Master Frown: Could it be?! I can’t believe it! It’s Snow Day!
Brock: Totally, dude. Great excuse to stay indoors and climb the leaderboard. I could use a player two!
Master Frown: No, you fool! Don’t cha see? Snow Day’s the most miserable day of the year! I gotta see this for myself!
Brock: Brock flies solo today.
Master Frown: Let’s see how Unikitty and those dinguses are doing with all this horrible, icy snow—No, no, no, no!
Puppycorn: You’re gonna make today so magical and wonderful, if only you were alive!
Dr. Fox: Remarkable! Your love particles and heart waves must have fused into a conscious field and brought him to life!
Richard: Snow drawbridge is an excellent addition. Durable snow parapet. Ah, what a regal flag. Excellent work. This is gonna be tough to beat.
Master Frown: No! I’ll never help your Snow Day! I’ll have no part…No way! This is absolutely the worst thing that’s ever happened to me! No!
Unikitty: I think he said he’s in!
Richard: Wow, the dancing snowman is a nice touch. I think we have a winner.
Dr. Fox: Oh! I’ve got just the thing! I recently discovered the perfect hot cocoa recipe. Two hundred percent milk chocolate, a Fibonacci spiral of whipped cream, and anti-gravity marshmallows that never sink!
Puppycorn: But what about the power of love and my holiday spirit?!
Dr. Fox: Oh, silly! Love is no match for the sun!
Master Frown: I won’t forget this. You hear me? I’ll find a way back and then I’m coming for you!
Richard: So, you knew that was…
Hawkodile: Master Frown?
Richard: Yeah.
Hawkodile: Yep.
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