I’m Master Frown!

[Cut to the snowman, who shuffles towards Hawkodile with his hands, with Hawkodile pushing the head back to stop him.]

Hawkodile: Heh, he’s a fighter. I like him.

[Pan out to all.]

Unikitty: Oh, my gosh! Mr. Snowbuttons, we’re going to show you the best Snow Day ever!

[Cut to Master Frown.]

Master Frown: (Gasps.) Oh my gosh, I gotta get out of here.

[Cut to Unikitty, who grins. A fanfare plays in the distance, and she looks over.]

Unikitty: (Gasps.) The snow fort competition is starting!

[Pan to Puppycorn and the snowman.]

Puppycorn: Mr. Snowbuttons can help! He’s probably great at building snow forts. Come on, buddy!

[Cut to all of them. Hawkodile grabs the snowman above his head, as all of them run off.]

Master Frown: (Offscreen, muffled.) No, no, no, no!

[Snowflake pan to a clipboard. On it is written Pg. 7 and #3. A snow entrance has a checkmark next to it, a snowflake with an x next to it, and a castle top with 30m written on the bottom with an arrow, and 60m written on the side with an arrow, and a check mark next to it. The clip board is pulled down, revealing a snow fort castle with Theodore, Dino Dude, and Gizmo in it. Cut to Richard, who is holding the clipboard. Cut to the drawbridge of the snow fort.]

Richard: (Offscreen.) Snow drawbridge is an excellent addition. (Cut to the parapets of the castle.) Durable snow parapet. (Theodore and Dino Dude pop up on the parapet. Cut to a tower, with a flag on top of it.) Ah, what a regal flag. (Gizmo pops up from the window. Cut back to Richard.) Excellent work. This is gonna be tough to beat.

[Pan to the group running in to an empty patch of snow. Hawkodile sets the snowman down.]

Unikitty: Okay, guys. If we’re gonna build the best snow fort ever, it’s gotta be something super special! (Squishes cheeks together with hands. She flies over to the snowman.) Thank goodness we have a magic snowman to help! (Hugs the snowman.) Right, Mr. Snowbuttons?

[Cut to Master Frown.]

Master Frown: No! I’ll never help your Snow Day! I’ll have no part…

[Cut back to Unikitty and the snowman. The snowman is moving, as Master Frown’s voice is heard muffled. Cut back to Master Frown.]

Master Frown: …No way! This is absolutely the worst thing that’s ever happened to me!

[Cut back to Unikitty and the snowman. The snowman continues to move around, as Master Frown continues to protest, muffled. Cut back to Master Frown.]

Master Frown: No!

[Cut back to Unikitty and the snowman, still moving and muffling Master Frown’s voice.]

Unikitty: I think he said he’s in! (Pan out to everyone.) Come on, everybody, let’s do it!

Puppycorn, Dr. Fox, and Hawkodile: (In sync.) Yeah!

Unikitty: (Singing, offscreen.)

[Hawkodile uses Puppycorn like a pitchfork to hike up a snow cube onto another one.]

♪It’s that time of year,

When you spread lots of cheer!♪

[Unikitty swoops in, carrying a string of lights.]

♪Decking the halls with bright lights!♪

[Dr. Fox uses her remote control to beam up a snow block to the top of the snow fort, which Unikitty follows and pushes in place. She flies over to the snowman.]

♪We’re all so glad to have you here,

So happy, happy Snow Day, to you!♪

Unikitty: We’re almost done! What do you think, Mr. Snowbuttons?

[Cut to Master Frown.]

Master Frown: This is the worst!

[Cut to Unikitty.]

Unikitty: You’re right. There’s still something missing. You, you big silly!

[Unikitty lassos the string of lights around the snowman. She tightens the string, as a cracking sound is heard. Cut to Master Frown, who gags. Cut to Unikitty and the snowman. Unikitty floats up with the loose end of the string. She loops it around one of the parapets and pulls down. Cut to the snowman, which is hoisted up like a pulley. Unikitty kisses the snowman when the two meet sides, giggling. Cut to the top of the parapet, where the snowman is rested. Cut to the ground, where Unikitty lands, letting go of the lights, which dangles.]

Unikitty: Oh, you look great! Just what this magic snow fort needed! (Reacts, looking towards the side.) Ooh, here comes the judge!

[Cut to Richard, who floats in with his clipboard, looking upwards at the snow fort.]

Richard: Wow. A truly breathtaking display.

[Pan out to the entirety of the snow fort, where all look on. Cut to Master Frown.]

Master Frown: I can’t take it anymore! I gotta get out of here!

[Master Frown struggles back and forth. Cut to the snowman, which looks like it is dancing now, as the lights flicker. Cut to the others, who cheer, dancing and jumping up and down with music. Cut to Master Frown, still struggling and grunting. Cut back to the snowman, still appearing to dance. Pan to the string of lights, which starts to snap, electricity sparking from the exposed wires. The wire snaps, as the snowman starts zapping with electricity, writhing around, as Master Frown’s outlines are exposed through the snowman. Cut to Master Frown, who has lightning bolts in his eyes and is screaming. Cut to the snow fort, where the snowman is still buzzing with electricity and fireworks are going off around it. Cut to Unikitty and Hawkodile, who stare in shock. Cut back to the snowman, still moving around and shocking with electricity, as fireworks still spark. Cut to Richard.]

Richard: Ooh.

[Cut to Unikitty, Puppycorn, Hawkodile, and Dr. Fox, who dance in celebration. All of them are cheering. Cut back to the snowman, which continues to move and spark with electricity. Cut to a far shot of the snow fort, as a surging noise is heard and spotlights escape from the snowman. Cut to a pan of Puppycorn, Dr. Fox, Unikitty, and Hawkodile, who all gasp in awe. Cut to Richard, who stares in shock.]

Richard: Wow, the dancing snowman is a nice touch. I think we have a winner.

[Cut to Unikitty, Puppycorn, Dr. Fox, and Hawkodile. All of them have their arms up in excitement.]

Unikitty, Puppycorn, Dr. Fox, and Hawkodile: (In sync.) Hooray!

[Cut to the snowman, sparkling with electricity. The wire snaps as it jumps, causing the snowman to land on the ground, embedding itself into the snow as steam pours off of it. Unikitty flies up to the snowman.]

Unikitty: We won, Mr. Snowbuttons! All thanks to you!

[Cut to Master Frown. He has char marks on his face and hood, as he moans in pain. Cut back to Unikitty with the snowman. She kisses the snowman. Puppycorn leaps into frame.]

Puppycorn: I told you he was the best!

[A snowball suddenly hits the snowman from offscreen.]

Puppycorn: (Shaking his fist.) Hey, what the—(Gets hit by a snowball in the face.)

[Cut to Dino Dude and Theodore, who are in their snow fort, angrily throwing snowballs up and down.]

Dino Dude: Hey, no fair!

Theodore: Yeah, magic snowman is cheating!

[Pan to Toaster in the snow fort, also holding a snowball.]

Toaster: Get ‘em!

[Toaster throws a snowball. Pan out to the two forts, as the rival fort continues throwing a stream of snowballs at the others. Cut to Unikitty, Puppycorn, Dr. Fox, and Hawkodile, who cower as snowballs start to hit them. Unikitty, Puppycorn, and Dr. Fox grin, while Hawkodile maintains a scowl. Cut to Hawkodile.]

Hawkodile: Snowball fight!

[Cut to the snowman. Unikitty flies around it.]

Unikitty: Don’t worry! We got a secret weapon: Mr. Snowbuttons!

[Hawkodile runs in.]

Hawkodile: Good idea! Prepare for the snowball fight of your life! (Grabs the snowman.) Come on!

[Unikitty and Hawkodile head offscreen. Cut to Puppycorn, Dr. Fox, and Richard hiding in the snow fort’s entrance. Unikitty and Hawkodile rush in. Cut to the inside of the snow fort. Hawkodile plops the snowman down. Close up on Hawkodile.]

Hawkodile: Initiate protocol Frozen Tundra.

[Cut to a lever on the wall. Hawkodile runs up to it and pulls it down, grunting. A steel door closes on the snow fort. Cut to Hawkodile.]

Hawkodile: Yeah! Ice these punks!

[Cut to Unikitty, Dr. Fox, and Puppycorn, who all jump up, cheering. Cut to the top of the snow fort, where Unikitty, Dr. Fox, and Puppycorn throw snowballs. Cut to the rival snow fort, where Dino Dude and Theodore also throw snow balls. Cut out to both snow forts, as snowballs fly from either roof. Cut to Dino Dude, who throws a snowball and grunts. Cut to Puppycorn, who is holding a snowball. He screams, as the snowball hits him, breaking him apart. Cut to him on the roof, now in pieces.]

Puppycorn: (Irritated.) Aw, pickle juice!

[Cut to the snowman, which is now moving. Master Frown can be heard laughing from inside. A snowball hits through the nose of the snowman, as Master Frown grunts. Cut to Master Frown.]

Master Frown: Hey, who threw that?

[Cut to the snowman, as it wipes off its face and throws a snowball back. Cut to Toaster, who exclaims in shock, ducking down, as Toast pops out of him. The snowball hits Toast, knocking him back. Cut to Master Frown, who is laughing.]

Master Frown: Hey, this is kind of fun!

[Cut to Theodore, who throws a snowball and exclaims. Cut to Unikitty, Dr. Fox, and Hawkodile. Unikitty is hit with a snowball, knocking her down. Cut to Unikitty, snow covering her face. She shakes her face off and starts to growl. She then roars, turning into Angry Kitty. Cut to Master Frown.]

Master Frown: Pain and misery? Now this is a Snow Day!

[Cut to Unikitty, now panting in anger. The snowman jumps up to her, grabbing a handful of snow and shoving it into Unikitty’s mouth. The snowman grabs onto Unikitty, cocking her rear end as a gun sound is heard. Cut to Master Frown.]

Master Frown: It’s snow time.

[Cut to the snowman, as Unikitty shoots snowballs out of her mouth, with her cheeks shaped as exclamation points. Cut to Theodore, who is hit by multiple snowballs and grunts, eventually falling over. Cut to the snowman, as Master Frown laughs manically, tossing Unikitty away. Cut to the other snow fort, where Diane, Ryott, and Dino Dude pop up, all screaming as they throw multiple snowballs. Cut to the snowball, who covers its face with its hands. Cut to both of the snow forts, where multiple snowballs fly from both of them. Cut to Unikitty, Puppycorn, Hawkodile, Dr. Fox, and Richard. All five scream and duck down as snowballs hit the fort. Cut to Hawkodile.]

Hawkodile: Guys, I think this is one snowball fight we’re going to lose!

Puppycorn: (Popping up, excited.) Yep, we’re doomed! (Hit with a snowball and knocked away.)

[Cut to Master Frown.]

Master Frown: Master Frown never loses!

[Cut to the snowman jumping away. Cut to a catapult with a lever next to it. The snowman jumps into the catapult as Master Frown yells. Cut to Unikitty, Puppycorn, Richard, and Hawkodile.]

Hawkodile: Wait, look at Mr. Snowbuttons!

[Cut to Puppycorn, who is pumping his fist.]

Puppycorn: Magic snowman to the rescue!

[Cut to the snowman, who pulls the lever and launches himself out. Cut to Hawkodile and Puppycorn. The two of them are saluting, while the shadow of the snowman falls past them.]

Hawkodile: Fly true, snowman.

Puppycorn: He’s so brave.

[Cut to the snowman flying through the air. Cut to Dino Dude and Theodore, who react in shock.]

Dino Dude: What is that?!

[The snowman hits the rival snow fort, causing it to crumble. Cut to the snowman in the rubble of snow from the snow fort. The snowman stands up, rubbing its head, as Master Frown moans. Unikitty, Puppycorn, Dr. Fox, Hawkodile, and Richard rush onscreen.]

Puppycorn: Mr. Snowbuttons, that was amazing! You took out everybody!

[Cut to Master Frown.]

Master Frown: I did?

[Cut back to the snowman, who turns around. Cut to the debris of the rival snow fort, as the others moan, trying to pull themselves out of it. Cut to Master Frown.]

Master Frown: (Laughing.) I did! Look at your nice little fort that you spent so much time on, totally ruined!

[Cut back to Unikitty, Puppycorn, Dr. Fox, Hawkodile, and Richard. The five of them are jumping up and down in excitement.]

Unikitty, Puppycorn, Dr. Fox, Hawkodile, and Richard: (In unison, chanting.) Snowbuttons! Snowbuttons!

[Cut to the snowman, who is now grinning in pride. The chanting is still heard.]

Master Frown: (Offscreen, slightly muffled.) Yeah! (Cut to him.) Yes, that’s right! Cheer for me!

[Cut to Unikitty, who breathes out, her breath icing over.]

Unikitty: I’m getting a bit chilly.

[Pan out to Dr. Fox.]

Dr. Fox: Oh! I’ve got just the thing!

[Dr. Fox pulls out a remote and presses the button. Pan out, as a gigantic barrel robot wheels in. Dr. Fox walks up to it.]

Dr. Fox: I recently discovered the perfect hot cocoa recipe.

[A hatch opens up on the robot with a mug in it, pouring the ingredients as Dr. Fox talks.]

Dr. Fox: (Offscreen.) Two hundred percent milk chocolate, a Fibonacci spiral of whipped cream, and anti-gravity marshmallows that never sink!

[Dr. Fox grabs the mug as a closeup of atom-surrounded marshmallows float above it. Cut to Dr. Fox. Unikitty jumps in and grabs the mug, taking a sip. Hearts appear in her eyes and heart sparkle matter jumps above her.]

Unikitty: Oh my goodness! This tastes like a tummy dream and feels like a hug!

[Cut to Hawkodile sipping from a mug.]

Hawkodile: Mmm. Like a fireplace in my guts.

[Pan out to Richard, holding a mug.]

Richard: Just like Gam Gam used to make.

[Cut to Puppycorn sipping from a mug.]

Puppycorn: I bet Mr. Snowbuttons wants some too!

[Cut to the snowman, as Puppycorn shoves a mug towards it, a straw in the mug sticking through the snowman. Cut to Master Frown, who has the straw in his mouth, gagging in shock as he drinks.]

Master Frown: What is this (Drinks from the mug.) chocolatey, (Drinks from the mug.) delicious, (Drinks from the mug.) goodness…

[Master Frown continues to drink. Cut to the snowman, which is now holding the mug.]

Master Frown: (Offscreen.) Mmm…

[Cut to the snowman, as Unikitty, Puppycorn, Dr. Fox, Hawkodile, and Richard surround it, hugging onto it.]

Unikitty: You said it, Mr. Snowbuttons!

Puppycorn: This is the best Snow Day of my life!

[Cut to Puppycorn.]

Puppycorn: And it’s all thanks to you, Mr. Snowbuttons! (Kisses the snowman.)

[Cut to Master Frown.]

Master Frown: I can’t believe I’m saying this, but, maybe I’ve been wrong about Snow Day! Maybe I’ve been wrong about everything! This is wonderful! I’m gonna start over, start living my life with the Spirit of Snow Day!

[Cut to the group. Puppycorn jumps off of the snowman.]

Puppycorn: Today’s been so great. You and me are going to have so much fun from now on! (Close up to him.) Jumping in the snow, and playing in the park, and summer at the beach, we’re going to be together for ever, (Zoom in.) and ever, (Zoom in, voice slowing down.) and ever, (Zoom in further, voice slowed down further.) and ever… (Zoom in on mouth, voice distorted.) and ever…

[As Puppycorn continues, it cuts to Unikitty, who looks nervous. Cut to Dr. Fox, who sweats in nervousness. Cut to Hawkodile sweating in nervousness. Cut to all of them.]

Hawkodile: Yeah, uh, listen champ, there’s something you need to know.

[Cut to Unikitty walking up to Puppycorn.]

Unikitty: We all love Mr. Snowbuttons, but he’s going to melt sooner or later. All snowmen do.

Puppycorn: What?! They do?!

[Cut to Dr. Fox, pulling in a chalkboard. She pulls out a pointer and points to the board. A drawing of a snowman with a thermometer and sun show up on the board, as the snowman melts.]

Dr. Fox: When the seasonal temperature increases, it’ll be too warm and icky for Mr. Snowbuttons to exist here.

[Cut to Puppycorn.]

Puppycorn: But what about the power of love and my holiday spirit?!

[Cut to Dr. Fox.]

Dr. Fox: (Laughing.) Oh, silly! (Extreme close up to her face as she yells, the background trembling.) Love is no match for the sun!

[Cut to Unikitty and Puppycorn. Puppycorn has tears in his eyes as he whines.]

Unikitty: I’m so sorry, little bro.

Puppycorn: Oh, no! What are we going to do?!

[Pan out to the group.]

Dr. Fox: Wait! I have an idea! There’s one place where a magical snowman could live forever!

[Smash cut to the group, all five wearing parkas, in the middle of the North Pole. The snowman is on the edge of a block of ice near the water.]

Unikitty: Welcome to the North Pole, your new home!

[Cut to the snowman, which moves.]

Master Frown: (Offscreen, muffled.) No!

[Cut to the group. Master Frown is still screaming, still muffled.]

Unikitty: This is where you belong!

Dr. Fox: It’s cold enough here that your snow will never melt. (Cut to her.) Nothing but deep frost and sub-zero temperatures. (Close zoom-in on her face.) Forever.

[Cut to the snowman, moving around, as Master Frown continues to scream. Puppycorn walks up to the snowman.]

Puppycorn: I wish I didn’t have to say goodbye.

[Cut to Master Frown.]

Master Frown: Don’t leave me here! Please take me with you!

[Cut back to the snowman and Puppycorn. Unikitty walks up to the snowman.]

Unikitty: Aww, I think he says he loves his new home here! What a little sweetheart! (Hugs the snowman, her cheeks turning into hearts.)

[Master Frown’s screams continued, muffled. Cut to the group. Hawkodile is holding a pickaxe.]

Puppycorn: I love you so much, Mr. Snowbuttons! I’m going to miss you!

Hawkodile: Sayonara, old friend (Drive the pick into the ice.) Yah!

[Cut to the snowman reaching out as the ice cracks around.]

Master Frown: (Offscreen, muffled.) Please! (Cut to him.) I’m sorry I tried to ruin Snow Day! I love Snow Day! Please take me with you!

[Cut to the group, as the ice around the snowman floats away, with Master Frown’s muffled screams still going through. Cut to Unikitty and Puppycorn. Unikitty is waving.]

Unikitty: Thanks for showing us the best Snow Day ever!

[Pan up to Richard.]

Richard: Enjoy the frozen wastes and blistering cold.

[Cut to Hawkodile, holding a block of ice.]

Hawkodile: Here’s an ice block in case you get warm!

[Hawkodile grunts, throwing the ice block. Cut to the ice block hitting the snowman in the stomach. Cut to Master Frown, as he groans in pain.]

Master Frown: I won’t forget this. You hear me? I’ll find a way back and then I’m coming for you!

[Cut to the group as the snowman drifts further away. Master Frown’s screams can still be heard. Cut to Dr. Fox.]

Dr. Fox: (Gasps.) I think he’s said he’s promising to come again next year!

[Pan to Puppycorn and Unikitty.]

Puppycorn: Yay! I hope it’s every year!

Unikitty: Me too, little bro! Listen, you can hear his beautiful song!

[Cut to the back of the group, as the snowman continues to drift away, Master Frown’s muffled screaming continuing, as it evolves into sobs. The group turns around.]

Puppycorn: Well, that was fun.

Unikitty: Who wants some cocoa?

Dr. Fox and Puppycorn: Yeah!

[Unikitty, Puppycorn, and Dr. Fox run off, while Hawkodile and Richard watch, grinning. Cut to Hawkodile and Richard, still grinning.]

Richard: So, you knew that was…

Hawkodile: Master Frown?

Richard: Yeah.

Hawkodile: Yep.

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