Nature is the Place for Me is a song in “Pet Pet”, performed at the beginning by Unikitty, Puppycorn, Hawkodile, and Richard before finding the titular creature of the episode in the wilderness of the Unikingdom.


Unikitty: ♪Oh, nature is the place for me.♪
♪There's birds and leaves♪
♪And logs and trees♪
Puppycorn: ♪And rocks and stones♪
Hawkodile: ♪And dinosaur bones♪
Richard: ♪I know.♪
♪Nature is the place for me.♪
Unikitty: ♪Look at the sunshine hugging that cloud.♪
♪Check out the blob sitting on the ground♪
♪Oh, natu-

In Camp Unikitty

Unikitty: ♪Oh, Nature is the place to be.♪

♪It's fun, it's fresh♪

♪And it's neat, and free♪

♪It's fun for you and fun for me, I know♪

♪Nature is the place to be.♪

♪Oh, Nature is the place for me.♪

♪It's cool, and neat♪

♪We love it, yippee!♪

♪No more worries just birds and bees, oh yeah!♪

♪Nature is the place to be.♪

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